Well Played, Kate Middleton


Or, you know. Played. This isn’t the most stunning thing she has ever put on her body, but nor is it BAD and it’s nice that she’s back out and about visiting children and waving at people and sitting next to creepy pirate mannequins (seriously).

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    That mannequin looks like he’s about to buy her a drink and ask if she’s thought about acting in “movies.” In his living room.

    • Helen

      He is REALLY leering! It may be the funniest picture I’ve seen with her.

      • Eliza Bennett

        It’s the 5 o’clock shadow that really sells the skeeve. I love this. I need to make it my screensaver.

        • meggiemoo

          His thought bubble would read, “Are you sure you’re pregnant?”

      • Lil

        Does anyone else see the hand holding the pirate’s hand in the 3rd picture? What the heck is going on with that? And he is definitely leering… Rude!

  2. Stefanie

    Her bang growth is making me jealous. Stupid bangs. Stupid me for cutting bangs.

    • Helen

      Aaawwww. I’m sure we all know the feeling! They WILL grow, I promise.

  3. qwertygirl

    Yes, this is fine. The thing is, if she was going to recycle a coat, this isn’t the one I’d have chosen. But you know, it’s nice enough.

  4. Peggy

    Who is holding the Ship Mate’s hand, and why??

    • Evalyn

      I’m wondering the same thing. Are they holding him back, reassuring him, or . . .??? I’m puzzled.

  5. The Reset

    I’ve seen/ read like five news pieces in the past few days, all referencing her “baby bump.” NO. It’s like she ate three sandwiches. Thank you for being the first one to say that she looks the opposite of pregnant.

    • Beth

      I agree they could have kept this under wraps for ages. Can you imagine?!? Like, they probably could have gone until mid-April – at least – before announcing it, then just said, all casual-like, “Oh, hey, there’s a bun in the oven! The baby’s due in like three months.”

      I know I’ve said this before, but the downside to couples announcing the pregnancy early on is that it feels like the mom is pregnant f-or-e-v-e-r.

      • Steph

        I think the only reason they went public was due to her having to be hospitalized. So yes, it seems like she’s already been pregnant for a year.

  6. anna s.

    Kate has been very gallant in situations where I would have told photogs to go screw themselves, so every pic that she takes is sort of a happy occasion for me. One more in the “Wow, the patient princess didn’t actually brain someone for annoying the shit out of her” trophy case. She looks incredible. She honestly doesn’t look pregnant at all, and I’d honestly love to see her with MORE baby bump. (mostly because having a baby means gaining some weight, and accepting the fact that rotund women can be healthy and happy. I’d be sad if the press causes her to exercise herself into a weight that isn’t really healthy for a baby.).

    I think Kate looks fabulous, she has a collection of coats that most fashionistas covet, and if she ever tires of looking like the cutest thing to stride confidently out of Buckingham in the past decade, well, I’m willing to wear ALL THE CUTE COATS for her. All of them

    Seriously: She looks great, I don’t even know why people try to criticize her.

  7. Steph

    Could that be William’s hand on the pirate’s? Almost like he’s saying “hey, buddy? We know you’ve had a few, but, she’s mine. Kay?”

    Little girl in princess costume and pirates? Great, now I’m craving a trip to Disneyland.

  8. Cat

    That pirate looks super creepy, but there’s also something hilarious about the way he’s leering at Kate. The coat is not my favorite, but she wears it well.

  9. Eli

    I appreciate that between these pictures and the ones from the (outdoor, wtf) wedding they went to this weekend, homegirl appears to be laying off of the thick black eyeliner. She looks younger and prettier without it.

  10. Callie

    Aw that little girl in the princess costume is adorable. High five to her mother for letting her wear that to meet Kate. In that picture, I also like that it looks like the guy in the background may be a teacher. He definitely has a look of pride combined with the anxiety of ‘What are they saying? Are they remembering their lines? What are they SAYING?”

  11. Jessica

    I totally forgot she already wore this — with tights, but no boots! — here: http://gofugyourself.com/well-played-kate-middleton-2-02-2012

  12. bookworm

    My niece has hyperemesis gravidarum (the same condition as Kate) and, at 30 weeks, she has just gained back to her pre-pregnancy weight, after having continually lost weight the first few months. So I speak from experience when I say how great it is to see even the smallest baby bump.

  13. Melly

    Her shoes are so well-worn they must be the only ones she can stand wearing lately. Tolerating the old mannequin next to her was worth it if she could sit down a bit. She looks pregnant to me, when I consider how reed thin she was 6 months ago.

  14. Sajorina

    My niece’s mom and my best friend are both pregnant! One is 2½ months & the other is 6 weeks pregnant; and they both have a bigger bump than Kate does! How is that even remotely fair? Anyway, she looks beautiful and I expect her hair to get so healthy and shiny it’ll blind us all!

    • MunchletteBelle

      Is it the first pregnancy for either of them? If not, women tend to show much faster in subsequent pregnancies because the stomach/uterus has already been stretched out before so it expands more quickly, while a first pregnancy usually takes longer to start showing. It’s like the difference in putting on your jeans just out of the dryer and putting them on for the fourth time this week. ;) However, if it is the first pregnancy for one or both of them, then my answer is just… good genes, I guess?

  15. Kylie

    she looks the same size as me after I have eaten a sandwich.

  16. PB

    That second picture is so sweet it’s making my teeth hurt.

  17. Terry McTigue

    The little girl wore her princess costume to meet a duchess. The little girl outranks Kate!

  18. Holly Hamilton

    I can’t get over winterish clothing and bare legs, so cold looking. Yes, I’m aging myself, brought up in the decades of Pantyhose.
    She’s lovely as always if a bit dull colorwise.

    • Sarah

      Oh she’s not bare-legged, she wears fancy expensive pantyhose.

      • Holly Hamilton

        I did not know that, thanks, her legs do look bare, google does indeed show a slew of info on her hose!
        I just wish I could get away with nude pantyhose without looking unfashionable.

  19. annmartina

    Something in her face tells me she still doesn’t always feel the best.

  20. Siobhán

    Apparently someone gave her a teddy bear and she said “Thanks, I’ll give this to my d…..”

    She’s having a d!
    [something] Diana [something] [ something] Windsor? Or whatever her surname will be.

  21. Vandalfan

    Shouldn’t the pirate’s hand be a hook? Just askin’ …

  22. Bernadette

    I’m so late on this post, but I just have to say that is my hometown, and that dude has been looking in that direction for years