Well Played, Lucy Liu


As I believe I have said here many times, Lucy Liu is so, so pretty in person — we saw her at Fashion Week once. Like, imagine how pretty you think she is, and then double it, and that is how pretty she is. I have a bit of a girl crush on her, and I am still a little sad that Cashmere Mafia didn’t succeed. Not because it was any good — it wasn’t — but because they made her do hilarious wardrobe things like sport an entire suit made of gold, and jog in a fur coat (and, per that post, she had to stalk a dog once). She never gets to do that on Elementary. At least her off-set outfits are still fabulous.

[Photos: Getty and Splash]

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  1. hfree

    A friend of mine is Lucy’s wardrobe mistress on Elementary. I will let her know that you demand more fur jogging outfits.

    •  Blair

      I love that the title is wardrobe mistress. it sounds like something a queen would have (doesn’t the queen have a mistress of the wardrobe or something?) That must be a pretty cool job

      • Petrova Fossil

        The Queen actually does have something like this, the Mistress of the Robes. Although sadly, she is no longer in charge of the queen’s clothes.

    • amylola

      you can tell her I love every outfit Lucy wears. Drive my husband crazy during the show because I talk about her cute clothes.

    • Lori

      I love her Elementary wardrobe! Kudos to your friend the Mistress.

  2. Lisa

    Oh boy…MULTIPLES. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Anyway, Lucy looks terrific.

  3.  Blair

    I am so glad she has a successful show! and it is a show that I really enjoy! Also she seems awesome

    • Aparatchick

      Me, too. She always looks great on the show, but I’m glad to see her in a role that involves character and intelligence as well as good looks.

  4. Lynne

    Question: Would that Cavalli dress look quite so classy if Lucy Liu weren’t wearing it? Maybe but it seems like maybe the wearer is making the dress?

    Also, shoes. I think I’ve decided I don’t like the minimalist shoe trend. Nothing wrong with them, I guess. I just find them underwhelming. Also they look uncomfortable. Like it’s hard to keep them on your feet or to avoid falling off of them or something.

    • Mikki

      I agree on the shoes, every time I see them on someone it looks like their toes are falling off the front edge. Not what I would want to wear!

      I do love the black dress on her though! Her outfits on Elementary are kind of cool even if they’re not fur jogging outfits. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sherlock in something like that. :o)

    • Squirrel!

      I look at shoes like that and see “dislocated ankle” all over them.

  5. Mavis

    Her outfits on “Elementary” aren’t as crazy as what she had to wear on “Cashmere Mafia” but…they’re pretty out there, especially considering Watson used to be a surgeon (i.e. unlike “CM” where her character worked in fashion [right?] so it made more sense). The last ep, Watson had on some really terrible nude wedge booties (which combined three of my least favorite footwear trends ever), although I noted that it was somewhat charming that she wore them with multiple outfits over the course of several days. How meta!

  6.  gryt

    Can we start a petition to bring back the dumpster?

  7. witjunkie

    I dig her clothes on Elementary, though. Super cute skirts. Totally the kind of casual and sharp stuff I would wear if I were my 20 years and 20 lbs ago self.

  8. tigers4us

    Lucy looks great but can’t say the same for either dress. Both are interesting, the the pattern on the LBD is doing weird things to her chest area, & the Cavalli top portion doesn’t seem at ease with the rest of the dress.

  9. S

    I love the Cavalli. I would totally snap that up. I’d also like her hair to go with it (and while we’re at it, her face and body.)

  10. Amy

    Oh, the Dumpster…. first we bemoaned that it was right by the Talent Entrance and always in the background, now we miss it terribly! We just didn’t know how good we had it. Is that a grate in the sidewalk or a mourning badge for our departed?

  11. Nan

    The lack of color on her toenails bothers me. But she herself is gorgeous.

  12. Natasha Fatale

    Lucy Liu is so beautiful and she seems like such a well-grounded and caring individual – her interview with Letterman when she was discussing her humanitarian efforts for children in Syria impressed me greatly – bravo to her for her efforts. And when is she going to age? not fair!

  13.  HelenBackAgain

    Who’s got a pencil? I am all over that puzzle

  14. superjosh

    Damn… gurl knows how to throw up a fierce wave!

  15. boo

    More beautiful in her 40s than in her 20s!

  16. Meghan

    Lucy is my girl crush, too! In my next life I want to come back as her best friend because I think she would be tons of fun. And as an added bonus, maybe she’d invite me to hang out on the set of Elementary and I’d meet Jonny Lee Miller. Win-win.

    • Natasha Fatale

      Oh, yes – Jonny Lee Miller – the very best of the Sherlocks IMHO – quite a change from Basil Rathbone, no? :-)

  17. Lily1214