Well Played, Mila Kunis


I kind of love this picture:

Mila is all, “whee! Moscow! I speak your language,” and JT looks like he’s just thinking about how he’s going to make Mila help him pick up some hottie Muscovites. He’s like, “I like that reporter. And also that one. And also that one. Maybe I should burst into song to help draw attention AWAY from Mila, and on to ME.”

Fat chance while she’s wearing those shoes, dude.

In terms of Lady Outfits, Mila appears to have packed a lot of white. (And JT has packed a lot of vests.) LOOK:

Which do you prefer? I think they’re both quite pretty — this one might be a bit White Swan for me, but it is undeniably lovely, and given that the first dress is more casual, I don’t even know that you can truly compare the two.

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Comments (51):

  1. Nina

    I like the first better, but mostly because I LOVE the shoes!

  2. Eliza Bennett

    I love the second dress, but the shoes…my god,the shoes,oh lord why?

  3. Jill

    I want to see more of those shoes!

  4. corriner

    I covet those green shoes. MUST HAVE NOW!

  5. Willow

    the second pair of shoes look like stripper hooves

  6. coexxi

    Noooooooooooo you can’t make me! I like them both…. (ok, maybe the first one a little better)

  7. Cruising

    Can I vote for dress number two with shoes from number one? Why doesn’t this option exist? I need this option to exist.

  8. Stefanie

    Well that wasnt very nice to make me choose. I went with 1 because I love the shoes but I really love both of these. She is totally my girl crush.

  9. vandalfan

    I like them both, but it’s hard to see past the apparent Douchlord on her arm. The way he stares off into space is a bit snotty and off-putting.

  10. islandgirl1

    LOVE the green shoes! Strongly dislike the “stripper hooves.” I really also like the first dress, but I want to pull that stupid gauze shoulder topper right off the second dress.

  11. currygirl

    Fuggirls, you’ll have to do an accessories post so that we can see all the cute shoes up close. LOVE the blue/green shoes!

  12. Halo

    Agreed: both dresses are great, as are the first shoes, and Mila herself. Second set of shoes are nasty!

  13. Lynne

    Sigh. I am now officially annoyed by how freakin’ pretty Mila Kunis is. And she gets those green shoes? Unfair.

  14. Another Molly

    I am lusting over those shoes. And the high necked sleeveless white dress. Ugghhh I want!!

    Mila, you so pretty.

  15. melissa

    those shoes in the first one…my god….so amazing!

  16. JillB

    She’s the first girl I’ve seen with the crossed-leg stance who doesn’t look like she’s either about to spin around or pee herself. Make note, starlets, _this_ is how the stance is done.

  17. maryse

    i love them both. she is just so pretty. i love how there is no way you could confuse her for someone else.

  18. Wordphreak

    Wow. Timberlake has a suit. Now if someone would only show him how to get his hands out of his pockets, he’d look like less of a douche.

  19. Kate

    The shoes in the second one might be a bit suspect, but I’m kind of a cranky old lady when it comes to super platforms.

    Still, She looks awesome in both (I really like that second dress a lot, and the first look is adorable.)

    And my girl crush continues…

  20. Kristy

    The first one wins because of the shoes. Mila, if you decide you don’t need them anymore, send them my way. I bet we wear the same size.

  21. The Other Molly

    I think she always looks very cute.
    I’m SO TIRED of the crossed leg thing.
    Can it be over now?
    There is only one JT, and that is James Taylor.

  22. LoriK

    The voting should have been split between the dresses and the shoes. I like the 2nd dress a bit better, but the first shoes are made of win & awesome.

  23. nina veneno


    No, really, I love them both.

  24. yeahandalso

    I like them both a lot. But the first one is better compared to other casual dresses than the second one is compared to other more formal dresses

  25. Deli

    She is gorgeous! I like the first better because the second is too wedding-y, like a bride might wear to her reception.

  26. Melissa

    Might have gone for 2 without the epaulette thingies. No. 2 shoes not great either, but not as bad as epaulette thingies.

  27. Mongerel

    Wordphreak said,

    “Wow. Timberlake has a suit. Now if someone would only show him how to get his hands out of his pockets, he’d look like less of a douche.”

    Mongerel says,

    Word, Wordphreak.

    As for the silly girl in the photos: Step away from the straightening doohickies. You look lank, no matter what you wear, no matter how kute your shoos are, or how you project your smile. Lank lank lank.

  28. Lina

    Ugh, Timbershame, shave your damned neck!

    Mila looks fab. I like everything but the second pair of shoes.

  29. Annie E

    After Elle’s story on them/Friends With Benefits (that subscriber cover!), I was really pushing for them to actually be together, but I think it’s more fitting and more fun if she is his wingman. I like him a lot, but she is way too awesome to actually date him.

  30. exquisite red

    The first one is just perfect! The second is good too, but first is so great that it wins.

    JT needs to shave his neck beard. Ugh. All other men take note: if he can’t pull off the neck beard, no one can, so please just shave!

  31. Veronica

    Both dresses are quite pretty, though I prefer the shoes on the first outfit. The heavy platform on the second one feels too clunky for the romantic look of the dress.

  32. Sajorina

    I LOVE THEM BOTH! Both looks are perfection, just like Mila herself! WANT!!!

  33. becca

    I am TOTALLY with everyone who said shoes from the first, dress from the second. Yes please.

  34. CH

    I love both dresses, but the second pair of shoes soured my perception of the dress.

  35. Jenna

    Number two is totally Blair Waldorf-y (in a good way!)

  36. TaraMisu

    Yep 2nd pair of shoes blew it…. yuck.

  37. kjb

    I stand with my legs crossed all the time, but it’s not conscious, it’s because one of my legs is longer than the other.

  38. Pudenda Shenanigans

    Love the first dress and green shoes but she should have gone to the bathroom first.

  39. Cecily

    I am SO in love with those shoes!

  40. The Other Molly

    I agree about her straight, straight hair.
    A little product and a little curl would be a HUGE improvement.

  41. cpro

    I love her straight, shiny dark hair. It looks fresh and young, unlike the cliched fussy, curled and usually blonde hair that 99% of female celebrities feel they must wear. It does not look in the least lank. And she looks stunning in white.

  42. ccm800

    He’s GROSS

  43. JCA


  44. jean

    Cute. She’s extremely cute. I just hope she doesn’t become another Reese Witherspoon. I like her slightly boyish edginess. Like she can totally belch after downing a soda and every guy would just love her for it and girls couldn’t hate her for it because she’s too much damn fun.

  45. Lailaisa

    For all those who wanted to know what the blue shoes were – details on TLO (my other fav site though you fug girls RULE and always make my day…

    They are Lanvin Spring 2011 Pumps


  46. Callie

    Love both! Why is it horrible to be the next Reese Witherspoon?

  47. justme

    Jessica, how can you say that? The second dress has ILLUSION NETTING of the icecapade variety! Also, I hate the hoof-shoes.

  48. caddyshack

    Love it. The shoes, the dress, the hair porn…

  49. Jessica Halfacre

    Both are beautiful and so is she! Truly a marvel to be rivaled by all.

  50. kiara

    crusing, I soooo need THAT OPTION!

  51. Blanche

    Mila Kunis is very good with shoes. Which is appropriate, given her great legs. More Kunis shoes!