Well Played, Kate Middleton (with a Wills cameo)


Those of you asking for a new Kate Middleton coat, here you go. I don’t THINK this is a rerun — and I feel like I would have remembered it, because it’s totally cute and I am obsessed with a winter white coat. I almost bought one at Banana Republic like five years ago, but didn’t….AND HAVE NEVER GOTTEN OVER IT. [Photos: Getty and WENN]

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  1. Rayna

    Gosh, y’all are cute – all y’all!

  2. ringthing

    I love the black gloves with the winter white coat. Also: she is the tiniest pregnant person I have ever seen. At her stage in that cute coat I would have looked like a panda.

    • glee

      I think this is why ‘some’ celebs rock the fake bump. She should try some empire waist dresses. And sleeck her hair back. Keep the glorious coat!

  3. AJ

    Just when I was beginning to doubt peter pan collars, she not only wears one but rocks it over her adorable coat to make it even more adorable. Sigh.

    Does Lupo need an official handler or something? I just need to be friends with them, and I feel like that could be my in.

  4. Gine

    This just confirms my suspicions that one must be tall and svelte to rock the mod look without looking cutesy and twee. Ah well.

  5. Helen

    I’m not sure about the Peter Pan collar on the dress, and I’m definitely against tucking it outside of that lush swing coat, which I covet with real avarice.

    But as usual, small quibbles (when I have any at all). The Duchess looks lovely and it’s nice to see her wearing something relaxed and comfortable in a dress. I’m hoping, for the last few months, maybe she can even wear flats!

  6. Aoife

    I love love love today’s coat and hat. And her shiny hair!

  7. Cat

    Love the coat! Not overly sold on the dress, but she’s pulling it off. I think the slightly shorter length helps.

  8. Clara

    I like all of this, she looks happy and rich. BUT, I wish she’d do something different with her hair. That mod dress would look great with straight hair, maybe a band to hold it back. I don’t like how is is all curly on her chest.

  9. anna s.

    How is she preggers and still so tiny? Also, please wear flats, girl. My feet feel sympathy pain from all the way across the Atlantic.

    As usual, her wardrobe is perfect and I covet everything. Whichever stylist is in charge of buying her coats and dresses needs to have their own TV show, Rachel Zoe style. That person deserves to be famous for their good taste.

    • Aphy

      I’m about as far along as she is and I look like I swallowed a whale. I’m also nearly eight inches shorter, so that might have something to do with it. Sigh.

  10. Kate Sobraske

    Michelle Williams is going to be furious that someone got that coat before her.

  11. Carol

    I love a well-done, monochrome tights/shoes look … she looks great, as always … although I do agree that we could get a little adventurous with the hair … let’s cut off about 10 inches … I think she’d look even prettier … hair this long takes away from nice detail on wonderful clothes, unless it’s pulled back or put up.

  12. Kathy

    Is it just me or is she over the bangs? She looks over them. (btw, covet the coat!)

  13. missespresso

    When I tried to follow your link from my RSS feeder, Google warned me you were a malware site. Thought you should know Google hates good taste and has declared war against fashion :)

    I don’t like her hair but at least she got rid of those exaggerated curls, so perhaps there’s hope for the future. Also her hair colour … doesn’t seem right to me. As if she tries to match her natural colour but not quite. But I may be biased because she really annoys me. She has zero personality (fashion wise also).

    • AussieAnne

      I also got this very intense security warning!! Is it from Bieber-land maybe??

      • Melly

        I’ve been getting that message when I connect via my bookmark. If I go to my browser directly I don’t get the message.

  14. ChristieLea

    MOD MATERNITY WEAR? All hail the Duchess.

    And I love the coat…though as someone mentioned upthread, it really takes a long and lean body to pull off a lot of mod looks. On my compact and sturdy little figure, I’d look like a Care Bear.

  15. Steph

    Love the coat. I’m not totally sold on the all-black dress/tights/shoes combo though.

    I have a friend who is about 7 months pregnant and basically looks like she just ate a big meal. Yes, she is also tall and thin naturally much like Kate.

  16. Sajorina

    I know the feeling, GFY Jessica! I almost bought a coat at Ann Taylor years ago, but didn’t, and I’ve been thinking about it and beating myself for it ever since! Stupid me!!! Kate’s coat is lovely… I want it! And the dress is soooo cute!

  17. Sam

    I have that white BR coat. :)

  18. Sarah

    Love that coat, especially with the black dress and tights underneath. Her hemlines are shorter now that she’s pregnant and I love it.

  19. Kristin

    Jessica, eb*y exists for those of us who neglected buying an item when it was for sale in retail shops (or prefer to spend less on something gently used). Seek and ye shall find :-)

    • witjunkie

      That is so true! I found a swimsuit I didn’t buy then it was gone…I found it, new with tags, for like $14. STILL one of my favorite suits.

  20. Carrick

    Lingchi: The Death of a Thousand Coats.

  21. carolynlph

    OMG, when I was in college (so, um, 15 years ago, cough cough) I didn’t buy an extremely fabulous hat at a boutique in Houston because it was like $300 and that was really expensive at the time. And I think about that hat at least once a week. You know what I would have gotten over by now? The $300.

  22. Guerra

    Different shoes and this would of been a home run!!

  23. Melly

    Those shoes must be the only ones she can stand to wear these days. I do wish she would (have her servants) clean them up a bit.

  24. Valentina

    I still remember that time when Penélope Cruz wore a white coat and you wrote the same story… It really made me think about those pieces I loved but didn’t get and I regret it so much afterwards, and since that post I’m extra careful not to let it happen again.

  25. Erin

    I think she is allowed to wear whatever length she wants now that she is carrying the Royal Baby. :)