Well Played, Katy Perry


When I saw this in the thumbnail, I thought it was Dita von Teese:

But what would be typical — if pretty — for Dita actually feels shockingly great on Katy.  Even the purple hair works here (if only thanks to several years of aggressive display of Hair Colors Not Found in Nature on her part). Do I wish the shoes weren’t SO matchy? Maybe — but I also wish I were a little bit taller (I also wish I was a baller).  We can’t always have what we want.

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  1. Leah

    I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her.

  2. theotherjennifer

    so glad she did not show up in cracktown-wear. that color is great on her, however faux velvet in late June?

    But who does not love a frosted cake clutch?!

  3. ML

    I say “well played” with the smooth Skee-Lo ref there, Jessica. *polite applause*

    As for Katy: IMO, she looks better when she goes for the Betty Page-era look than the Cheerleader Barbie bit. So here, I like.

  4. Claire L1

    She looks very pretty…. but red velvet in June? Really?

    • amanda

      I was thinking the same thing, but if she wore it in winter/near Christmas I think I would feel like she was trying too hard to be a sexy Mrs. Claus.

      I guess what it boils down to is red velvet is no grown woman’s friend. As much as I like the cut/style (and believe me, I do) I wish it were in a different fabric and maybe even a different color. If it were in a magenta/fuscia cotton I’d be wholly in love.

  5. CJG

    She looks great here. And, did you see the outfit she wore when she popped out of the popcorn container? Brilliantly cute!

    Ditto to ML — my favorite look on her is retro cheesecake pinup.

  6. em

    I’m sorry. I can’t. She looks awful. More awful than normal, IMO.

  7. Eliza Bennett

    She looks lovely! And I am freezing to death in the A/C at my office, so that makes red velvet sound awesome.

  8. Christian

    Agreed, change the shoes to taller heels in a different color and it would be perfect. She does look lovely here, and this is coming from someone who can’t stand Katy Perry. I’m shocked you didn’t link to her other “movie theater” outfit where she had film reels on her breasts. THAT’S the Katy Perry we all know.

  9. McLisa

    I’m not sure about velvet this time of year especially since it looks pretty heavy here but MAN OH MAN THAT COLOR on her skin is AMAZEBALLS.

  10. Robyn

    I think this looks adorable on her. She was on the Graham Norton show about a week and a half ago and looked super adorable then, too. The retro look works for her.

  11. Andrea

    If she’d done black patent shoes and taken 2″ off the hemline, I think it would be just about perfect. And maybe slightly less voluminous underpinnings. I’m a girl who loves a petticoat, but that is some pretty aggressive under-froufrou.

    • Claire L1

      I think she’s just wearing the wrong petticoat. It is fluff all the way up to the waist when it should have a flat waist and then flair out at the top of the hips. The skirt stands away from the knees perfectly, but at the waist it adds that lump of material.

  12. sarah

    I’ve never realized how flawless her skin is. And I love this dress – reminds me of something I’d spend way too much money to buy off of ModCloth and then never have a reasonable opportunity to wear. Kudos for Ms. Perry for finding such an opportunity.

    • CJG

      I love this too, but a MAN would look like he had flawless skin with the amount of makeup she’s wearing!

      • na

        If flawless means she went to Lowe’s and bought some white cream paint and slathered it on her, then yeah she’s pretty flawless.

  13. Stefanie

    This is good. Really good! Nice job Katy.

  14. Mollsworth

    I feel like maybe I’m looking at a different picture from everyone else. I hate this getup. The dress is one white fur muff away from White Christmas.

  15. Mair Mair

    I’m pretty sure one of the characters in White Christmas wore this exact dress (or something very similar). I want to love it, and I WILL love it, six months from now. It was 109 here in ATx yesterday. Just thinking about wearing that dress makes me feel faint.

  16. Kara

    She looks like a Disney character, and I mean it in a good way. (I have fully meant it in a bad way when it comes to her, but here it works.)

  17. Josephine

    This is totally cheeseball but also lovely. Her wack-a-doo/cartoony/matchy styling will never be my favorite approach, but at least here I feel it’s applied appropriately and with a modicum of smarts. Best I’ve seen her look in a long time. If I had the money and the boobs to hold this dress up, I’d run right out and buy one.

  18. Kit

    I LOVE this and her matchy shoes although – is that velvet? So warm for summer!

    Delightful though…

  19. Keely

    How could you not point out her CAKE SHAPED clutch?! That is the best part. I want a cake clutch in every flavor… or color, whatever.

  20. Jessica

    Oh Jessica, I will love you forever for that reference.

    As for Katy, I think she looks nice. Especially when compared with some of her other “outfits” as of late.

  21. flitzy

    I love the cake purse. It adds a little whimsy to a retro look.

  22. Gigi

    She is lovely, and she looks mighty fine in this. However, as a very small nitpick, is the length of the dress a wee bit stumpifying? Or maybe it’s just the pose? (Or maybe it’s just me?)

  23. Willow

    I even liked her performance outfit, she was on top form for this event, long may it continue. (It wont)

  24. Adu

    Such a beautiful look! Want that dress ASAP. Katy pulled out all the stops to look movie-star-appropriate for her premiere. Love.

  25. vandalfan

    But Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney looked beautiful! So does our Katy. If she wore black shoes, it would simply be beautiful, but the length and the matchy match makes it her. Other photos show that the tulle peeking out under the hem matches her purple hair.

    • Emmaleigh

      I wasn’t sold on the hair color and dress color togetehr (not a fan of purple & red together), but if the tulle matches her hair: SOLD!

      • ML

        Oh, vandalfan, “White Christmas” is one of my fave movies ever (I’m named after the song “Mandy,” although my name is spelled differently) and you had me at “Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney.” Le Swoon…

  26. Katie

    She looks lovely, but the Skee-lo reference made my day! I bust that out at work sometimes and just get a bunch of blank stares because, even though I am nearly 30, I am ~10 years younger than anyone else in the office. And far more nostalgia-fueled than the hippest nostalgic hipster.

  27. ESK

    I just wish she’d give it a rest with the purple hair already. And I appreciate that the event organizers went to the trouble of finding a “red carpet” in the exact same shade of purple.

  28. Jen S 2.0

    So, so, many props for the Skee-Lo references. That was a damn good song. Might have to put it on my running playlist.

    I wish I had my way; every day would be a Friday, and I could even speed on the highway (on the highway).

  29. Amanda

    She looks like a really adorable Valentine.

  30. S

    Between this, Elizabeth Banks, and Blake Lively, the well playeds lately are one giant lesson on the importance of FIT for me. I didn’t particularly like the patterns on the other two, and I don’t like the purple hair here, but it doesn’t take away from me liking the dress or overall look. A lot. In all three cases. *thumbs up*

  31. Katie

    I can’t. stop. laughing about the Skee-Lo reference. And it will likely be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. As for the look? Love, and love the cake clutch. Although I would have gone with black shoes, which is nitpicking.

  32. Emmaleigh

    I’m so jealous of Katy Perry for having a job where she can have all these amazing hair colors. I love the purple on her. I loved pink hair on me, but my job says no.

  33. TaraMisu

    I think she looks great, a nice departure for KP.

    I WANT that cake clutch!!!

  34. Shiitake

    Velvet in June is extreme, but the styling is spot-on. The clutch is sweet.

  35. Mahastee

    Love this! Her hair is more black with vivid purple rather than the washed-out purple from a few months ago, it’s so much better.

    It is mid-Winter in my world, so when I see velvet all I think is how gorgeous it is and how very much I missed it. Same goes for red lipstick.

    Same goes for mid-90s rap.

  36. Mel

    Kudos on sneaking in the skee-lo reference ;)

  37. Sajorina

    I love the theater curtain scarlet red velvet dress with the matching shoes & nailpolish… They look great with her fair complexion! And, that piece of cake clutch is precious! COVET! But, I think the makeup, while pretty, is too severe for daylight! Plus, I’m already tired of the colored hair! Btw, I would never compare Katy with Dita, whose a sartorial goddess! FAB!

  38. Jules

    I think she successfully looks like Snow white AND the evil witch.
    And isn’t it the middle of winter in half the world?

  39. Ms. A.

    NO. That red velvet is awful. Red velvet is for Santa and that is all.

  40. Vada

    She looks like Scarlett O’Hara.

  41. Lily1214

    She looks pretty terrific!