Well Played, Juliana Margulies


This is classic with a hint of funky — just the way I like my cheese! — and I love it:

I think it helps that I LOVE her and she is my celebrity lady crush. Let’s review: she is getting more gorgeous the older she gets; she is married to a CRAZY HOT dude who is younger than she is; she used to get to make out with Clooney and GET PAID TO DO SO; she and Intern George are still friends; she CURRENTLY gets paid to make out with Josh Charles, who I’ve loved since he was in Dead Poets Society and I was in high school; she is on perhaps the one show on network TV right now which treats a woman’s relationship with the other women in her life with the same importance that it treats her romances, and which has at least three women on it whose characters are defined in part by the fact that they rule at their jobs, and which also employs Jason Street, Alan Cumming, Mr. Big, Grams, Gary Cole AND Michael J Fox (who — I’m calling it right now — is winning the Emmy next month). In other words, you should probably pick up The Good Wife, and I am also, in all honesty, considering buying whatever Fancy Magic Face Elixir she’s shilling for L’Orealancomebellarins.

That being said, I’m also a sucker for plaid and full skirts. So there you go.

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  1. Lynne

    I’m not a fan of the sheer stuff up top but I’ll give it a pass just this once. Skirt and shoes are fabulous. I seriously need a full plaid skirt and some kick ass black pumps immediately.

  2. mai

    that skirt is really cute and i love Juliana Margulies, but I have to point out that this is actually houndstooth and not plaid!

  3. candice

    1) love the outfit! Agreed; she is getting mighty sassy and beautiful as she gets older.
    2) how come NO ONE told me Mr. Big and Alan Cumming were on The Good Wife until JUST NOW?!?! I have so much catching up to do.

  4. Lynne

    @mai, oops! You’re right. It is houndstooth. Still great.

  5. Anne B

    The shoes are to die. I concur. And the skirt is sweet (though I prefer Julianna in the kind of skirt that shows exactly what a great lower body she still has).

    But that top … I’ll just say it. I used to own that thing (or one very like it) and I Goodwilled it ASAP. It’s a do-no-favors number.

    Is is hard to find a lovely black top? For many of us, yes. But for the woman who is The One To Beat at the Emmys, hell to the no.

    Good luck on the 10th, Margulies! (Not that she’ll need it.)

  6. Kate

    Wow, a.) she is gorgeous, and b.) this silhouette is almost universally flattering; while she is a tall drink of water, she is not wearing something you have to be 5’10″ and 100lbs to look good in. Bonus points!

  7. GiaMarie

    Yeah, on anyone else I would be ‘…eh’, but my endless love for La Margulies blinds me to any faults. And those legs! And the way she makes me more confidently rock my black hair/pale skin and not feel compelled to slap on bronzer or face tan-in-a-can! And making out with Josh Charles! And the way she looks fresh and like she takes care of herself without looking plasticized or over-Botoxed.

    And yes, that show. How can you not love a show where ladies above the age of twenty-five are allowed to be smokin’ hot, sex-having creatures? How lucky do you think Baranski feels to be able to show off her hotness on network TV at her age?

    My nitpick, though: wouldn’t you call that pattern houndstooth, and not plaid? Or I am wrong about what houndstooth is?

  8. Kate

    also : POCKETS!

  9. DanerKebab

    I NEED that skirt.

  10. Francesca

    On any given starlet-of-the-moment, that fabulous skirt would be the length of a tutu. Love how she’s got the look of someone who knows she looks good.

  11. Susan

    I like it fine, i don’t love it. And, I don’t love or like her hair at all. I think she wears this style a lot and I think it’s too severe. There.

  12. Alecto

    I still like to see her in scrubs in the break room. Not sure I’ll ever get over that.

  13. Jessica

    Ah, yes — it IS more houndstooth.

  14. BigNoise

    @Candice: Girl, where have you been the last two years? Granted, Mr. Big isn’t on every week, and Alan Cumming didn’t join until late in the first season. It’s a GREAT show.
    @AnneB: I didn’t think she needed luck last year, and Kyra Sedgwick? I have friends who swear Kyra’s awesome on her show — but they don’t know awesome because they don’t watch TGW.
    @Kate: According to IMDB, she’s 5-6.
    @GiaMarie: I’m with you — My love for her knows no bounds, so she has to wear something truly heinous to offend me. This outfit does not fit into that category — she looks awesome. Is she on her way to visit Letterman?

  15. Carol

    I feel like making this photo poster size and keeping it in my closet, as an aspirational example …

  16. jen

    Dear Santa…

    this year I want this outfit and her figure.



  17. Sarah

    I love the outfit and the way she’s working it!

    As for shows that put an emphasis on friendships between women, though, I have to rep Parks and Recreation here. As Anne and Lesley say, “Ovaries before brovaries!” “Uteruses before duderuses!”

  18. Jen

    Love her look, but holy sh*t, I see I need to start watching The Good Wife. Jason Street and Alan Cumming and actual strong adult female characters? I’m so in.

  19. Chasmosaur

    I’m with others. Great shoes, good skirt, and I love that she’s aging awesomely. I’d love to see her and Helen Mirren together.

    I just can’t get behind the shirt. I think almost any other black top would have worked here. It’s just not chunky enough to go with the awesome houndstooth pattern.

  20. vandalfan

    Horrid hair, especially with those industrial strength brows and maroon lips. But the sheer part is worse, meaningless and unfortunate. With such a pretty skirt and delicious shoes, too, what a pity.

  21. Kara

    Yes, all y’all need to watch The Good Wife. I started out watching it, then took a break (I think it was on at the same time as something else I watched), and then picked it back up and am so glad I did. That scene last season where she put her husband out? Packed up his shit, rented him an apartment, and told him to get to steppin’? Amazing.

    And I do love the skirt and shoes, but would prefer the shirt without the sheer paneling. Also I wish she would wear her hair curly – although it totally fits her character on TGW to wear it straight.

  22. Anne B

    @BigNoise: Ahhhh, yes. The Emmy-Awards gambit of rewarding the swan-song season with the cumulative award. (The Closer’s over now, right?) I didn’t see that coming either.

    Still, by my political calculations (nobody else really “is” a Margulies kind of lead actress, on network TV; + want to spotlight a Big-3 network in something; + CBS needs the extra push as TGW moves from Tuesdays to Sundays) equal a slam dunk this year for our girl. That, and the fact that she did so well in “City Island” — a great feature film, if you haven’t already seen it.

    The Emmys are hard to watch, but I’ll be watching for her. And the Hamm. :)

  23. Anne B

    In case you all missed that little plug:

    The Good Wife is moving from Tuesday nights to Sunday nights. I believe the season premiere is in three weeks.

    You are sooooo welcome.

  24. Sandra

    She is lovely. How old is her lawyer-man? I can’t seem to find his age anywhere. Not that I have any problem with it; I just want to know how she does it and if she offers lessons.

  25. Kana

    Preach it.

  26. GigiNYC

    I too, loved Josh Charles in “Dead Poets Society.” Knox Overstreet forever!

  27. Alexis

    I don’t like the severely pulled back hair, though. I miss her ER-era hair. Between her and Alex Kingston, that show was great for curls.

  28. ortenzia

    seriously, she needs to tell us what she’s doing to look this amazing and have such awesome style both on and off the good wife. i want it all.

  29. Lina

    I love this SO HARD. Even if I scroll down and pretend it isn’t her (and I love her, too) to try to erase my bias, I still love the outfit. I can’t tell if it’s a dress or separates, but I adore this look — casually elegant and boho chic. I wish Nicole Kidman would do something like this, only with different colors and a more relaxed drape.

  30. Lucy

    I love the shirt

  31. one


  32. sj

    Alicia! What a babe!

  33. Claire L

    I want the skirt so bad I think I feel pain… like seriously! I actually like the top more than I would suspect. I think it has everything to with how well it fits and how well done the seams are.

  34. Elise

    It’s houndstooth, not plaid, but you’re right, she looks fab!

  35. gryt

    I so totally and completely NEED that skirt! Omg, looooooove. That has GOT to be Dior, or some such couture house, to be cut like that.

    I too love her. Love, love the show. So much awesome!

  36. Big Noise

    @Sandra: Keith Liberthal is37 or 38. Found a story about when they got married — she was 41, he was 33, and that was in 2007.

    @Anne B: Missed City Island, need to see it. She deserves the Emmy for two scenes alone: packing Peter’s crap and moving him, and that exchange with her harridan of a mother-in-law:

    Jackie: “Peter will get custody. He’s state’s attorney….”

    Alicia: “Who banged a hooker 18 times. Let’s see how well THAT plays in court.”


    New season: September 25 on CBS (not sure what time).

    Gryt: Maybe Narciso Rodriguez — she wears him a lot.

  37. Blanche

    Um hm, Marguiles looks good. I like houndstooth.

    In the spirit of this Marguiles entry, I offer you a Willie Loman fortune cookie:
    “The man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead. Be liked and you will never want.”

    May you be vital in New England.

  38. Christopher D

    She looks fantastic, from sexy yet severe hair to the points of her shoes – she is totally rockin’ this outfit.

  39. scone

    Love this (though I agree, the part is a bit severe), love Juliana, loooove Alicia.

    re: her hair on TGW – I read that it’s in her contract that she gets to wear a wig, because it used to take two hours to do her hair on ER.

    re: (hopefully) Emmy-winning scenes: the scene where she stumbles down the hallway after finding out about Kalinda and Peter broke my heart.

  40. Karen

    Sigh. She’s a major girl-crush for me, too. Can we take a moment to compare her houndstooth to Lady Gaga’s three weeks ago? And award a big houndstooth crown to Julianna?

    And the Good Wife rocks so hard. In the list of casting magnificence, though, you neglected to mention Matt Czuchry, aka Logan from The Gilmore Girls.

    Another wonderful thing about the show is how entirely it passes the Bechdel Test:
    1. It has at least two women in it,
    2. Who talk to each other,
    3 About something other than a man.

  41. Squirrel!

    She looks fantabulous from the waist down. I’m meh on the shirt but do not like the hair at all.

  42. emwhist

    OMG, yes! Josh Charles in Dead Poets, a major crush for me as well. Until the Good Wife, I don’t think I’d seen him in anything else besides Muppets From Space, in which he had the hots for the pink pig (of course).

  43. fritanga

    Wow. Julianne Moore should TAKE A FREAKING LESSON from this woman on how to do flattering AND funky all in one. I’m not a Margulies fan, but this outfit is wonderful, as are the pulled-back hair, the red lips and the pockets (so insouciant!).

    Of course, it helps to be staggeringly beautiful. Still, this ensemble is age-appropriate but also completely ageless and classic. I could just as soon see Carey Mulligan in it as Helen Mirren (both of whom would rock it totally).

  44. Sajorina

    Not a fan of Juliana (except for “The Myths Of Avalon”) or her shirt, but I LOVE THE SKIRT & ♥ THE SHOES!!!

  45. So Utterly Torn

    Not torn about the outfit, it’s adorable, and I would kill for that skirt.
    But torn about whether I want Juliana Marguiles or Connie Britton to win the Emmy. They’re both amaze-balls. Y’all have a nice day now

  46. Hansengirl1168

    It’s a classic look and she’s rockin’ it, even with ethe kind of old-timey eyebrows and deep red lipstick. But it ain’t plaid, Fug Girls – it’s houndstooth. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

  47. colleen

    Yep, love her, love that show. Love Josh Charles, Mr. Big, Gary Cole, Gram, Diane, Jason Street, Kalinda, etc. but you forget to mention that the show also employs Logan Huntzberger, who I’m really digging in his role of Cary Agos, the legal wild card. Even the Man in Black is on the show. Sometimes I get dizzy trying to account for everybody…..

  48. gryt

    OK, I did some sleuthing, and the skirt, and top, but the SKIRT is… [drumroll] Carolina Herrera!! *slow clap*

  49. Carolyn

    Oh, I love that outfit, the red lips, everything. And the shoes look fab, but my feet ache just looking at them. :( I think the same look could work with ballet flats (ballet flats are my friends!).

  50. Jeri

    Well Played, Juliana Margulies – Well said! I agree with everything you said!!

  51. anca

    i wish i was wearing this right now. i love love love

  52. corriner

    Jessica, it is like you are READING MY MIND. WELL PLAYED this post!! Well played indeed!

  53. Andy

    josh charles you said? i love him !

  54. lc

    fab and so New York!

  55. k8tee

    yes to all the brilliance of the fugsters comments
    ‘specially about josh charles — lord have mercy, deeeelish

    but— to be FAIR… if we ask that quasimiley cyrus stand up straight, shouldn’t we ask the same of a woman who IS, indeed bada**, and so should align her spine accordingly?

  56. abs

    Love the outfit, love her, love TGW. Three weeks and counting!! Oh how I’ve missed her and Alan Cumming reacting to things and Josh Charles, speaking of which…

    For all those who are Josh Charles fans, and I too have a soft spot for Dead Poets Society, but you need to not pass go and proceed directly to Netflix and watch SPORTS NIGHT, which he was amazing in. Josh Charles. Peter Krause. Felicity Huffman. Words by Aaron Sorkin. It is fantastic and you will love it. Trust me. And it’s on Netflix for free. Enjoy :-)

  57. Alex

    Holy Fug she looks amazing! That’s totally who I want to be when I grow up. Except I’m already 30 and allegedly a grown up. But still! Juilianna FTW.

  58. Jill

    “Jason Street, Mr. Big, Grams”…love how you use the names to help us ACTUALLY know who you’re talking about. :)
    off to go find a yellow+black houndstooth skirt.

  59. Zee

    Actually that’s houndstooth not plaid. But still gorgeous.