SAG Awards Well Played: Julia Stiles


Too bad La Stiles looked relatively melancholy for most of the red carpet pictures, because I love what she’s wearing:

A bit pinched at the bodice? Maybe, but it’s quite graceful and elegant, while also fitting her general relaxed vibe. This is a very nice choice indeed when you’re there in support of a show on which you kill people and hack them to bits, and while you are in the midst of dispelling rumors that you helped break up the marriage of your lead actor because of your smoking hot feminine wiles or something. It’s all very innocent. Very, “Listen, if you want to dispose of a body parts, DON’T COME ASKING ME BECAUSE I WON’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA.”

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Comments (30):

  1. bdaiss

    Agreed. Although I wish the bottom were a bit more dusky blue than shocking white. A more gentle gradient as it were.

  2. Lisa

    Agreed with bdaiss. And her “I’m an Actor” story kinda sucked too.

  3. Chasmosaur

    Also agree with bdaiss and Lisa about the tone. But I loved this dress anyway.

    As for her story – I was wondering if someone ran up to her table a few minutes before air and said “we need to you tell a story, okay? thanks” and then ran away before she could say no.

  4. Laura

    Love this dress, it’s beautiful! And I like her hair and makeup as well.

  5. that girl

    The way her hair and makeup are styled she kind of looks like 2005 Faith Hill.

  6. jeannine

    i’m not a big fan of hers but she looks great here. seems like somebody finally told her that “brushing back your hair as severely as possible” is not really the most flattering look on her.

  7. guest72

    LOVE this dress. The first time I saw it, I thought the lights were being reflected on it. The dress just calls out to be noticed. LOVE it.

  8. atz

    I love the dress as well.

  9. Cat

    Loved this dress; one of my favorites of the night. I agree that the ombre effect could be a little more subtle, but this gown is still gorgeous– anyway I can get it in my closet?

  10. bsl

    If by “pinched in the bodice” you mean isn’t hanging off her chest by her nipples, I agree. And it it slovely.

  11. Emily

    She looks really pretty, but the shading on the dress makes me think of prom dresses from a couple years ago. I remember that shading being a very popular trend. Still pretty, though.

  12. AnaBe

    You call it melancholy, I call it Julia Stiles’s patented bitchface. To-may-to,to-mah-to. The dress is lovely though.

  13. Jill

    I love this dress. It looks comfy. And it looks like she listened to our comments asking her to check out mattifying foundations and blotting sheets.

  14. Rayna

    Agree with bdaiss and all that the shading should be more gradual for a better overall effect, but the dress and look are definitely made of WIN.

    I heart her unaccountably and past all reason, so I’m happy to see that she looks so much better than at the Globes.

  15. I.K.

    Sooo pretty! *starry eyed*
    I want it, badly, even though it’d never fit on my chest. Damn you Julia, why are you looking so good!:)

  16. Lina

    I like the severity of the navy fading to white with so little middle gradient because it gives JS an edgier look than the softer colors would, which works because sweet, innocent pastels don’t suit her at all. The “I will cut you” look she’s giving the cameras, OTOH, seems to be playing to her strengths.

  17. testington

    I thought she looked great and she also nailed the hair and make-up. Plus she was fantastic on Dexter, it is disappointing she hasn’t won any of these.

  18. essex

    I would have liked the the dark blue to extend a bit farther down as well, but otherwise it’s kinda lovely. She’s been a surprise lately, managing to look not only tasteful, but female.

  19. K.

    One of my favorite shirts a few years ago had this gradient pattern on it, in these same colors. I loved that shirt, and it looks better as a dress. I really like this. And it fits well on top – there were a couple of women last night who fell victim to the “cup runneth over” problem with too-tight bustlines.

    I also just kind of dig Julia Stiles (we were at Columbia at the same time, maybe that’s why), and this dress is very her – she generally has a pretty relaxed, un-fussy vibe about her, and this dress conveys that without her looking too casual.

  20. kimmy

    i like the fit and the idea of the ombre, but i think its too much. i wish it were more pale grey/blue and not bright white. that said, i think its much better than her GG’s dress.

  21. vandalfan

    Flawless, love the gown, love her hair and makeup, maybe not the facial expression, however.

  22. mepe

    Wow, it’s like 100% improvement from her GG ensemble….she looks very pretty here.

  23. lc

    Love her and really loved her on Dexter. She looks great here, I just like her every day look better, I don’t see her as the glamour queen type.

  24. mami

    The colours of the dress are beautiful. And (warning, random ahead) for no real reason at all apart from her curly hair, this photo made me think, Julie would have made a good Sookie.

  25. croma

    Agree with those who would change the ombre just a smidge. But again, Roots! Was there a colourist strike in Hollywood this week?

  26. Joni Woodhead

    i FINALLY do not hate her hair …. this is way better than anything else ive seen her do with it. And the dress rocks, I want one

  27. jonesa72

    Love the dress & hair. But think she is an ass. I saw her on Craig Ferguson a few years ago and I will never forget it. She was a complete arrogant asshole (very noticeably) and didn’t joke around with him at all. Whenever he tried to be funny, or get her to be funny, she just acted like she didn’t know how to do that, or go along with his goofiness. She had absolutely NO sense of humor. Pretty dress though. She definitely needs that glow though, because her personality sure doesn’t have it. ohhhh snappppp. :D

  28. Maryscott O'Connor

    Oh, god, it’s fabulous. She should have been a presenter.

  29. NYCGirl

    It’s okay. I think the top is boring, but then, I’m not a fan of navy.

  30. Yvette

    Croma wrote: “But again, Roots! Was there a colourist strike in Hollywood this week?”

    Julia is a natural blonde. Why would she need her roots done? The faux ‘roots’ you see in the photo comes from the camera angle and light. This girl doesn’t need a touch up … trust.