Well Played: Judy Greer


I don’t usually like this style of hem — I might ordinarily wish the dress were chopped off before the last bit started — but Judy Greer is pulling this off for me.

Maybe it’s the cute pattern. Maybe it’s the fact that the red shoes, purse, and lipstick totally sell this. Maybe it’s because she wore two bracelets, and that they are NOT red, which is good because one more thing in that color would’ve pushed this too far. Or maybe it’s because I love Judy Greer and think she looks classy and cute, and I wish she would find a weekly TV commitment that was worthy of her awesomeness (maybe Married will be it, but I’ve never been a fan of FX comedies, so I’m thinking it’s very likely Not For Me). So let’s use this as an excuse to chat up the awesomeness of Judy Greer. She was funny in Arrested Development, and I have a massive soft spot for 13 Going on 30, in which she is also delicious. What would you put her in? Something dark and grimy, like The Walking Dead? A role metaphorically throttling some sense into Hannah Horvath — or any of them — on Girls? Something that desperately needs an infusion of tartness, like New Girl? (My beloved Winston deserves a partner worthy of him, y’all.) Or, simply to guarantee that she’d be on TV every week in perpetuity, would you sell her soul to NCIS: Any Flavor? Greer it up in the comments.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1.  swimmyfish

    Winston and Judy Greer? That is GENIUS! I want that to happen so bad now!

  2. JJPP

    She is in Archer!

    •  ShannonTX

      Exactly! She, or at least her voice, is Cheryl Tunt! And she’s amazing in it, as everyone is!

  3. Suzy Q

    I would LOVE to see her smack some sense into those girls on Girls. That show is so full of stupidity and ennui, is really needs an infusion of Common Sense and Sass, and Judy is a perfect candidate to serve it up.

  4. Libr

    The only thing I don’t like is the shoes, personal preference against the “naked” shoes. I just don’t like strangers to have that much contact with my toes and it kinda bugs to see so much of other people’s too, assuming you’re not at the pool.

    • ohsohappy

      I understand how you feel. I have always wondered how people can put so much of their feet on display (when not around a body of water as you mention). Feet are not the most attractive parts of our bodies, in general. Why showcase them like this. That said, my neighbor has The Most Beautiful Feet and I would show them off every day if I had them.

  5. Carrie

    You know what I DON’T want to see her in anymore? Those wretched Sprint “Framily” commercials GAH I HATE THEM SO MUCH! Judy Greer deserves much better.

    • Stefanie

      SERIOUSLY! WHY IS SHE IN THOSE? And that horrible Trop50 commercial too.

      • Niki

        It’s like Katherine Heigl shilling Nyquil. She deserved Nyquill. Judy deserves so much more than “tacos!” Stop.

    • Ericajeanine

      You read my mind! That was my exact thought also. Those have to be the most annoying and stupid commercials ever made.

      •  Looly

        They’re horrible – yet effective. If it’s Sprint’s intent to get everyone talking about their dumb commercials, then the ad campaign has been a success.

  6. Joanie

    She and Winston would be great together! Let’s start a petition. And, also, she can do a three ep arc on NCIS original recipe. She’d be fun up against DiNozzo. Sassy!

  7. Stefanie

    This is fantastic. She looks great.

    Judy will always be Fern Mayo to me (Or rather Vio-let, if you prefer) but I have no idea what I want to see her in. I want her to have her own show where she kicks ass and has great shoes.

  8. Genevieve

    Love this dress. I want it.

    New Girl, sigh. That show was so good in seasons 1 and 2, but last season was such a mess. It made me sad to have go down the drain so quickly.

    •  Mrs. Helpful

      The Jess and Nick thing was deathly, the way they did it.

      • Gypsy Danger

        I know! I get really attached to characters on my shows and that did not make sense at all.

        Also, the sister arc went on way too long.

        I have hope for the next season though.

  9. Sue

    The waist on the dress is really cute too

  10.  Kate

    I also loved her in “The Descendants.” She’s in it for like five minutes and almost steals the movie.

    • Lizzy

      Yes! She was also great in “Kissing a Fool” – small part (younger sister of female lead), but hilarious.

  11. Kristen

    My fav is The Wedding Planner.

    And those sprint commercials are so confusing!

  12. Sandra

    That fabric is lovely. The hem IS a bit unfortunate, but I really, really like this dress.

    • ohsohappy

      I agree! I would love to have this dress with a slightly flared hem (for swish effect, of course) instead of that unfortunate ruffle. She looks wonderful, at any rate.

  13. Trixie

    I’d like to see her do a sassy turn as a politician or politican’s wife on SCANDAL! Or could she be Liv’s roommate from college or law school? (Do people have roommates in law school?) They could wear wine cardigans together and talk about Scott Foley’s abs.

  14. Narshkite

    The previews for Married that I see when I watch Fargo are hilarious. I hope the show is good!

    • Jessica

      I will note that I LOVE Nat Faxon, so the two of them together is promising.

    • Christy

      These previews look SO GOOD. I was chomping at the bit to set a SEASON PASS for the show long before it was showing up on my Tivo. I was so happy when I was finally available. I love these two and I definitely appreciate the comedies on FX. So, I’m hoping that this will be a WINNER.

  15. Gypsy Danger

    I’m on a “Veep” marathon right now. Almost done season 2. I think she’d be a good fit on that show.

    I’m lukewarm on the dress and those naked shoes need to go away. They are the new gladiator sandals/boots.

  16. Gayle

    I love this whole look on her! I always liked her but even more so after I listened to the audio book of her recent memoir/collection of essays. She is the narrator and her voice is just so charming reading each of the stories.

  17. cfmesq

    The pattern of this dress totally reminds me of some fabric I bought in Malawai about 25 years ago and had made into an outfit for about $2. Sigh. I think it looks great on her, but I don’t have TV so have no idea what show she should be in.

  18. HelenBackAgain

    This is somehow cute in spite of the hem (I don’t usually like these either). I think a lot of it is that Greer looks so good IN it!

    And I have liked her in everything I’ve ever seen her in, which includes all those already mentioned and several more, and would like to see her as the lead character in a series in the realm of black comedy.

  19.  Bella

    Love it all. She looks great.

  20. BlueMoon

    How about The Mindy Project? They could use a new friend for Mindy. Or Mad Men? I would watch her in any sort of sophisticated show, comedy or drama.

  21. The Crushworthy

    Aw I love Judy Greer. She looks great and that print is awesome!

  22. BlueMoon

    Or I know, The Good Wife! Let Cary have a smart, great girlfriend for a change!

    •  Narshkite

      Well, Kalinda is smart (and had an enviable boot collection). She is just not good girlfriend material since she is a psychopath. But you are totally correct that Judy Greer would be a great next girlfriend for Cary.

  23. Ron Chancellor

    I’d take a left turn and cast her in “Justified”. Have her slap some sense into Raylan before the final showdown with Boyd Crowder. Or even better, as the new Chief Deputy when Art inevitably gets killed/retires.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      Yes! She would totally rock Justified. (The whole Natalie Zea arc is done, methinks.)

      Love Greer. Like the dress (colours are great on her), hair and make-up; she always looks healthy and happy. As others have said, don’t know about the sandals. This much toe cleavage with that amount of heel does unflattering, splaying things to the toes. But, all in all, she looks good.

  24. Grace

    Definitely she could do some good work on Scandal or TGW, and she would kill on Veep. I would also like to throw Masters of Sex into consideration (I could see her being just as good as Allison Janney was in her recent amazing performance on that show, she so deserves that Emmy!)

    • jean

      Oh my yes! Masters of Sex is a great show for actresses. For a show as explicit as GOT it is one of the most female friendly shows ever. So so good.

    •  Amy the 2nd

      Allison Janney is incredible on Masters of Sex – I completely agree that she should get that Emmy!

  25.  Loxy

    What about Nashville? Have her be Juliette’s long lost sister. Not to sing, just to stir shit up.

  26. Lizzy

    How about Hart of Dixie? She could be a med school friend of Zoe’s from NYC (maybe fleeing a failed marriage) and fill the void left by Jo-el as the fish out of water who finds Bluebell perplexing yet delightful. She would be so good as a get-a-grip friend for when Zoe gets some crazy idea.

  27. jean

    Hannibal. That show could use some sassy. Would love her on Girls. Veep with Julia Louis Dreyfuss–frenemies! Elementary just to give Lucy Liu some back-up.

  28. Francine

    She looks so great!

  29. kay

    Archer is one of the best comedies on tv, so you’re definitely missing something if you’re not watching FX

  30. Lori

    I love Judy Greer, and I so want her to get a killer show. She looks sensational here.

  31. Aria

    I love the whole outfit. I love Judy Greer in general — and her book “I Don’t Know What You Know Me From” was charming.

    • HelenBackAgain

      OMG she must get that all the time. “Oh, HI! You’re – you’re… wait, what do I know you from?”

  32. snowedintoday

    The Good Wife! In great clothes and a sassy role. She is awesome. That’s why this meh dress looks so good – it’s her, not the dress. The hem is a mess… And the pattern a bit sad. But her… awesome.

  33. Amy

    I agree with BlueMoon – she would be EXCELLENT on Mad Men! Love love love Judy Greer.

  34. Rachael

    Greer looks good, and I would watch her in nearly all of these suggestions. I love her.

  35. Minutiae

    I might be the only Grimmster here, but I always thought she should show up in a recurring role as Rosalee’s sassy cousin. She and Bree Turner look just similar enough so that it’s believable casting, and the show could use a snarky Fuchsbau.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      LOL. Love Grimm and can totally see the resemblance to Turner.

  36.  gf

    I love her, and she looks great here. Awesome lipstick!

  37. Person

    Love this! Perfect example of a dress that many people couldn’t pull off looking really good on the right person. She actually looks comfortable, which is not a thing you think often looking at red carpet dresses, but I’m sure is a huge plus for being able to enjoy the event. And the accessorizing is great.

  38. kmg

    My computer is acting up, so I can’t read all the comments, but she wrote a book! Called “I Don’t Know Where You Know Me From.” Don’t know if anyone else has read it, I read it on a plane recently and it’s good.

  39. Jodi

    The Walking Dead, hands down. That show could use a little comic relief, mostly because it is quite funny some of the time, without even knowing. Judy would get the meta-funny.

  40. Yeahandalso

    Fern Mayo, like hold the mayo

  41. Lily1214

    Terrific dress. Beautiful overall look.