Well Played, Marion Cotillard


She really gets it right sometimes.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. blizzybee

    Love the LBD, love her. Those shoes? MINE.

  2. pantsonfire

    She looks absolutely smashing in that LBD. Hair, makeup, everything.

  3. China


    • Vandalfan

      I’ll fight you for ‘em. I’d punch a nun in the throat for those beauties.

      Well, you know, not really, it’s just an expression I learned here. Y’all are such a bad influence!

      • Billie

        I actually think I really would. I mean, I’d run like hell after I did it, but yeah. Those shoes would be totally worth it.

  4. jean

    Divide except for the underwear line! Which I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t made me look :^). I think she’s one of the prettiest actresses out there right now. She seems very comfortable in her own skin too, which is refreshing. Very non-neurotic. And yes, the dress is gorgeous. And I want it. What I love is that the shape of that dress would work on a lot of body types. Good design. Who did it? Not that I could afford it, but it would be fun to find out.

  5. WhooflPomp

    I never agree with you regarding her. It never, ever works (except for this time… she’s lovely)

  6. Rachael

    The LBD makes me think of a small, pretty black bird, somehow. It’s really nice. And those shoes are amazing. The first dress-and-shoes is a tiny bit twee, no? But I’m not mad at it.

  7. Mair Mair

    Even if you didn’t know she’s French, you’d know she’s French, mais oui?

  8. Claire1

    I want that black dress so bad that it HURTS!!!. I’d even forgo the shoes to have that dress!!

  9. Guerra

    Classy lady!

  10. Sajorina

    The 1st outfit is cute, but the 2nd one is AWESOME!!! LOVE! WANT! And, OMG the shoes… THE SHOES!!! COVET! She always looks FABULOUS!

  11. Lily1214

    I found something I like. I like this!

  12. Kate

    So exciting to see different looking shoes after the sea of platform hooves for the last couple of years! I love that they are different but still a pair. Want.

  13. lori


  14. Anna Maria Cárcamo

    it’s AWFUL!it makes her look old and fatter..and she’s so pretty and skinny!

  15. Anna Maria Cárcamo

    Iwas talking about the first one..the lbd i don’t love or want either but at lease she looks cute

  16. Helen

    I would scale down the bow on the first look, but apart from that minor note, love both of these. The LBD is smashing.

  17. Erin

    That entire look with the black dress is so lovely. The soft hair, the simple yet elegant dress – I think I want to be her! And she was so wonderful in Midnight in Paris, one of my faves.

  18. Sarah

    Those of you admiring the shoes with the LBD, you may want to think again. I was at the screening (it’s open to the public) and she took them off because they were too painful to stand in!

    Love the dress, though.