Well Played, Mindy Kaling


Excerpts from the Letterman Dumpster’s Twitter feed:

“@mindykaling Yow, girl, you are foxy. I want to Kelly Kapoor some sugar on YOU.”

“@mindykaling It’s raining, it’s Kapooring, the old man is ADORING. WHAT. #ImAPoet”

“@kanyewest No but srsly what did happen with your antique fish tank? #AntiqueJunkTank #Holla”

“@mindykaling You’re ringing my Kapoorbell, girl. #WhatNoLove4TheDumpstizzle”

“WTF!!! Also learn your silent Bs, Philistine. RT @SubwaySodaMachine lol dude shes got a new show ur so dum”

“@mindykaling OMG some dude said you’re not even on The Office anymore. #RedFace #EveryoneRecyclesMagazinesNow”

“@EW Can a Dumpster get some love up in here? A business rate on subscriptions maybe? I can pay cash. In quarters.”

“@mindykaling I’m so sorry. I wrote you a haiku: Mindy, my Project // Is to genuflect to you // Once I learn to bow”

“@mindykaling Dumpsters don’t have joints // Guess I can’t curtsy either // Want half a Reuben?”

“@justinbieber I am a BELIEBER in you hiring a new barber. #Zing”

“@mindykaling Pls don’t avoid me because of this.”

“@mindykaling You haven’t even LOOKED at me. I just want to bask in your glow. #SadMetalBox”

“@BarackObama You seem like a hip guy. Can you put in a good word? #YepICanVote #JustSaying”

“@mindykaling I’m just a box, standing somewhere behind a girl, asking her to love me (or give me a copy of her pilot). #RottingHill”

“@mindykaling O SNAP someone just threw out their iPhone. This will never happen again. Victory will be mine. #ClearEyesFullHeartsCantOoze”

[Photos: WENN]

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Comments (35):

  1. Amanda6

    This post is irrationally hilarious

  2. Jasmine

    Damn she is foxy.

  3. Alma

    Love the shoes on the first, but that second dress does NOT fit

  4. Popcouver

    I almost took a picture with the dumpster last week in NYC for you girls.

  5. mary lou bethune

    She is so pretty and I love those shoes. But most of all, she is brilliantly funny and smart.

  6. TaraMisu

    She is so friggin adorable!! Love both looks!

  7. lindsay

    the first dress is great. both shoes are great. the second dress is a little weird to me. skip the polka dots, give it a nice sleeve (maybe to the elbow?) and another inch or two through the rib cage and we’d be in business.

  8. pantsonfire

    Love her. She and Aubrey Plaza are some of my absolute favorite late night interview guests (and obviously, super funny and great elsewhere). That said, I cannot get behind the first dress, which I don’t find flattering on her AT ALL. I saw other angles of that dress and I really felt that it was imbalanced, with the bottom being too puffy and hitting her at the wrong spot. I really, really like the second, red dress, but agree that she should consider going up a size. Other than that, I think it’s awesome. As is she.

  9. Eliza Bennett

    So cute, especially the second. Mindy is “KaLING” it. #seewhatididthere

  10. Stefanie

    I LOVE her. If anyone out there hasn’t read her book, go out and get it tonight! It will only make you love her more!

  11. McLisa

    Love the first dress.

    And the second one should be given to the dumpster.

  12. flitzy

    I only like the shoes. I don’t care for either dress, the first is bland, the second is silly. The bag is atrocious with both outfits.

  13. stk

    Long time reader, almost never comment. I had to to say this might be your funniest post ever!

  14. Miriam

    Just shows that a smile goes a long way. #adorable

  15. Kate

    everything about this is made of WIN (writing included) <3

  16. hailey

    this post made me laugh so much. This is why I’ve been reading your blog religiously for four years.

  17. fritanga

    The first dress is pretty and super-flattering. The second is heinous, and a perfect example of why people should not wear dresses which are really made for women who are six inches taller and 50 pounds lighter (listen up, Hendricks). Yeah, blah blah, anyone can wear whatever they want, blah blah, body issues body shaming blah blah, but still: the first one looks great, the second one looks awful. People should always play to their strengths.

    • Katharine

      She needs to go up a size in the second dress for sure… (NO, people with tiny waists and round everything else, DO NOT FIT TIGHTLY TO THE WAIST! I say this as a person with a tiny waist and round everything else, who has a lot of early pictures in which I resemble a lunchbag with a string tied round it.) But on someone six inches taller? It would be a shirt with a peplum.

      • pidget

        …Lunchbag… fantastic comment! I also suffer from this issue. I like both dresses (and love the shoes), but yes, a bit more ease in fit would make everything flow better. Stiff fabric is also the enemy, as it exacerbates the scrunching-up problem.

        However, a lovely smile and great colours make this a quibble – she looks like so much fun!

  18. sam

    made me giggle.

  19. Trace

    Is the polka dot shirt part of the second dress or is she wearing it separately? The dress is totally cute but I would’ve worn it without the shirt. But I guess if you’ve got upper arm issues then you’re not going to want to go the whole Michelle Obama.

  20. Meg

    Heather, will you marry me?

  21. Alice

    I wish you guys had a tag for the dumpster. The whole thing cracks me up.

    Mindy is flawless, but that goes without saying.

  22. Rachael

    Love both dresses, and the shoes are killing me. So cute. Post made me actually laugh out loud, which I think may have amused by next door office neighbor. Mindy is dreamy, and so funny. I’d seriously consider ditching my boyfriend for her.

  23. Kara

    Her lipstick in the first pic is awful – doesn’t go with her lovely skin tone at all. It’s much better in the second. The second dress is a size too small, the first dress is fine if a bit blah. Great shoes in both, though.

  24. Erin

    I have a similar body type to Mindy Kaling. it’s tough to dress! I think she looks fabulous in both pics – and she’s so cute and bubbly she can pull anything off.

  25. annie

    both outfits are big misses. Give her credit for the shoes but from there up its all a hot mess.

  26. Lindy

    She’s wearing cute shoes, but not for her. Thicker legs need thicker heels, not needle-thin ones. She has cute legs but those shoes do her no favors.

  27. Common

    I am Indian, and I’m a fan of Mindy Kaling. I’m also clever.

    I read this post yesterday, and I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t get it. This post isn’t funny at all.” Earlier today, I thought to myself, “I still don’t get that GFY post. Were they trying to be PUNNY?”

    Tonight, I just got it. You think Kapoor is pronounced like “Ka-pore.” It’s raining, it’s Ka-pouring.

    Except, no. It’s Kapoor as in lure. Like a predator. That kind of makes this whole post a huge letdown to all your readers who know better. And I know you want to do better, GFY! Common! (As in, “come on!”)

  28. Amanda in Austin

    I love Mindy Kaling! She is on my list of fantasy girlfriends, along with Emma Stone, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Nigella Lawson (what? It would be a fun girls night in.)

    This post highlights why I am not a fan of Twitter. It’s like trying to decipher hieroglyphics to me. Makes my head hurt.

  29. Lily1214

    Really lovely shoes.

  30. Patrick

    Who is she? I keep seeing her on a digital billboard at the corner or Olympic and Bundy with a hunk in the backgroup and I wonder what is this all about?

  31. JeanneMorelle

    Love all of her, except her shoes.

    Ankle straps and stilettos: not good choices for women with my legs.

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