Well Played, Mostly, Olivia Munn


Olivia Munn has been doing A LOT of press for The Newsroom, because I think the universe has agreed that she plays the least annoying character on that show and that therefore she might be the only person we could handle shilling for it. I mean, I’m saying that as someone who LIKES Emily Mortimer and Alison Pill, like, theoretically (and also in person, at least that time at Fashion Week we saw Alison Pill getting shit-faced at Chris Benz and talking about sports [after which she accidentally tweeted a topless picture of herself. I seriously might want to be friends with Alison Pill and also she might NEED me]. And the bad news is that she actually has been looking really cute. DAMN IT MUNN. MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO CONTINUE TO DISLIKE YOU.

[Photos: Splash, INF, Pacific Coast News]

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  1. HelenBackAgain

    Meh. There’s nothing great here, but nothing terrible either, except those nude shooves.

    The shorts set, I’m not sure it looks pajama-y, exactly, but it is out of place: I think it belongs at a pool/garden party.

    •  ErinG

      I disagree… there is one great thing here. Whatever lipstick shade she’s wearing in the first photo. I adore it.

    • Esme

      Believe it or not, I actually had a pair of PJs that looked quite a bit like this (no peplum though).

  2. Tiffany

    I find most of these to be ok-ish, but I really like the blue pants and the black dress. They look so comfortable!

    Her character is the least believable to me on Newsroom. When she has to talk about “issues”, it seems like she doesn’t understand what is coming out of her mouth. Cute style, but I find her lacking as an actress.

  3. Miranda

    Whoever keeps trying to make her happen must be paid really well.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I’m pretty sure it’s Olivia Munn who keeps trying to make Olivia Munn happen.

  4. Sajorina

    I think she looks cute in all of these outfits, especially in 2 & 3! Why must she make effortless look so good? I need 2 hrs to look that effortless and ½ as good! And I have serious hair, skin & sunglasses envy right now, damn it!

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I really want a Fug Nation shirt that says “YOU NEED A BRACELET” on it.

  6. filmcricket

    Finally saw some of The Newsroom, and I don’t get why she’s considered to be the least annoying (and it’s not just you, GFY Jessica, who’s said that). Okay, Dr. Sloane isn’t having multiple nervous breakdowns over her love life, so that’s good, but La Munn here *cannot* act. Like, at all. She has one facial expression, and very clearly doesn’t understand a word of what’s coming out of her mouth. It just… gah. Sorry, I got all ranty there. She looks very cute here and love her shades.

  7.  Stefanie

    I try to dislike her, I do, I really do. But then I caught her on Conan and he told a story about how she sent him a thank you card for having her on the show and how we was really touched by it. From that moment, my cold icy heart has melted a little toward her.

    But not so much that I wouldn’t rip that great hair off her head and put it on my own.

    • mary lou bethune

      I think she is the victim of some hollywood bashing ?? Who knows… she seems smart and she may not be Helen Mirren but she’s as good as anyone on Newsroom, which I love even though is is rather silly- and self regarding. PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS- she is lovely and looks good in these dresses.

  8. kissmyang

    This entire post is proof positive that there is nothing a pair of sunglasses and a smile cannot fix.

    • Linda

      Good one! I have a cocktail napkin taped to my fridge that says “There’s nothing a glass of wine and a flat iron can’t fix”. It’s my mantra.

      I didn’t care for OMunn when she was on TDS, but I like her on The Newsroom. She has been looking great lately IRL, and I get the feeling she doesn’t have a stylist, she just has good taste.

  9. Claire1

    It’s 107 where I live right now….
    all I can do is look at picture #2 and think ” Yes!! where have those pants been all my life?” Seriously, I have been looking everywhere for jammies cut non jammies pants! Add an arm full of matching beaded bracelets and better shoes ( like my b’loved Borns…) and that is my ideal “I live in Hell for three months of the year” outfit.

    • Sajorina

      Sorry about that! It’s 95ºF here and I’m really not happy about it… It’s only going to get worse! I wish I had that outfit to wear around here as well!

    • Linda

      I just looked on line, Target and Charlotte Russe have palazzo pants. I have been trying to find some for the last month.

      • Claire1

        Thank you!
        I wish they had solids….
        and this is why Claire should learn to sew!

        • Linda

          I just got a black pair of Palazzos at Target for $17.99. They’re juniors so I had to get a large and they’re long so I’ll have to get them hemmed, but they have pockets and are super soft and flowy but not too wide or crazy.

          Couple Mossimo tanks for $7 each and I’ve got a couple cute outfits.

  10. nmlhats

    I don’t have cable, so have never seen “The Newsroom.” But I knew the name Alison Pill was familiar. I saw her in a charming short film that was part of a Mathias Poledna installation at the Vienna Secession a few months ago. All I could find was this, uh, unofficial video that somebody filmed inside the room, but…here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55i-KeBVR7E

  11. maryse

    i really like her hair. she’s really pretty. but sometimes she mixes things up really weirdly.

  12. HKS

    The Newsroom is terrible because the female leads are so infuriating I want to smash my tv when they are on it – except for Olivia Munn’s character. I don’t know if she’s the best actor, but her CHARACTER tends to behave in rational, intelligent manner. Unlike Pill and Mortimer’s characters.

    As for these looks, the first two definitely look like PJs. But the rest – esp that black dress and hat – I love them and I think she looks great.

  13. Esme

    Her whole wardrobe looks sloppy and lazy to me. I guess she’s going for comfort over style.