Well Played, Mena Suvari/Better-Played, Tara Reid


In which Mena Suvari proves that, actually, she has not yet morphed into a giant bird-person:

And Tara Reid proves that: (a) she is still alive, (b) she seems to be doing okay, (c) she cleans up better than she used to, and (d) wow, none of the people from American Pie other than Alyson Hannigan have ANYTHING to do, do they?

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  1. Dazie

    <3 Mena Suvari's whole look here. So pretty!

  2. Kit

    For Tara, she looks awesome!

  3. Gauthier

    Ooooh you need to do another well-played for Tara because she has cleaned up SO well for this film, it’s truly amazing. They had a cast reunion somewhere and she killed it in a cute red dress. She looked as if the last ten years hadn’t happened to her, and it made me really happy and hopeful for all those other dilapidated starlets out there. Go Tara!

    • Amanda

      Completely agree!

      It is so good to see someone get better. I hope that she is able to continue on that path.

  4. Sophia Loren

    I know everyone expects (and deserves!) slightly more sophisticated commentary here at GFY . . .

    But those shoes look really stupid.

    • Noodle

      I got stuck on the shoes, too. Something about their clunky-ness is making Mena’s feet look gigantic.

    • Francesca

      The shoes take Mena’s look into a bit of a rockabilly costume. Otherwise, they are both darn cute.

    • yeahandalso

      I can’t really see her shoes, those canoes are blocking the view

  5. Lizzie T

    Mena killed it with this outfit… I think she looks terrific. The strapless bodice fits her nicely, length is good, not too much volume for her petite frame, cute print, great hair.

    Tara looks much cleaner than usual, so she gets a pass, even though I hate the hair and the color of the dress doesn’t do much for her. I saw that red dress that Gauthier mentioned and she does look great, although I think she capped her teeth and they look a little… bulky.

    I mostly just wanted to say how much I LOVE Alyson Hannigan… man, she is adorable, and so is her little girl. If I saw them I would SQUEEZE them!

  6. Sajorina

    Mena looks AMAZING! I love the dress, the shoes, the earrings, the hair & makeup! WANT! FAB!!! Tara does look better and seems to be doing fine… Good for her! Her dress is all sorts of cute! Fab!

  7. meggyoh

    This movie makes me feel so very, very old.

  8. Kendra

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate & talk about how Jim aka Jason Biggs & Stifler aka Sean William Scott have been in a decent number of things – true, not necessarily GOOD or BIG things, but you know…they exist still. I remember hearing somewhere Jason Biggs was doing theatre? And he was just on The Good Wife! As opposed to like…Natasha Lyonne who married somebody with a title and dissappeared. (Not a bad thing, it’s just what happened.) And yes, Tara Reid who I seen on a trashy mag once in a rare while after which I wince and try to ignore while I pay for my groceries. Thank goodness she IS cleaning up better than she used to – keep it up!

  9. granny

    Horrible red shoes make her look like Minnie Mouse

    • Jilly

      Minnie Mouse wears yellow shoes. ;)

      • Lindy

        Not always. Sometimes she wears red and even hot pink. I think, like any other girl, Minnie changes her shoes according to outfit. She’s quite stylish.

  10. Sandra

    Mena looks wonderful. I’d like the shoes much better without the platforms. They’re kinda over-bearing as is. I hate the gigantic fabric flower on Tara’s shoulder and the bodice needs to be yanked up a couple of inches, but this is indeed a vast improvement.

  11. Willow

    It just looks like she shaved her chicken pyramid, and it looks amazing! However the shoes are just too garish to go with a already busy dress, one or the other, rarely can it be both.

  12. Mahastee

    This is the best I’ve seen either of these ladies look, maybe EVER. Good for them!
    Mena still gives me that disney wicked stepmother vibe though.

    Alyson Hannigan ROCKS.

  13. Designer Clothing

    We really like these dresses!!

  14. gryt

    Yay for Mena’s dress. The shoes look idiotic. So tired of the 5″ heel clunkers.

  15. Megan

    “wow, none of the people from American Pie other than Alyson Hannigan have ANYTHING to do, do they?”

    GET OUT OF MY HEAD! But no, seriously, you’re right. “American Pie” was the movie that could have launched a thousand careers, but it didn’t.

    I have no idea why I’m so happy that Tara Reid is cleaned up, but there you go. I truly wish her the best.

  16. Lynne

    Okay, I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Tara appears to be the sane one in this photo. Mena is posing so hard and it’s pretty clear she thinks Tara is actually a set piece placed there just so she has a backdrop to pose against. Tara, on the other hand, looks lovely and is all, “Hey guys! Remember me? This is fun, right?”

  17. Hima

    @Lynne: you are seriously correct. I mean, I think Mena Suvari looks great outfit-wise. I even like the shoes. But her pose! Go look at pics of this event. In every single pic, Mena is in the exact same pose. Same angle, same expression. The ONLY reason I can tell she’s not a cardboard cut-out of herself is because in ONE pic, her arm is down and not bent at her hip.

    (This link about Tara looking good, but it the Mena pose pics):

    Tara looks very cute. I don’t love the big flower on the dress, but her hair and makeup are cute. (Especially in comparison to that movie pic she is posing right next to with her nametag taped to her cleavage). And yes, if you check out other pics — she looks amazing in the red dress she wore to another cast thing. Yay Tara!

  18. MonMode

    Haha! I can’t bring myself to be excited about this movie, and yet I know I have to see it…


  19. Christi Doll DeRouen

    Don’t forget John Cho, everyone :) He keeps really busy what with Star Trek and Harold & Kumar.

  20. vandalfan

    Were they going to the same event? Or did Mena Mouse hop over in her patent pumps from a cocktail party next door? And has Tara renamed her bewbs “Vicky”, as they are labeled in the bottom photo? So many questions.

  21. Paz

    Oh my stars! I thought Tara Reid was Christie Brinkley for a moment there.

  22. Bubba

    Love Mena’s dress though not the giant red hooker shoes. A more delicate red shoe would have been perfect.

  23. RD

    Is Tara’s hair all hers or extensions? Because I want it. Though not in a creepy shave it off and make a wig for myself way

    … unless that’s the only way for my hair to look that way.

  24. Fiona K

    Go Tara! Well done old girl.

  25. Squirrel!


  26. Shiitake