Well Played, Kate Mara


I’d tell Kate Mara to cheer up, but BOTH of her family’s football teams (one grandfather founded the Giants, the other the Steelers, and they’re both still owned by her family — Sundays must be entertaining at her house) are out of the play-offs. That would make anyone a little cranky. At least she looks great.

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  1. Annie E

    Man, I love this.

  2. Jen

    I think the cut-out in the back is actually what makes the uneven hem work. It goes together as a whole.

  3. Willow

    The amazingness of that colour totally negates the demi-mullet

  4. Bella

    If this were knee-length all the way around, then I’d agree. A mullet by any other name is still a mullet.

  5. Jen from cincy

    I just don’t like this cut-out back business. I must be getting old.

  6. lindsay

    so great! but man, that would be a hard dress to look good in. brava, kate.

    • chickadee

      For real. This is one of those dresses that could look REAL bad on someone else, but she is definitely pulling it off.

  7. Lucille Austero

    Let me the first to say it, Jessica. It IS a mullet, and it’s fug, fug, fug. With the greatest affection, respect and appreciation of your tireless, brilliant Golden Globes coverage, maybe you need a little rest?

  8. Carrick

    Shoes look too big — like Daisy Duck’s.

  9. Trace

    Do she and her sister have some sort of deal where Rooney gets to wear black and white and Kate gets all the other colours?

  10. Stefanie

    OOO! Pretty!

  11. Rayna

    Kate proves that you can be cute, flirty, a little bit sexy, a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and STILL not be nekkid.

    Well done.

  12. Donna

    This dress is a traffic cone, a droopy balloon and a cropped running top all in one. Yech.

  13. Vandalfan

    So these Mara folks are richer than Crassus, but don’t know a decent dentist? That could be the only polite reason for the severe haughtiness of their expressions in public. Plus, this outfit is a mullet.

    • Janice

      The nearest they come to a smile is a rictus grimace. Botox in the muscles around the mouth?

  14. S

    Are you watching the Australian Open? This color is everywhere (but in smaller amounts per outfit). The front view of this dress is just not flattering. I guess I’m voting fug too, not that you asked. :)

  15. ringthing

    Side view is especially gorgeous, but those shoes are heinous.

  16. Kirst

    This is awful. The colour is great on her, but the mullet is ugly and it is doing terrible things to her chest. Make it knee-length all around with a nice v-neck and get back to me.

  17. buttercup

    Perhaps…but what is with those shoes? They aren’t even in the same color family. I love the contrast of the purse with the dress, but those shoes are an abomination with this dress.

  18. Sarah

    Love it!

  19. Carrick

    Shoes look too big, like Daisy Duck.

  20. Helen

    I hate it, and it’s also yet another spring/summer dress in January. I’m getting very tired of those.

    • Aphy

      Do the celebrities dress out of Swanson because they want to wear the Spring/Summer collections that were just shown on the runway? Other than that, I just don’t understand the spring/summer outfits.

  21. Sally

    Mullets to me have a huge difference between front and back – haircut or hemline. And I hate them. This doesn’t, so I am calling it a shag. And I like it.

  22. Elle

    Love the color. Hate the mullet. In the first photo hair looks like regulation prison matron.

  23. TonyG

    This looks great on her, mullet or not. I usually don’t like what she wears, but this I like. Part of it is the color, but it is also flattering to her strengths. She has great legs and this shows it. She has a great figure and the dress is snug enough to show it but not tight enough that you think she can’t breathe in it. The fit is perfect. I like the jewels. Well done.

  24. ccm800

    Oh no I find this terribly unflattering. No no no not at all. Cut and hat its doing to her girls and cut and proportion.not even the color on her so much….no.

  25. Guerra

    I love this!

  26. Maddy

    I think she needs a different bra and better tailoring, as it looks a little too loose which isnt flattering. Also a purple or light blue shoe to match the accessories) would have worked so much better in my opinion! Still a very chic look!

    Also, I’d really appreciate anyone who takes the time to check out and comment on my blog :) http://www.degeneratebeautyqueens.blogspot.com.au
    I post almost daily and should be doing a giveaway soon for those following me.

    Maddy, xx

  27. Emma

    Well played? Is this some sort of online prank? It’s TERRIBLE! It makes her look sort of athletic and chunky (which she is not), like it’s an Olympic costume for Finland or something that has commentators scratching their heads. The corn-yellow colour is awful, the crew-neck is unflattering, the wide straps sort of stick out at the top and the wonky hem is weird. I hate the way mullet dresses generally make the outfit look bulky and wide at the bottom, and this is no exception. Just as absolute unsalvageable mess for me.

  28. Karen

    Sorry, no. Amazing color, but it is not to look great in a mullet dress.

    Actually, it’s probably difficult to look great in a mullet anything.

  29. Karen

    OMJ, my kingdom for an edit button.

    I was trying to say that it is not POSSIBLE to look great in a mullet dress.

    Morning brain FTL.

  30. Janice

    The mullet skirt centers attention on the knees, like some diabolic bulls-eye.

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  32. Lily1214

    Definitely not attractive on her. Maybe it’s the color. Probably.