Well Played, Julianne Moore


This may be the best she’s looked in a while.

I say “may,” because while from the front you can see there are gentle cutouts around the armpits that give it some shape, from the front it’s a bit of a box factory:

Yet even with the square and the rectangle of the dress, I think keeping it beautifully simple was exactly what she needed. Occasionally I trip up on the lipstick, but I think my only hesitation on that is borne of her standing in front of a red-heavy banner, so I keep thinking it clashes, and then remembering that the banner is temporary and pretty soon she’ll be inside the venue — hopefully at the bar, drinking a well-earned martini, and toasting the fact that she will not have to discuss Sarah Palin again until she wins the Emmy in September.

[Photos: WENN]


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Comments (35):

  1. Jules

    Meh. And what’s that simpering face she’s making?

    • Fuh Ugh

      That’s her Palin face. With her hair like that, I will forever see only Palin. That’s not a good thing.

  2. anny

    Julianne herself looks great. However, the dress – especially from the front – looks like it’s censoring itself.

    • Jill

      Ha! It does look like a censor box over her naked chest. But all in all, this is a “better played” to me.

      • annie

        Yep. When I looked at the second picture I thought the dress must have an offensive picture or something on it. The top half of the dress is just a big black box.

    • neiges

      You win the joke game today!

  3. Miriam

    Seriously? When I saw this early this morning, I thought, Oh, that’s gonna get fugged…!

  4. TaraMisu

    Yeah…. she looks lovely. I’m not on board with the dress though. It’s almost there, but it does box her in. Just change that up a little, make it more fitted or even a halter.

  5. Sajorina

    How can this woman be 51? She looks AMAZING!!! The dress is nice and she looks good in it, but it says more Julianna Margulies than Julianne Moore to me! Still, FAB!

  6. wd

    No one is a bigger Julianne Moore fan than me, but even I have to admit sometimes her red carpet looks are pretty bad. However, she has looked pretty great on the talk show tour she in doing lately promoting the Sarah Palin thing.

  7. K

    yes, I agree with the censor box. One halloween, a group of us did a “girls gone wild” costume, consisting of halter top type contraptions with black squares attached to the front. Julianne’s top kind of looks like that (without the baring of the midriff and the oh so classy personalized labels like, “too hot for tv,” and “dirty girl.” ah, halloween. but, I digress). Otherwise, I think she looks pretty and I like her little pop of color tiny green clutch.

    • wtfnyc

      Thank you, K, for my next Halloween costume!

      Also: WHY does this neckline exist? It looks good and non-weird on exactly NO ONE. That said, JuMo totally looks like Emma Stone to me here, which is both a little bizarre and a lot AMAZING.

  8. Karen

    She looked AMAZING on The Daily Show on Tuesday night. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, especially that glorious head of hair:


  9. Jennifer

    She also looked FANTASTIC on The Daily Show this past week! Simple shapes work best for her, so they serve as a backdrop for her stunning beauty.

  10. Dave

    Why am I thinking that if this were on Emma Stone or Michelle Williams it would have gotten the fug for being too plain/simple?

    • Karen

      Maybe because they’re so much younger? I think simplicity is a very clever route to take as one gets older.

  11. Lina

    She looks great! And I’ve been wanting to say that for sooooooo long, I’m enjoying the hell out of this moment.

  12. maryse

    i love that pink lipstick on her. she is so so pretty.

    • Kary

      YES. I love her somuch, and her hair, skin, and makeup – and especially that lipstick -are amazeballs. And I love that clutch.

    • Alle Hall

      The lipstick color is great on her, but not with this look. The soft pink musses the sharpness of the look – although i might enjoy earrings in that pink with a nude lip color.

      Along those lines, all the bracelets muss the look, too. I could see one large, geometric bracelet. OR just go with a tad bigger clutch, if you keep the pink earring suggestion. Or maybe an additional dot of green somewhere. Emerald green shoes, and hem the skirt? Hem the skirt, regardless.

  13. vandalfan

    I like this look, because I think it’s the best I’ve seen her hair. Tamed, full, and a rich color.

  14. Ann

    IS SHE A VAMPIRE?!!???!!! She looks too good to be a mere mortal!

  15. Jacq

    I don’t like the dress, but she’s gorgeous.

  16. Cy

    Seriously? It looks like that top was done in photoshop! Like it was just so bogus that they had to cover it up with something…anything…ok! We’ll cover it with a big black box thing and hope that no one notices!!!

  17. Charlotte

    With a face and hair as lovely as hers it is painful that she, so often, does not have a clue how to dress herself.

  18. Serena

    She looks lovely, but I hate that goddamn dress.

  19. Claire

    I like it. Maybe the clutch should be bigger really to be an accent of color, but that top is just too cool and elegant.

  20. Fiona K

    Have agree with many above – dress is awful. Julianne is fab (we are the same age and I am in awe), but can she shake the Palin thing. Oh the horror of being forever Palin.

  21. Jenny

    It just looks like she showed up topless so they had to black box her.

  22. Cpm

    Julianne has always looked like a skank, but she never looked better than when she attempted to look like Palin. She’s just not that good of an actor to pull it off.

  23. Lily1214

    I actually kind of liked her in the green. She stood out.