Well Played: Kelly Clarkson


US Weekly reported yesterday that Kelly Clarkson recently told Reader’s Digest regarding her wardrobe that, back in her AI days, “[I'd] be in a magazine under the heading ‘What Was She Thinking?’ I was like, I’m thinking I ain’t got no money.” And I have to admit that when I read this, I might have thought to myself, “but babe, what’s your excuse NOW?”

However, that was before I saw La Clarkson — who you know I seriously do love.  I really honestly do.  I know she dresses like she just doesn’t give a shit half the time (and she probably doesn’t), but I think she’s really talented and she’s totally ballsy in interviews and I basically just want to go out for drinks with her and get accidentally smashed on too-strong margaritas and then stumble back to her house and clean out her closet — at the ESPY awards:

How cute is she? I wish I had access to a photo that didn’t cut her off right at the calves, but I promise you, the shoes are cute, too. She just looks adorable — that color is good on her, and the whole thing has a sort of 50s-retro-glam aura that works very nicely with her figure. I also sort of feel like, should I run into this mid-drunken-closet-clean-out, I would be tempted to try it on and twirl around in it, which is high praise for a party dress indeed.