Well Played, Kate Hudson


Someone tweeted us, “Well, I think Kate Hudson won the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”

Hard to argue — I mean, you know about my struggle with topknots, yet the updo is totally working for me. Or, to keep up the sports parlance, she didn’t merely win it; she took it in a four-game sweep. Pitched a shut-out. Had a triple-double. Double-eagled to win the Masters. Threw six TDs and no picks. Served an ace to take it 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, because she’s so badass, she’s playing best of five. Caught the Golden Snitch, yet conveniently ONLY at a time when the other team wasn’t already ahead by more than 150 points (oh, Quidditch, I will never be able to love you truly). In other other words, I love her in purple sequins, and I’m totally going to do some crunches now.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. riga

    And this is why I have bitched EVERY TIME she’s shown up in beige or tan or nude or taupe. Thank you, Kate! (I will bitch even more when you relapse.)

  2. qwertygirl

    Sparkly! Pretty! Love!

  3. sophie

    terrible hair, terrible dumbo ears going along with the terrible hair. its a no.

    those ears outshine the dress.

    • zah

      ouch to the ears comment. people can’t help what they’re born with!

      • Guerra

        I think the ears are super cute!! Not everyone has to look the same!

      • Candice

        Wellll… as much “other” work as she’s had done, it’s surprising that those ears are still in their original state.

  4. Heather

    We try not to get personal about people’s DNA. I think she has nothing to be ashamed of with her ears.

    • Claire L1

      I love her ears. She’s so darn pretty…and that little flaw only makes it better…..
      I hate the top knot, but not because of her ears….just because it looks like the sock roll thing I do to get my hair all wavy.

  5. Sonya

    I love this, forever and ever. I love a jewel tone and I love sequins. This is demure and classy yet still sexy. I NEED it.

  6. Kat

    Awwww, no soccer reference?

    But that being said, Kate looks smashing here. The idea of a fully-sequined (purple sequins, at that!) sounds like a bad, bad one, especially on someone like Kate who’s rather petite. But she pulls it off beautifully. The understated earrings, the clutch, the makeup, even the top bun works!

    • Megan

      If you had told me “Kate Hudson, purple sequins, top-of-the-head bun,” I would have said “NO!”

      But for some reason, this works! She looks great, and this dress makes her look like she’s about six feet tall.

  7. JessicaAZ

    I think she looks beautiful!! Love it all

  8. toxxic

    Love the dress, a little unsure on the cuffs though. I can’t get on board with the hair either, very few people can pull that style off.

  9. Lynne

    Gorgeous. Perfect fit. Perfect colour. And Heather, I agree. I usually dislike the topknot but she’s working the crap out of it here.

  10. ESK

    I think this looks terrific! She looks 7 feet tall, and this is very appropriate for the WH Correspondents dinner. I live in DC, and we don’t do “red carpet” like they do in Hollywood–this is just conservative enough to work, yet still glam. (You have to be dressed tastefully enough to interact with the President if you bump into him!)

  11. D

    I’m not entirely liking the hair. A nice bun or ponytail in the back would have made me happier. But it’s color, it fits nicely, and it’s classy. Thumbs up. It’s something I feel her mother might have worn, and her mom is aces in my book. I agree that she definitely should stick with wearing color in her future.

  12. Kristin

    She looks beautiful and completely appropriate for the event unlike SOME of the others…

  13. leah

    I don’t know, I think Elizabeth Banks may win a set or two off her (going with the tennis metaphor), although she does look great.

  14. amys

    Not loving the hair, but she sure does sparkle and looks very statuesque. Nice.

  15. gail

    There’s just one thing I think of when I look at that dress, Yodels. Most on this list are probably too young to remember them, but they were this delicious chocolate cake and cream rolled treat that came in cobalt tin foil when we were kids. I can’t think of anything else when I look at her.

  16. theotherjennifer

    love the purple sparkles…dislike the powder puff poof on her head.

  17. TaraMisu

    She looks fabulous! I’m not a fan of the hair though, but I’ll let that pass. Well done.

  18. personal shopper

    I love her. she is really beautiful.I love the way she act.Its really amazing.

  19. Jasmine

    Oh my good lord. She looks amazing. I’m going to go quit life now, since I’ll never be able to look as tall and glamorous as she does. Maybe I’ll just go into hiding until my hair is long enough to put into that hilariously amazing topknot.

    Well played times infinity.

  20. liz_bee

    I don’t really understand this event. If someone told me I was going to a press correspondents dinner I would probably wear a business suit, but these celebs are bringing the BLING. Not that I’m unhappy, I love the fashion, but is that the general dress code?

    • tarasaurusrex

      I don’t understand why celebrities are even invited, tbh.

      • Debra

        i am so in agreement with you, why celebrities are even here is beyond me..i thought this was supposed to be a press correspondants dinner not an after awards party…

      • ESK

        WH Correspondents dinner is sometimes refered to as “Nerd Prom” for all the wonks in DC to get a chance to rub elbows with celebs.

  21. Britt

    I keep thinking that her clutch is a giant flask, and that makes the outfit seem even more fun. :) But she looks stunning, and the huge smile is the best part!

  22. Other Emily

    I’m not a fan at all, but I have to admit she absolutely kills this. She looks amazing. Well Played!

  23. Gigi

    THIS is why Claire Danes’ necktie/halter thinggie got depressed and sad. Kate looks just amazing and everyone else probably looked like meatloaf (and Meat Loaf) within a 50 foot radius. I’m not sure I love that DC and Hollywood mix, but sexy starlets do balance out the bepearled and Ann Taylor Evening-bedecked legislative/lobbyist/thinktank staffers and (god love them) public servants who otherwise populate this event.

  24. Cranky Old Batt

    ICA: she looks gawd-like.

    Ditto on crunches and a lot of other body type tortures, er I mean exercises.

  25. tarasaurusrex

    I really REALLY don’t like her and I even have to admit she’s killing it.

    • Crystal

      Ditto 100%. Fab all the way. Gwyneth, are you in there?!

    • Hannakin

      Ditto 200%! She looks ridiculously good here, so slim and tall and classy and sexy and alluring and mysterious and approachable all at the same time. I’m legitimately 6ft and not too shabby looking, but I have never looked that tall and awesome! I might not eat for the rest of the day… :P

  26. mochaleet

    GOR-JUS….love it.

  27. Lina

    Great from the hairline down, but I can’t get past the topknot. What’s wrong with simple updos?

  28. maryse

    i love everything about this. and that dress looks hot without having her body parts hanging out of it.

  29. Emily

    She does look great, but FLOTUS won the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, hands down. I hope Michelle Obama gets featured here.

    • Chasmosaur

      While I concede the colors in her dress were immensely flattering and it fit her well, I didn’t really dig that dress. I think the pattern was a little too much, I don’t know.

  30. linda

    the top knot would look better if it actually looked like her hair. otherwise, she’s beautiful.

  31. corriner

    ITS NOT WHITE!!! Be still my heart!

    I love me some long sleeve sequins.

  32. Chasmosaur

    I think the updo is the correct way to go, but not this severe bun. A pretty chignon with a few tendrils would have been a little better I think.

    But thank god she’s wearing a color. She needs to do that more often.

  33. Wendy

    I love, love, LOVE the dress, and I want to wear it to mop my kitchen and get the mail. However, there are no words to describe how much I hate her hair.

  34. Billie

    While I was all set to agree with this, I can’t get on board with the WHOLE kit and caboodle after seeing a glimpse of her shoes on people.com. I wish we could get a better look, because they look like massive clunky hooves.


  35. Eric Jaffa

    That dress would have looked great in a disco in 1977.

  36. Crysh

    I don’t like the hair.

  37. Cat

    Was I the only one who saw this picture at first and thought it was JLo? Ok, just me. Not a fan of the hair (which also looks fake– someone else above mentioned the color) but I think the dress is gorgeous and sparkly and makes her look elegant and statuesque.

  38. Shiitake

    Hair Hate. Gorgeous dress.

  39. Neil

    The dress looks awesome and makes her look so tall. I don’t mind the style of the hair, but the contrasting color makes it look too much like a clipped-on piece for me. But still, she’s rocking it.

    Now all she needs is to make a hit movie. That may prove more difficult…

  40. Caroleena Stantonova

    She looks happy and shiny. And the color looks fabu on her. Bravo Kate!

  41. Susan

    Sophie had a very nasty comment. I wonder what she looks like (it seems to be that the LEAST ATTRACTIVE FEMALES) often are the harshest critics. That being said I think she looks cute and the dress is very pretty.

  42. Anu

    O.M.G I own a pair of sparkly, purple, killer heels which I love so much I’m afraid to wear out (so I wear them while vacuuming and dreaming of attending the dinners at the White House). If my fairy godmother would turn those shoes into a dress THAT is the dress it would HAVE to be. Madly jealous here.

  43. Girlin

    I love this! Good job lovely Kate Hudson. Please make another movie like ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ …I need that sort of silly humour in my life again! The sparkly purple dress is perfect on her and I LOVE the top knot. She total won!

    • megs283

      Yes! She looks SO lovely and is glowing – and I agree with the movie plea. There’s no shame in rom-coms – she does them well and what else would we watch on rainy days on TBS?

  44. Bambi Anne Dear

    Gorgeous even though it reminds me of a Christmas table centrepiece that my mother had in the 70s.

  45. Sajorina

    LOVE! WANT! COVET! This is PERFECTION… She looks GORGEOUS, so elegant & sophisticated, yet sexy! She definitely wins a Well Played, FAB & Hot Damn!

  46. Guerra

    Amazingly good!!!!!

  47. Lion

    Ears are fine, earrings – great, but these terrible fake eyelashes – yak!

  48. Ms.A

    Oh my gorgeous! Love it head to toe!

  49. Mahastee

    That dress is so fine, it’s making her levitate a little bit!

    Good to see her bringing it again.

  50. Sweetsinger

    Fabulous! She is rocking it!
    BUT IMHO the Best Dressed nod goes to the First Lady.
    Ladies, why haven’t you Fabbed Michelle Obama yet?

  51. gryt

    She looks fabulous. I’m loving that gorgeous purple, and she looks so happy!! Like she actually ENJOYS being there. Love.

  52. Andrew S.

    Ironically, her signature waves would be nicer here, or just a better updo. And while at any other event I’d want this to be a mini instead, for this event it is perfect.

  53. Birdienumnums

    From the neck town, awesome color, very 70′s, good show.

    From the neck up……yeeeeeeegads! Now, let’s be clear here, I like Kate Hudson but, that hairdo, oy, like she’s heading to cheering practice with the high school pep club. Too severe & tight. It would have looked so much better if her hair was wild & tumbling down.

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