Well Played, Katy Perry


I feel like Katy’s face sort of says it all here:

Namely, “I have NO IDEA what Vera Wang here is wearing, but at least I look great.”

Note: this was an event HONORING Vera so I suspect Katy might ALSO be wearing Vera, which honestly just leads us all into Physician, Heal Thyself territory.


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  1. Edith

    Katy’s been better and better, lately, and here she’s knocking it out of the park. So glad she’s not wearing performance clothes out and about, and that she’s over mourning her marriage to Russell Brand. AND glad she’s over rebounding onto John Mayer. She looks faaaabulous.

    Vera, a little lippy would really help your head overcome that unfortunate dress.

  2. Lauren

    Really? I’m surprised you guys like this…I think it makes her look so old and frumpy! I mean sure in comparison to Vera she looks fab, but the print and the fishtail hem and the hair and makeup just do not do a thing for me.

  3. DanerKebab

    Katy’s hair is questionable, but otherwise, she does look great.

  4. linda

    Vera looks like she’s wearing a sports bra with an evening dress on backwards.

  5. Tiffany

    I feel like Katy has been on about 1 million red carpets in the last two weeks. I am kind of worn out by her brashness. I think if her hair was a softer color, she might feel more relaxed in less make up and more casually elegant clothing. I feel like she is wearing stage make up here.

    • Guerra

      She is always wearing stage make up, she is very pretty but with photos of her without make up, she iS very plain.

      • Helen 

        I think she’s super-pretty without it, too; her features and complexion are lovely, and there’s also that extraordinary eye color. But we’re so used to seeing her all dolled up, bare-faced does look like a different person. Her less glam younger sister, maybe.

  6. Gabby

    Katy totes looks like Dana Scully here. First time I’ve ever not had to talk myself into liking her.
    But gawd, do I hate a fish tail.

    I’m ignoring Vera.

  7. Sarah

    I don’t know, I kind of like Vera’s dress. It’s definitely got more personality and looks a lot less like it was sewn out of curtains. The bra is pretty mreh but I’m digging the draped part.

  8. googler

    Vera designs such luscious, girly stuff, yet never dresses in a way that would let you know that. It’s like some weird vicarious living thing. And holy cow, she’s 63! She looks fabulous! None of it, however, gives her a pass for this serving of blech.

    Katy looks great here. I don’t love the dress, but it’s a nice color and shape, plus it doesn’t have cupcakes or film reels on her boobs, so I think she deserves point for that.

    • Mair Mair

      Ok, I thought she was in her 40s, and I was coming here note that, questionable dress choice aside, she looks great. But she’s SIXTY THREE???? Holy moly, she looks freakin’ incredible. And it doesn’t even look like she’s had work done (but if she has, it’s really good work).

  9.  Janice

    Well, I’m no fan of black, satin, OR cutouts, and I think Vera looks fine.

    Sure, the skirt is a little long for no particular reason, and the top looks like a censorship bars one see over breasts on YouTube, but overall it works.

    Katy looks more mature than she has elsewhere, and that’s a good thing.

  10. cc

    I think Vera looks good, its very her particular aesthetic, spare and simple.

  11. Guerra

    Lady is 63, I pray to look that good at 53.

    • Mjx

      Heck, if I look like that at 63, I’ll wear this sort of thing, too. I don’t love the dress, but it’s the sort of thing that, when someone wearing a garment so not-even-remotely-flattering STILL looks amazing (not always achieved even by the hard-to-uglify demographic of young fashion models), it calls for something like a standing ovation.

      Oh. And Katy Perry is… present.

  12. Helen 

    Wang is wearing a bandeau top appropriate for beach volleyball under something that’s almost a dress.

    Perry chose curtains, and needs to talk to Carey Mulligan’s stylist about fitting a strapless so it isn’t falling off.

    They both look terrible.

    • Helen 

      Clarification: I mean their clothes look terrible, and aren’t flattering either. They themselves are lovely as ever in spite of that.


  13. Lion

    Katy always looks like a cow to me. And I don’t mean it in a (very) bad sense! I look at her eyes and somehow expect that she is chewing grass…

    Vera’s dress – if she had a different bra, maybe bright red, similar cut, maybe.

  14. jean

    I’m getting a Joan Cusack vibe from Katy with her hair that way. I think she looks very pretty. Not memorable, but pretty. Sometimes isn’t that enough? And wow, 63! Usually I would say no to that look, but I wonder if there’s symbolism in it? Maybe she’s referencing some cultural clothing and I’m not getting it? I feel like there’s a point because Vera isn’t usually tacky.

  15. Jacko

    I must be old… Vera looks hotter to trot her to me.
    I’m yours, baby-girl! Call me! I’ll be your boy toy for life…

  16. Esme

    Come on; take away the long black hair and put her in something other than that ridiculous mutton-dressed-as-lamb frock, and that’s a 63-year-old woman, guys. Maybe you just don’t know many people that age.