Well Played, Kirsten Dunst/OMG Kristen Stewart

It’s possible she’s just f’ing with us now.

On the other hand, GFY Beloved Kiki Dunst looks great, so maybe we can call this one a draw? You know, emotionally.

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  1. regina

    nice eye makeup, pretty pony … but she could have saved a fortune (I guess) and a whole lot of embarrassment by just buying something festive at an H&M or Zara. They’re nice stores conveniently located just about everywhere, and sometimes high street just get the styles better than the parisian trend oracles. Jussain’.

  2. val.

    Oh heck no! This “outfit” adds about 20 pounds to KStew, who normally seems to be pretty tiny. So not only is it just silly, it’s unflattering, too.

  3. Andrew S.

    What in the Katy Perry Hell is she wearing?! Her make-up is nice but the hair doesn’t support this in a way for it to be kitschy & fun. I’m conflicted.

  4. ErinE

    This is so horrible. I just don’t get Kristen Stewart AT.ALL.

  5. Stefanie

    When I saw this last night my first thought was “AW HELL NO.” Today, my thought remains the same.

  6. Erika

    Is there anyone, anywhere at all, who’d be able to pull that off? Ack.

  7. Art Eclectic

    That’s just a big bowl full of wrong.

  8. pantsonfire

    The worst part, for me, is that there is actually potential there. I mean, I like the minty blue with the pop of orange. I think we could keep the fabrics and do something pretty great.

    Her face does look spectacular. I, too, really love the eye makeup. For a while, during the last throes of the Twilight tour, her makeup was looking pretty busted.

    Why does she keep wearing formal shorts lately? This is the third or fourth shorts mishap in a row for her.

    • alannaofdoom

      Yeah, and even with the transparency – I mean, it’s not my style, I hate it, but I can see what it’s aiming for and I could be convinced that it’s not *objectively* terrible IF IT FIT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. If we are going to see your underwear, said underwear shouldn’t look like a bunchy/squeezy sausage casing. If it’s at all possible to pull this look off, it has to be impeccably tailored, and this is emphatically not.

      • pantsonfire

        Yes, exactly. Well said. It’s not my taste, but honestly, it’s really the fit that’s the big issue here. It’s almost like I can’t judge the garment fairly because the fit is just so incredibly bad–like, laughably, delusionally bad. It’s not only too small by a fair margin, it’s just not at all suited to her body. Period.

    • Billie

      Yep, totally agree. I saw a picture of the runway version of this, and thought it looked really cool (even though I’m tired of the sheer trend in general). Stewart’s version here is clearly too small, and it’s been shortened to the gyno-length she obviously prefers. Awful thing to do to such a pretty, if seasonally inappropriate, frock.

      In other news, KDunst looks terrific. And I would knock her down for those shoes.

    • Sarah

      It almost looks good from the side! If this were a one piece dress with no sheer panels, it could be really cute. The color palette is interesting and different.

  9. Allie


    • Alice

      This “outfit”(???) make me similarly capsy. “THAT’S NOT A DRESS. THAT’S A SHEER COVERUP OVER A 1940S BATHING SUIT!” is what I yelled at my computer last night when I first saw this. AND it’s not even flattering.

  10. anny

    Aaarrrgh – you got KStew all over my Kiki!!!!
    These are not two great tastes that taste great together. (Kiki deserved her own post – that dress is great.)

  11. Sonya

    No! Just no! The face is so pretty and the clothes muck it all up. I prefer Dunst with shorter hair, I think. But she does look very pretty overall.

  12. A.J.

    That’s not sexy or flattering in the least.

  13. Reg

    above the neck – yum. below – HORRIFYING. This is what my nightmaters are made of: formal underwear. UGH! Once this has been seen it can never be unseen.
    Kiki – fabu. just fabu.

    • CakesOnAPlane

      haha I know it’s a typo, but I love that you wrote “nightmaters.” If Nightmaters was a TV show, I feel like this outfit would be worn by one of the main characters.

  14. Lizzy

    You, why don’t these gals skip the transparent dresses and just wear a bra & panties set? I’m serious – and Victoria’s Secrets would then rule the red carpet.

  15. Bubba

    I actually like the beaded overlay. If the entire lining was the silver and it was a dress and not a bra and grannie panties, and one size up, I think we’d be in business!

    • Rayna

      There we go.

    • Jules

      Exactly; it’s so close, and yet so far. I think the saddest outfits are the ones where you can see the full potential and yet they chose the unfortunate direction.

    • KB


      In other news – KStew’s face looks better these days. I think it’s the great make-up and increasingly common smile, but … I also feel like her chin looks like it has been toyed with?!

  16. Laura Elizabeth Nielsen

    Why does it seem like no one’s shoes ever fit? Are they really so high that your foot slides forward in them that much? And I agree with Val, the fit of that horrible thing is just awful.

    • TereLiz

      Because they’re probably borrowed, along with the dress. (Feel free to say “ew” now) And most “free” shoes are size nine, the sample size.

  17. PB

    Ouch! I think my head just exploded.

  18. Leelee

    That is just SO unflattering. Good lord. She needs an intervention by whoever the American equivalent of Gok Wan is (Tim Gunn?), to take her firmly by the shoulders, spin her round in front of a mirror, and explain that not all clothes suit all body types. She’s quite straight up and down so the cut of this outfit does nothing for her. Although to be fair, high-waisted silk short shorts and crop top with an illusion netting cover suit no-one. Ever.

    Plus side: Kiki looks adorable and I would like her dress to live in my closet.

  19. SKS

    “GIRL PLEASE” was my exact thought. This is just horrid. Like, why!? Did she lose a bet? Does she want to not be “pretty” anymore? Does she have a love affair with sheer?


  20. Kerina Pharr

    from the front she looks like she’s playing Julia Roberts’ character in a period accurate remake of Pretty Woman.

  21. macy

    It’s garish and it doesn’t fit. Literally looks like she’s wearing an outfit from 1988 Club Mtv and then threw a doily on top of it. So, so tacky.

    And this was last night in NYC. Why would you wear that in December? It’s actually worse when you put it next to Kiki, since she’s dressed for a winter film premiere.

  22. Annie E

    I think she is still letting Rob pick out embarrassing outfits for her as continued retribution for cheating on him.

  23. Rowynn

    Back in the day, if a girl had a great figure, we used to say she was “stacked.” KStew is not “stacked” – her figure is just slender and rather boyish. If anyone should wear that outfit, (and I feel like no one should, but whatever, it’s show biz,) it should be someone who qualifies as “stacked.” You need overt sex appeal to even begin to pull it off, and KStew, while a very pretty young lady, just doesn’t have that kind of moxie.

  24. Mongerel

    Class v. Ass.

  25. Erin

    How did KStew get into this “dress”? I thought at first it was granny panties and a bra with a sheer overlay, but then the back makes me think it’s all one piece…what kind of Cirque do Soleil shit happened to get this on her? And why, in the middle of the acrobatics, did no one say, “Wow, this is horrendous. Let’s just cut if off”?

    • Tar Heel Gal

      Great question, Cirque de Soleil, hee! There’s a pic of the back at celebitchy.com (don’t judge) that clearly shows a zipper that some bozo put on this bra and granny panty ensemble, so it’s one piece. Good grief.

    • Wade's missing shirt

      I have to say, this is exactly what I wondered when I saw this “outfit.”

      With that out of the way, I am beginning to LOVE this girl and her insane fashion sense. My favorites are still the ensembles she wore in the breaking dawn premiers with the sparkle crotch plate (I think giant granny panties were also featured in one of those looks.) She is my new Bai Ling, but with a reason to be places. Never change my KStew – keep striving to find new ways to feature unflattering and uncomfortable looking underwear as garments. Keep me on my toes as I wait with baited breath to see what you’ll unleash on me next. Thanks for not being the same.

    • Libby

      That was my thought when I saw it before it made it up here. The article I saw it in showed a nearly complete back shot that shows that it’s A SKIRT/DRESS IN THE BACK. So either A) the formal shorts are put on completely separately from the rest or B) (and more horrifyingly) she has to unzip the back and pull the whole thing off over her feet when she has to go to the bathroom.

  26. Lauren

    KStew? Just no.

    Kiki is a total yes though.

  27. threesleeps

    I don’t know how to say this without getting jumped on…but this is really skanky. I don’t understand this see-through phase she’s going through right now. It’s not sexy. It’s just tacky. I’m also really not getting the vibe of a girl who hates fame or attention either, and isn’t that supposed to be KStew’s big selling point?

    And the shoes…I feel like I have to support color in shoes by default, but paired with this, the result is so…Barbie doll. In a bad way.

  28. Becky Padgett

    There’s a pic with her co-stars that so communicates their disgust…”.KStew? She’s not with us…” She’s like the kid sister that’s all “LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!” I just feel sorry for her…

  29. amys

    Someone’s gunning to take on Biebs in FugMadness!

  30. Bella

    This girl comes off as a sullen, miserable mess of questionable talent whose 15 minutes should be up by now.

  31. Sandra

    Negative attention is better than no attention at all? That’s all I’ve got. No one in the history of ever looked at that heap of textiles and said, “this is GREAT!” It isn’t a matter of differing tastes; this outfit is objectively ugly.

    It feels like she’s saying “y’all think ‘m such a mess because of that thing with that douche-bag director?!? I’ll show you MESS!!”

  32. Beth C.

    I want Kiki’s dress.

    I’m leaving the rest of this whole thing alone.

  33. maxameliana

    Is anyone else still watching Gossip Girl? because I’m pretty sure that’s the blue version of the “scandalous” bra and hot pants that Sage stripped down to in Blair’s fashion show.

  34. colleen

    So much downcast, head-shaking no here.

    Kiki looks fab. She almost makes me want to be blonde!

  35. Leti

    It’s not even flattering! (Something for which I feel there is no excuse for celebs who have stylists.)

  36. TereLiz

    K-Stew’s gone from formal shorts to formal swimwear…

  37. Alayne

    It might be cute in the summer at a pool party or as a cocktail dress but in the winter? It just looks cold and silly. She looks incredibly out of place next to the other people. What is she thinking?

    • Aphy

      Yep. Everyone is dressed in winter wear. Stewart’s outfit is aggressively summery. It’s so unflattering. The wrinkles, too big shoes. Blech.

  38. Dazie

    What the hell. 0_o

  39. PB

    I think this photo set demands an imagined conversation between KStew and KDunst. You Fug Girls are far more clever than I am, so I can’t quite imagine how it would go but I am confident that it would be funny.

  40. ann

    Stewart’s ensemble is a cry for help. Seriously.

  41. 7Kellx

    So does this bump to the number 1 seed status for Fug Madness? I’m thinking yes!

  42. Helen

    I think they both look terrible. Dunst is just benefiting from the comparison effect, as anyone would in this instance. But that’s an ugly, unflattering dress, oddly shaped, ill-fitting, and cut much too low, and her hair is a shameful ruin.

    Also, they’re both visibly greasy in the face. Was it very hot there maybe? And no one had blotting papers for either of them?

    And I hate the eye makeup. I always thought it was too much even on Liz Taylor, and I think it’s way, way, waaaaayyy too much on Kristen Stewart.

    This is just an all-around fug. And yes, distinctly proves that Stewart does love attention. She can quit pretending anytime now.

    • andrea

      I’m with you in not getting the love of the Kristen’s make-up. She looks greasy and clammy.

      I like Kiki’s dress, but the tights and hair kill the look for me.

      Kristen’s dress? No words. To borrow from Project Runway, I think she has issues with taste levels. This is the kind of tacky Britney would’ve worn during the bad years.

  43. chickadee

    Apparently she can either wash and brush her hair, or put on real clothes – it seems clear that both cannot happen at the same time.

  44. kess

    Who knew she has such a weird body – well this contraption is sure illuminating,
    she has no body and is all legs and ghastly posture, may just explain why her arms look so flabby.
    Just look at how her back is weirdly sticking out inthe side view.

  45. The Fugger

    …is it just me, or does Kiki kind of look a bit Drunkst in that last slide?

    Then again, she’s almost certainly mid-sentence, and no one looks good photographed mid-sentence.

    As for Kristen Stewart, I’m pretty sure that Katy Perry wore that dress first. And whatever you do, you NEVER use Katy Perry as your style icon. This is a woman who, after divorcing Russell Brand, decided to walk around looking like a My Little Pony. This is a woman who married Russell Brand.

    Also: The headsuits are not to my liking. KStew’s is mostly a matter of styling. KDunst’s (and yes, I just did) makes me…concerned.

  46. jean

    Highly unflattering and she doesn’t look confident, which isn’t like her. Kirsten is adorable. I love that dress. I would wear that dress if I had the money for it. Love it. Maybe not in navy. Maybe in a deep, deep brownish red. Or green. A dark green, not bright green.

    • Vandalfan

      Because when I think of confidence, yeah, sure, KStew is the one that comes to mind, with her visible pleasure in public appearances and always impeccable coiffure.

  47. Bottle Ginger

    Good Lord, that girl has definintely done something to piss off her stylist!

    I don’t know what she did to deserve a “Project Runway” reject made from mosquito netting and Skittles, but it must have been horrible.

  48. Willa W

    OMG this “outfit” is more scandalous than her roadside make-out session with that rubbish director. What on earth was she thinking? Did she lose a bet? Has she lost her mind? Or maybe she just lost all her clothes and this was all that was left – an outfit from a school production of “A Geisha in Space”.

  49. Esme

    Is Dunst still wearing her witch Halloween costume? Thaf frock is fugly and it’s a shame she didn’t brush her hair. I’d like Kristin’s if it fit and if the blue underlayer was a slip instead of a bra and panties–and her boyish body does sort of make a mockery of it.

    • Helen

      >> Thaf frock is fugly and it’s a shame she didn’t brush her hair.<<

      Or wash it. Or get it cut or colored anytime in the last six months or so.

  50. Tricia

    I feel like KStew is going the way of Avril Lavigne. Tried to play like she was a tough punk for a while (though everyone knew she was not) and then suddenly decided to go all super girly trampy with her style and will soon have a spread in Maxim in a bra and panties accompanied by a very vapid article. Is it all an effort to make us totally forget le scandale?!?!?

  51. luxsword

    And yet, it’s far less terrible than many sheer lace things we’ve seen. And it’s fun.

    • Bottle Ginger

      No, I think it’s just about the most terrible sheer lace thing we’ve seen lately.

      It’s ugly, the ornate front and plain back makes it look like it’s from Ross, and it makes her look thick in the middle and shrunken in the bust. IMHO the worst crime a dress can commit is to be unflattering, and that thing is as unflattering as it is ugly.

  52. Doctor Memory

    On the one hand, that’s a lovely dress on Kiki and her makeup look great. On the other… please, won’t someone talk to her about the benefits of a well-fitted bra?

  53. Claire

    I’m so confused. It’s ugly to begin with but also it”s December and that’s very summer. No excuses it’s still terrible. Who let her wear that? This is a joke for sure.

  54. Simone

    I bet Katy Perry is pissed at KStew right now

  55. Pamb

    Horrid. Awful. Terrible. It’s old fashioned underwear with a piece of tulle over it. And yes, I saw the original runway version online, and it’s not much better. As a side note, her shoes are too big. How did she walk around?

  56. Kat

    In all seriousness why do you cover Kristen? You hate everything she wears. You seem to genuinely not ‘get’ her. I mean is it just bc it’s fun for the ‘fug nation’ to laugh at her? Or what? I mean there are other people you could give coverage to instead so I don’t really get it.

    In all honesty I just think your taste & her taste aren’t the same. Your taste seems very normal, mid America, etc & her’s is a bit more fashion forward and/or attention getting. I think her’s is good for who she is which is a star. I mean Ashley Greene may have worn a pretty dress to the premiere but the only dress that seems to be remembered is Kristen’s so that show’s 1 is a star and 1 isn’t. Kristen’s job is to be a star and she accomplishes that.

  57. Rebecca

    In my opinion the dress is likely a shout out to one of the most famous pictures of Luanne Henderson. (Marylou in OTR) Note the wide straps and high wasted shorts are very much a throw back to the 1940s. I’m not in love with the dress but it does follow suit with the Balenciaga she wore to the LA OTR premiere which again had a 1940s high wasted/ mid driff bearing vibe to it.

    I get some may not love it but I do think there was a “method” to the madness.

  58. Melanie Woodall

    I WANT Kiki’s dress!

    I can’t even with the other one.