Well Played, Mira Sorvino


Maybe I’m just overly chipper now that Blue Ivy Carter’s future husband, Prince Yay of Cambridge (name temporary), has arrived. But this made me smile:

Yeah, if I had my druthers, the seam on the bodice would hit a bit lower, but I’m not in a quibbling mood today: It’s zig-zaggy and cheerful and bright and fun, AND her shoes aren’t nude, which is almost apocalyptic.

And then this happened:

I am not made of stone, people. Also, today would have been my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary. And I’m sure my mother will read that and get all misty and wish I hadn’t typed it without warning her, but the fact remains that Dads are the best — as are Moms — and so everyone who can should just go hug one, even if it’s not your own.

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  1. tina

    Awwwwww….this is an awesome photo! I miss my Dad, too. :(
    Internet hugs to you & your mom, Heather!

  2. Goldfish

    She looks great with longer hair, and that outfit is cute, flattering, and, just, yes — well-played indeed. The father daughter picture made me have a tiny happy cry in my weakened state (not like the full-out cry over the Diana polka dot issue, but please, stop, I feel wrung out).

    • Goldfish

      Okay, the moderation computer threw me under the bus for “father daughter picture,” and I guess that’s fair, but it’s still wrong — it must know I did not mean it that way. (confused? all will be clear once I’m cleared)

      • Jessica

        Sometimes, there’s no reason for the moderation queue; that comment was fine. Trying to predict the mod queue is an exercise in futility. Please just be patient that if you go in the queue, eventually I will get to you!

      • qwertygirl

        I used to get tossed in there all the time too. Still do from time to time. But know that your comment appears in the list where you originally made it, so if you’re referring to something said one or two comments prior, it won’t appear grossly out of context. If your comment is the second one on the list when you pop in to post it, it will appear second on the list when it’s freed up, even though it says, “awaiting moderation.”

  3. Maria L.

    Well, now you made me cry. I hope you are happy. But Iike Mira’s cute dress.

    (I miss my Dad too.)

  4. HelenBackAgain

    I miss both my parents…

    And I think this dress is super-cute. A little young on Sorvino, but… I say she’s making it work! Maybe because she’s just so happy. Love the shoes with it, too.

    But best of all may be the look on her Dad’s face. “My little girl loves me!”

    • Abby

      Well, it does say Forever Young like five times behind her — guess she took it to heart!

      Agreed that the smiles on both their faces make it pretty darned perfect though!

      • HelenBackAgain

        Yeah, it’s probably deliberately thematic. Which, now you point that out and I facepalm and realize it, I think makes it a VERY Well Played!

  5. leahruthie

    aww. internet hugs for everyone.

  6. A. Beaverhausen

    I miss my dad too. So much. Hugs to all.

  7. qwertygirl

    I love Mira. Cute dress, cute shoes, cute pic. What with cute baby Princes of Cambridge being displayed and now this, someone just needs to delcare today the International Day of Cute.

    • julyol1972

      I will now devote a day to “International Day of Cute” from now on. Thanks qwertygirl!

  8. Stefanie

    Awwww! Im for sure going to hug my dad the next time I see him. Just not in that great of a dress.

  9.  TaraMisu

    Awwwwwwww giant hugs all around {{{}}}

    And, that dress is wicked cute.

  10. Edith

    Damn, I miss my Dad, too. Just spent a week with all my siblings and our children and our Mom, which was fabulous, but made me miss Dad awfully….

    In other news, Mira looks great, and someone really needs to write a riveting screenplay about Scalia melting down in his DOMA dissent, because Paul Sorvino will get an Oscar for that role…

  11. Laura

    Very cute. She looks happy, and that looks good on everyone.
    Hugs to all. <3

  12. Kate

    The Queen would never allow Baby Cambridge to marry Blue Ivy. Please.

    • Jodi

      Oh I don’t know about that. By the time Prince Yay Cambridge wants to marry, the Queen will be Camilla (just watch and see and remember I predicted it) and Camilla will definitely say yes. I also believe that HM QE would say “Yes.” because she’s in a happy mood these days, has just agreed to letting same-sex couples marry, and I’m sure her great grandson could do no wrong in her eyes. AND Blue Ivy will be a beautiful and talented nuclear physicist, so who could possibly object to that?

      • One of the Leahs

        North West, however, I am HOPING would be a different question.

  13. laurie

    you fug girls are so sweet. that is all.

  14. Sue

    How AMAZING does Mira look??? So happy and glowy.
    And her pop is the cutest. I’d hug him.

  15. Goldfish

    I really did go hug my dad on the way home from work. I’m lucky to have him, and I don’t take him for granted, but this post gave me a little extra incentive to give him a little extra love today. This was a good karma day in Fug Nation.

  16. Sajorina

    The outfit is super cute, especially the shoes! This is the best she’s looked in a long time! And that picture of Mira & Paul is priceless… LOVE IT! So adorable!!!

  17. HKS

    This post made me teary, and I really love that pic of Mira and Paul. But Paul’s outfit – so very much a dad outfit. A dad on the red carpet. :)

  18. JNadreau

    When I first saw this pic I thought, “Huh – looks like a Mira Sorvino younger sibling.” Seriously, she looks all of about twelve! She’s totally pulling a Benjamin Button on us. Maybe posing with your Dad makes you revert to girlhood? If so, I’ll take two of those anti-aging pills, please!

    • HelenBackAgain

      Maybe posing with your Dad makes you revert to girlhood?

      IT SO DOES. The last few photos I have of my father and me together, I have that little-girl face, too. There’s something about fathers and daughters!

      Around the same time period, I look absolutely adult (as well I might have, in my late 30s) in photos with my mother. And we were closer! But it’s very different.

  19.  RebekahMacd

    She looks great, and that photo with her dad is just adorable.

    And I miss my parents too, though they’re on the other side of the world and I get to see them at Christmas. Require a hug from hubby when he gets home now.

  20. LB

    I like the dress and it all made me sad anyway. It would have been worse if she had nude shoes.

    I miss my Dad too.

  21. Bonnie Klein

    I am planning a Paul Sorvino film fest for the weekend. I love this pic! (Also, totally apart from the dress she looks ah-mazing. At first glance I thought I was seeing Mia Wasikowska!)

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