Well Played, Kate Hudson


And so my mercurial relationship with Stella McCartney continues.

Well, it’s not ENTIRELY mercurial. It’s more… lots of lows, interrupted by occasional confusing highs like this. I think Kate looks spectacular in it. In fact, maybe it’s Stella attempting to rectify that horrid rodeo-glam gown she had Kate wear to the Oscars. I think she has a few more years and tens of gowns to go before that debt is paid, but at least this is a step toward balancing the karmic books.

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  1. Stefanie

    I was almost ready to say “Yeah, looks good but its SHEER! RARRR RARRR!” But it’s not sheer so I love it. Good Job (for once) Stella.

    • EmilyAP

      I too thought the panels looked sheer and HATED it, as one should. Now that I know it’s not sheer…. I still don’t like it.

      • Fiona K

        Are we really sure the panels are not sheer? I can’t enlarge well enough. Sheer would be a shame.

  2. lilywise

    Kate looks great, but I wish the gown were hiked up just an inch or so. I worry that if she moves we might venture into too much boobular territory.

    • Helen

      The waist is in the natural place though, so this is where it’s supposed to sit. I’d like to just add some fabric at the top of the cups.

      Apart from that, really like it!

  3. val.

    She looks so tall in this! I really like it.

  4. Sandra

    This is lovely. Did Stella suffer a head injury recently?

  5. jellybean

    sweet mother of cheese!

  6. Lisa

    I (possibly irrationally) dislike Kate Hudson. But good grief, she looks great. The dress is very pretty and flattering. (I agree it may need to be hiked up a bit).

    • Kat

      I (possibly irrationally) love Kate Hudson. She seems bubbly and quirky. And this dress is simply amazeballs on her.

    • Eli

      I used to but I actually liked her on Glee (about the only thing good about the show any more) so the tide is turning for me. This dress also helps because it is fab.

  7. Sylvia

    I refuse to believe Stella designed this. Either way, Kate looks great.

  8. AM

    Very pretty, but I too would like to scoot it up a bit. It looks like it’s sitting a bit low on her chest.

  9. Evalyn

    I’m worried about Kate. I looked and looked at this photo, thinking all the while “Kate Hudson would look marvelous in this dress.” I had to read further to see that it IS KH wearing the dress. Please tell me she’s not having work done on her face. Tell me it’s just lighting and camera angles.

    • Sara

      Hmm – she looks the same to me as she has for the past 10 years. I think her hair pulled back and that this is a long shot do make her face look a little different but not in an “altered” way, so to speak.

      She does look really great. Love the color!

    • Mary

      I think it’s because when she’s pregnant, her face gets really round and stays that way for awhile afterward. Now that she’s whipped herself back into her slender self, her face is different but it doesn’t look like facelift to me. Just slightly hungry.
      I like Kate because she always seems so cheerful. Better than distressed and “oh, I am so overworked and tired and important”, aka Gwen Stefani and Fishstick Paltrow.

  10. Joyce

    How did I not know Stella McCartney made that fringe gray dress thing? So far back have we’ve been subjected to her creations. That said…Kate Hudson looks spectacular.

  11. BrownEyedBetty

    I’m almost there. But not quite. The bodice fit is off. A small ding against Stella (compared to the usual rant..) but still such an easy thing to get right, right? It looks like her not-so-ample bosom is the only thing keeping this up!

  12. anna s.

    The gown is gorgeous, and she is gorgeous in it! Are we sure that it came out of the mind of Stella? Maybe one of her interns snuck this drawing into her portfolio on the sly or something.

  13. Lovin' every minute

    why did you have to remind me about that ghastly grey dress? I’m trying to eat lunch here!!

    • Vandalfan

      I think it’s her hair-fro in that grey outfit that tore the rag off the bush.

  14. Miriam

    Nepotism pals.

  15. Callie

    Everything about it is lovely except the tension that comes from it looking like it’s about to fall down.

  16. Liz985

    Looking back on that grey Oscar dress, I really don’t know how anybody could put that on and then say, “Yeah! Let’s do this!” Such an fugly dress and, ultimately, a fugly look.

    • KB

      You know, I didn’t mind the dress. But the dress AND the hair together was just all very Bernadette Peters to me.

  17. Mikki

    Kate looks lovely, this dress makes her look tall and sleek. She can wear a strapless bodice quite well, but even so, it must be quite a feat not to move without causing a wardrobe malfunction!

  18. Cassie

    The dress is gorgeous and so is Kate.

  19. KB

    She looks great … but I liked her better when she was always dressing like her Almost Famous character. She makes a great little modern hippie, if you ask me.

  20. Marnie Barrell

    The plain sheath shape is nice, colour great, but can’t get excited about the lines of doilies. Still. So much better than any Stella McCartney creation I’ve yet seen.

  21. G

    The fit is excellent, as long as she doesn’t move, but is it made out of bandanas?

  22. Sajorina

    Oh, I love this! Kate looks BEAUTIFUL & RADIANT! I like the dress’ simplicity and its Spanish flair… Olé & FAB!

  23. h² fashion

    She’s been looking so good lately. I don’t know if she got a new stylist, but if she did, she needs to hold onto her because she’e doing a great job!


  24. gryt

    She looks so statuesque and gorgeous!