Well Played, Michelle Rodriguez


I have no idea why she looks so doubtful.

This is possibly the best she’s ever looked. Don’t believe me? Allow me to take you on down to Rodriguezville:

  1. This was boobtacular.
  2. Okay, this one was fine.
  3. Huh, this wasn’t terrible either.
  4. Geez, this was fine, too. Maybe I am misremembering her wardrobe foibles.
  5. OMG NO I’M NOT.
  7. This one, I blocked out entirely, but I wish I hadn’t, because it is hilarious.

Let’s just assume she isn’t going to show us what she’s wearing underneath THIS one, and call it a win.



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Comments (16):

  1. pidget

    There is more than a whiff of brothel about this, and I’m not a fan of under-eyeliner, but it’s much better than usual for her. Still can’t give it a full pass, though.

  2. Mongerel

    I was going to compliment this on being pretty sleek, but I guess I am in magnifying glass mode today…’cause in the closeup, you can tell that the dress has been amateurishly pinned at knee level to create that mermaid curve. The alteration, so transparently hasty, cheapens this look. Great jewelry though.

  3. Amalia

    You know, looking through the mini-archive so helpfully provided, I really feel like she is super-gorgeous. Her face, when she smiles – wow. Doesn’t appear she spackles on the makeup, either. Never has such a good face and body been so insulted by fashion choices. In this outfit with this styling, I totally agree this might be her best ever look (however, we are not overwhelmed with contenders for that title).

  4. Sandra

    When did The Widow Longoria open a consignment shop?

  5. Vandalfan

    That last link, with the jeans under the ordinary formal, is truly hilarious. But she does not have a sincere expression. Her teeth may be showing, but the rest of her face says “I’m sooooo bored with all of this dreadful attention.” Yeah, right.

  6. Lucille Austero

    #5 OMG NO I’M NOT is quite prescient, isn’t it? Everyone and their cat is showing up places with the sheer skirt over undies. Maybe Michelle saw the future when she was on the island?

  7. Kate

    Michelle looks pretty good here, and she does have an amazing shape. That’s about as objective as I can be. Ms. Rodriguez is one of the people I have an irrational dislike for, so the compliments don’t come easily.

    • Kara

      I have an irrational hate for her too! I don’t know why; she can’t act (her best role was her first in Girlfight) but there are a ton of actresses who get work despite minimal talent and Michelle Rodriguez bugs me more.

      She does have a pretty sick body, I’ll give credit where it’s due. Not a fan of the eyeliner though.

  8. Mary Urech Stallings

    Sorry, but Michelle will always be awesome.

  9. Lily1214

    The best I’ve ever seen her look, also.

  10. Sajorina

    I think she looks FABULOUS! the dress is beautiful and fits her perfectly! My only complaint is her makeup… It looks awful in the close-up!

  11. Jeanette

    I thought it was Kristen Stewart at first (smiling and all!) I always want to tell either lady to ‘brush and style your hair for goodness sake’ it takes the shine off an almost polished look…

  12. Francesca

    The lace underlay on the bodice gives her too much of a Paul Stanley (the hairy chested guitar player in KISS) look.

  13. Chrissy

    It’s pretty good and probably the best I’ve ever seen her too.

  14. Kat

    This looks like the dress version of that horrid jumpsuit Serena wore to Thanksgiving with her family. It’s much better sans pants.