Well Played, Leslie Mann


Whoever styles Leslie Mann these days is getting her some interesting stuff — first, her Emmys dress, and now this:

The cut of it is so unusual and yet crisp, and then there’s the killer hit of orange, like a fresh citrus finish. If that is 40 then bring it on, because for me, 20 didn’t even look this good, much less 30.

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  1. Jasmine

    Good lord this woman looks magnificent. I hope to anything holy that I can age like that. She looks phenomenal.

    • Esme

      Too bad she’s a nasty misogynist who has had horrible things to say about other women. I guess the botox keeps her young and lovely on the outside, but on the inside, she’s an ugly person.

      • Annie E

        But now you’re kind of saying horrible things about another woman, right?

        • Jasmine

          Annie, I wish I could like your comment.

          Also I’m like… 99% sure this is a fashion site, not a place to complain about the personalities of people the majority of don’t, and will never, personally know.

        • rb


      • Jessica

        What did she say?

  2. hb

    Love the cut, like the dress, just think it would be 100x better in a colour other than white. Like if the whole think was orange, but the patterned bit remained orange and white…

  3. Franke

    Not feeling the dress or her.

    • McLisa


    • Danna

      I’m not feeling it either. SHE looks great, but I have reservations about the dress. It’s kind of tuxedo-ish looking from the waist up, I dunno, something just isn’t right about it.

  4. pantsonfire

    It’s great. I wouldn’t say “love,” but I like it strongly. Just some tiny nits – her hair looks a little untidy, she could use some blotting papers, and it would really be terrific if they could find a way to prevent the dress from wrinkling across her hips like that. Fixing those would elevate this to “love” for me.

    • Scouse Helen

      Agree, she almost, but not quite, looks the biz.

      Just googling “Leslie Mann misogyny”………

  5. Squirrel!

    Franke, I’m not feeling the dress, either. Don’t know enough about her to feel one way or another.

    • Squirrel!

      Revision: I could possibly feel the dress if it were a different color combination.

  6. Rayna

    Girl looks fairly sharply put together.

    Certain Other People take note: THIS is how you do a plunging neckline. We really don’t need to see all the way to your navel.

  7. Kat

    This is awesome. It’s different and refreshing without being crazy go nuts, which is coincidentally kind of how I feel about her. Well-played indeed.

  8. ortenzia

    holy god LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  9. mary lou bethune

    She looks so chic and lovely. Perfect dress for her.+

  10. Lynne

    Love it! I like the way she’s styled too. Hair, makeup, accessories are all really great without distracting from the dress.

  11. Birgin

    I don’t like the black belt, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a color that would work. Hmm.

    • Jessica


      • Birgin

        Ooh, maybe gold would work. I checked the original after you suggested that and saw that she does have gold nails and jewelry, and gold can work well with orange.

  12. lindsay

    love it!!! she looks fantastic.

  13. Sylvia

    I don’t know if I love the color combination, but I do love the cut of the dress.

  14. Jo

    I dislike the cut around the hips- it pulls on the svelte Ms Mann even. The colour is also a bit blah for me.

  15. Helen

    Don’t like this hairstyle on her (she wore it the same at the Emmys, but with less regrowth showing, or I might not have noticed), and the dress is squashing her boobs. Granted, she’s not busty in the first place, but there’s no need to treat one’s chest like the enemy! Give the girls a little support, they’re your friends, really.

    Also, it’s yet another that I think is really for spring. That seems to be going around lately.

    It doesn’t make me mad, but it’s “meh,” at best, for me.

  16. Bottle Ginger

    IMHO the colors make her look wan. Both white and orange are difficult colors for blondes, and her makeup and hair people haven’t dealt properly with the challenge.

    IMHO the dress would look better if it were an egshell or creamy white, and if the insert were a citrusy green instead of orange.

  17. Vandalfan

    Bad hairdo, bad earrings. The rest is good, great even, but WHAT DID SHE SAY, ESME? Interwebs, here I come.

  18. shanna

    So glad to see that this was liked because the minute I saw this I was stunned. It’s simple with interesting details which is perfect for any red carpet.

  19. Sarah

    Jessica Paster styled her for the Emmys, so maybe she did this one too? Jessica Paster also styles Cate Blanchett, so, she’s basically amazing.

    Also, this dress is perfection.

  20. chickadee

    I really like this, but it would have gone to love if the shimmery part were gold or silver, or if it was a color maybe like a royal blue. The orange with the white is just giving me candy corn vibes.

  21. rb

    IMHO is a hilarious introductory clause in any comments section. no one here actually considers her opinion humble. this is akin to sentences that begin “not to be rude, but…” — ergo, the point IS to be rude. not to be rude.

    this post is making everyone very metacognitive all of the sudden! i love it.

    on to ms. mann: gorge. or brill. or whatever the catch-word is today.

    this article on her hubby (in the Reporter) is fab and might make the Fug Grrls’ end-of-the-week faves (fingers crossed)!: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/judd-apatow-this-is-40-400607

  22. Bubba

    Lovely dress. I do think the belt could have been in a more subtle color though, as noted above. PS – the movie is really funny. Had the opportunity to see it a few weeks ago.

  23. Mia

    Kristen Wiig should get the name of her stylist.

  24. greatergoods

    i’m getting married next august…who thinks this could be pulled off as a wedding dress?

  25. Lily1214

    Wonderful look, overall.

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