Well Played, Jessica Chastain?


Did you guys read the interview with Chastain here in the current Vanity Fair? Because it is a little bizarre. Quotes include: “I have a feeling that very soon I’m going to fail very, very big;” “Chastain freely admits that she cries constantly, often for no real reason. Telling [the reporter] about crying when a security guard yelled at her for coming in through the wrong entrance at a hotel in downtown Manhattan earlier that day, she begins to well up again;” “I feel really, really terrified;” and “She says she was plagued with a nagging worry: ‘Will someone be mean to me?’  Because of all the potential for meanness, ‘I don’t want people to look at me,’ Chastain confesses.” Well. I’m sorry, but I am going to have to look at you while I tell you a few things, hon:

A) Don’t worry, I’m not going to be mean. You look great. That color is divine.

B) Maybe it’s not a SUPER great idea to tell the press that you cry and are terrified all the time, because it makes people stressed on your behalf? You seem really charming and totally fine on the red carpet so…did this interview just go to a weird place?  It seems like your PR should have “accidentally” spilled ice tea all over you the instant you said, “oh, yeah, I cry all the time for no reason” because that is a quote that can go weird places and the next thing you know, there’s an interview in Vanity Fair that is somehow all about your anxiety levels. I mean, I get it. I cry at Whirlpool commercials where old people are really happy about their dishwashers.

C) Or is this just a weird press move to make you seem artistically fragile? Which would also be a concern because that is a weird persona to effect. So….I am a little concerned. I am not supposed to shut Vanity Fair on the plane and feel concerned. I am supposed to shut Vanity Fair on the plane and think, “wow, rich people are crazy!” or perhaps, “how about those Kennedys!” or “I love a good upper class murder!” (I enjoy Vanity Fair on the plane  very much.)

D) Dude, next time a New York security guard yells at you for using the wrong, just throw up your hands and yell back, “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!” and then go to your room and Skype with Clooney for a while. Everything’s going to be fine. I promise. Now, tell me how you got your hair to be so shiny.

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  1. Corriner

    I really love Jessica Chastain. She seems really unusual and genuinely liked by her coworkers who continually rave about her – but that interview does sound…troubling.

    I love the colour of this dress though!

    • ChaChaHeels

      It is troubling. And her most worrying quotes are highlighted throughout the article, with their own little textboxes of dying self esteem. It makes her seem whiny and fearful as hell, and I don’t know why the journalist wanted to do such a hatchet-job on her, when she’s obviously talented and beautiful. And she looks wonderful here, peachy-beige shoes and all (in fact, that’s how you wear ‘em, folks).

  2. Bella

    She sounds childish and silly. Plus, if you really didn’t want people to look at you, I don’t believe you’d choose to be an actress. So, knock it off.

    • Shiitake

      That kind of twaddle from actors is disingenuous at best–
      “I van to be alone.”–Get over yourself. You’re not talented or smart enough to do anything else but stand in front of cameras.

      Hate the shoes and luggage.

      • Sajorina

        Really?! Both of you are incredibly insensitive and inconsiderate. Where’s your compassion?

        • Jessica

          Let’s all be civil, thank you.

        • KarenG

          I’m thinking it was maybe just a bad day hormone wise. We’ve all had those, and you just have to give her the benefit of the doubt. I know I’ve had days where thank goodness I wasn’t being interviewed.

      • yeahandalso

        I agree that disingenuous is the correct word for it. As a struggling actor myself I just can’t have any sympathy for celebrities who complain about being famous and getting attention when it is something so many people would love to have. When somebody like Kristen Stewart complains about the paparazzi and then agrees to do four sequels to the movie that made her famous instead of going to college I get really annoyed.

  3. Ruth

    I, too, love that color. In fact, I’m wearing that color right now and I can tell you it goes well with blonde hair as well as red. I’m not so sure about the peach shoes. Or are they blush? Baby pink? They are too much like her skin color for me.

  4. Jules

    It’s totally nuts how close to her skin color those shoes are. Her feet truly look Barbie-esque. And Jessica, I never, ever fly without the latest issue of Vanity Fair!

  5. Ty3009

    She looks great here. The color is amazing on her. But hon, you’re an actress working in Hollywood. If you were really that thin-skinned you’d be curled up in a fetal ball instead of in 5 movies a year.

  6. M.Amanda

    First, yes, she does look lovely.

    Second, I’m torn. My first reaction as someone who has suffered anxiety is to wish she had said that right to me so that I could immediately give her a big hug and “I KNOW! But it doesn’t have to be like that.” Then I stop and think, “WTF? Girl, you are in the WRONG BUSINESS.” And lastly, if this is some manufactured drama aimed to make her relatable or sympathetic, fire whoever thought it would be a good idea.

    • Miranda

      Yup. Having dealt with anxiety and depression both, it sounds a lot like she’s in the middle of something like that–possibly due to having her star rise so very, very fast and working so back-to-back-to-back. I think there’s a way to work in Hollywood without working so nonstop as she has been.

      If it IS a PR stunt, that’s really dumb, and weird, on a number of levels. It’s nothing her camp has ever done before, and it’s not like she needs it, right? But if she needs someone to talk to, hoo, boy, a journalist is not it.

      • Jasmin

        thank you, these were my first thoughts too. panic disorder and agoraphobia hit me hard out of “nowhere,” although not in front of millions of cameras, thank Jeebus. if that’s her case, can you even imagine the hell that must be? bottom line, We Don’t Know Her Life, and this is a pretty dress.

      • yeahandalso

        but that’s just the thing…why work non-stop and then complain about it. She’d be fine if she only had 4 upcoming movies instead of 9, she’s till be rich and famous and successful.

  7. Lori

    Do you think it would make her cry if I yelled at her to “STAND UP STRAAAIIIGHT!”

    • vandalfan

      Exactly. If she stood up straight and confidently, the shoulder straps and even the slightly pulled waist and bodice would lay smoothly, allowing the gorgeous teal color to come to the fore.

      That still wouldn’t cure the elephantine handbag or beige foot-canoes, however.

  8. Kathryn

    My thoughts when I saw her included in the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List – WTF??? I think she is great, a terrific actress and obviously beautiful but best dressed? No. Case in point – shoes & feet should not ever, ever match.

    Nice dress though.

  9. Krusticle

    Great, another actress as neurotic as an inbred poodle. Come on, Chastain, life can’t be that bad when your hair looks this awesome.

  10. Sandra

    Once again, I’d just like to mention that anxiety and depression can happen to anybody, If she really feels that way, she should talk to a mental health professional and figure out what to do about it. I also wanted to yell “stand-up straight!” before I read the post, but anxiety could explain that posture too.

    • Jessica

      I have a lot of sympathy for what seems to be an anxiety disorder for her. But I also have a lot of sympathy for her for apparently not having a PR person to step in and steer this piece for her. I hope she gets some help because she seems very unhappy, and a rando VF journalist is not going to help with that.

      I don’t want to see like I am at all stigmatizing her if she has a problem, or that I want to her to not talk about it — hopefully, she will be in VF next year talking about how much better she feels. We’d all be better off if celebrities admitted that they, like loads of other people, need help with anxiety, depression, etc, because a LOT of people do and I think it’s important to talk about that. BUT I think as a branding move, the Before picture is a weird place to go. You want to tackle that story from a place of, “I used to cry all the time and I was so stressed, but then I talked to my doctor and now I feel much better thanks to yoga/wellbutrin/talk therapy/acupuncture/ this tea I drink/whatever.” I am actually a little surprised there was SO much of this in the interview, which makes me worry it’s ALL she talked about.

      Someone told me there was a blind item about an A list actress with anxiety that people thought was Chastain, but I can’t find it now. However, all that being said, I hope she finds a way to feel better. Anxiety sucks.

      • Sandra

        Hi GFY Jessica. I didn’t think you were stigmatizing Ms. Chastain. My comment was aimed more at the “you’re beautiful and talented and rich, so there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with your life” -type comments. I agree completely that interviews with journalists aren’t going to be what helps her. And I do very sincerely hope she does get appropriate therapy. Anxiety bites.

      • yeahandalso

        the quotes are the sort I would expect from Anne Hathaway…always the slave to the art of theater

  11. tigerstripes

    Since we’re being nice and not mean, I guess we’re not going to address her luggage, right? Talk about the elephant in the room.

    P.S. I get weepy and scared weekly. I’m taking homeopathic tinctures now, and they are seriously working.
    P.S.S. Jessica, you listen to Jessica. Nobody wants to be the new Sandy Dennis.

  12. Sajorina

    First of all I’m going to FAB her because she looks AH-MAZING!!! Love the dress, love the bag, love the shoes, and love the hair & makeup! Secondly, I think she suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder, which I also suffer from, but it seems to me that she doesn’t have it under control and needs therapy and/or medication for it! I feel for her, it must be even harder when you’re in the spotlight. FAB, Chastain!!!

  13. betty7

    Personally, I think it’s great. I suffer from depression and recently started going to therapy for it and now I’m really open about it and I love when other people are open about their struggles. She’s a human being. And a lot of us feel anxiety and we should stop pretending that we don’t. Let’s all just be real and be ourselves and I think it’s awesome that she’s doing that.

    And also, I’m an actor in LA. Which means that I know a ton of actors in LA. And one thing that’s prized as an actor is being emotionally vulnerable. It’s a requirement for good acting, especially the kind Chastain does. So everyone saying she’s in the wrong business – no. She’s in exactly the right one.

  14. TonyG

    This thread was a great read. Seriously. Thanks to all the posters.

  15. CopyChic

    Totally want to read this article now. I find it actually brave for her to admit her anxieties, though, someone probably should’ve stopped her at some point–or coached her to relay it in a less worrying way? But obviously from the posts here lots of people suffer from anxiety/social issues and just because you’re blessed with lovely genes and some talent does not mean all is tra-la-la. So I find it refreshing. I don’t trust that so many celebrities are emotionally bulletproof. Yet, I do hope she finds strength and when she does, shares her formula. In the interim, I like her formula for clothing herself.

  16. fritanga

    The dress is okay, she should ditch the pointy dull shoes, and boy, am I irritated by the “oh I’m such a tender little flower whom a mere breath might blow away!” act. Bitch, please.

    As a friend once said to a similar fragile posy, “Get the hell out of here with your Alice in Wonderland self, girl, before I slap you.”

    • Sajorina

      You’re a horrible person with horrible friends! I hope you could go through what she goes through every day and see how you like it!

  17. witjunkie

    I don’t think this is a new thing, don’t you remember her getting walked up the steps at Cannes with Brad Pitt and (was it Clooney?) pretty much holding her up. I wondered then if she was having some sort of panic attack. Sometimes being on stage, having a script, becoming someone else for a while is a way of escape…bummer when you get famous though and have to do the crowds and the rest of it. I hope she is getting help if it’s as serious as it sounds.

  18. nixie

    Sorry to be a silly stickler, but I just want to point out a typo.
    I really do love all of your posts and they are always spot-on, witty, and well-written! But I think you may have made a teeny tiny grammatical error. (re: affect vs. effect)
    See the below link

    And, for the record, I appreciate it whenever celebrities reveal that they are, indeed, human beings –flaws and all.

    • cc

      That sounded a little passive aggressive. Just don’t pick at people’s writing.

      • Emma

        No it didn’t sound passive aggressive, it was quite polite. The Fug Girls are sticklers for grammar anyway, I’m sure they won’t mind. Plus it’s always okay to critique published writing.

    • Celeste

      Actually, I believe that “effect” is correct in this case, as in “effect a change”; this is one place where you use “effect” as a verb.

  19. pantsonfire

    I adored Dominick Dunne and his high-class noir murder mystery storytelling for Vanity Fair.

    Haven’t read the article, but if I did, I would probably like Chastain more for being perhaps too honest. I’m kind of glad no handler shut her up, though it may be uncomfortable to read and maybe she’ll look back and wish she hadn’t done the interview. Maybe someone else will read the interview and relate and feel not so alone?

  20. cc

    I don’t know if its just me, but I find the idea of her crying at a security guy yelling at her, about using the wrong entrance totally hilarious.

    • Alex

      It’s just you, cc.
      I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find the idea of you finding intense anxiety and sensitivity in a fellow human to be hilarious, to be hil…-wait-…disturbing.

      • Kat

        Alex, not everyone understands anxiety. I think cc was probably thinking of it as some kind of PMS reaction, in which case, we’ve all been there, and looking back, yeah, it’s funny. Remember that not everyone is trying to bring someone down. I don’t think cc meant anything by it.

  21. Rubee

    She looks perfect but for the waist-pinching and the shoes; I think the same pumps in red would have looked fantastic!
    Her makeup looks very fresh as opposed to the usual red lips+pale face dramatic combo.
    In this world of celebrity obsession and media’s constant revolving on every aspect of their lives, I do believe there’s more than one actor/ actress out there suffering from anxiety issues, and that this -and not only the generic Hollywood partying lifestyle- is a big contributor to drug/ booze abuse .
    I agree the interview is not what we usually get from Vanity Fair, but I do like the honesty and self-acknowledgemnt; it really suits her better than the ultra-vamp vibe she’s always trying to portray.

  22. regina

    Well played, I say! The pumps are adorable, I love that toe shape, and the color matches her skin making her calves look long and toned. The cinching of the dress’ waist is not a real problem, I think she was just moving funny when the pic was taken. She could have sported a brighter, darker lip though, to make the filmstar look even more prominent. Over ‘n’ out, fellow fuggers.

  23. Brendan


    Looking at that picture (which was eons ago and is, of course, completely without context) one could infer she has some legitimate social anxiety issues. There were plenty of photos from that event where she seemed to never let go of the death grip on Sean and Brad. Anyone who has ever suffered with social anxiety or depression can certainly empathize.

    Or she could have been having a bad day and didn’t have someone on hand to stop her from venting to a journalist. Either way, hope she feels better. No need to be vultures, people!

  24. Emma

    As a pale person I’m really glad it’s okay to bare pale legs now, without spending an hour every night smearing fake tan all over them, but on the other hand Jessica Chastain’s legs here look a bit too pale, and bruised, like parsnips or something. For this reason I endorse the reintroduction of really natural looking hosiery, despite Zooey Deschanel’s awful nylons in the post above this one.

  25. StephNC

    Not to derail this into a discussion about this month’s Vanity Fair, but the article about Jessica Chastain was not the only one that was a little bizarre. While reading the story about Stephanie Seymour’s sons, I must have looked at the cover of the magazine two or three times to make sure that I was actually reading VF.

  26. kim

    First, great dress, agreed. Second, your “wow . . . rich people are crazy.” No, artists are crazy. Have you read Frank Langella’s “Dropped Names” yet? Really good! He’s actually a good writer, and it was really interesting and seemed honest, which was great gossip. Usually when actors write they just whitewash everything and everyone is wonderful (Hello Rob Lowe). Sounds like he’s had a great life, but sheesh! Actors – no thanks!

  27. Jules

    I love this dress. She looks great. I’m a little concerned that she also looks like she’s wearing a skirt umbrella, but maybe that’s just the rainy weather talking.

  28. carey

    I hate this color. I won’t apologize for it, and it drives me crazy when EVERYONE wears it. It’s like a greener navy, or a gross green-blue that just can’t decide . . . it’s a depressed teal! It reminds me of my dirty fish tank.

  29. Johanna

    I just think she needs a better bra.

  30. Chrissy

    It sounds like she is suffering from an anxiety disorder. It may a result of her being in the spotlight now or maybe it’s something she had that is worse due to becoming well-known. The commenters here don’t seem to be very compassionate. I guess all of you have perfect mental health. Or maybe it’s the nastiness that is so prevalent that makes people like Jessica anxious. It’s a bit hard to concentrate on her outfit now that I’m sort of p*ssed off.

  31. Celeste

    Like the dress, but it doesn’t fit her well–it looks like she’s wearing a petite when she may not be a true petite–looks uncomfortable.

  32. Ellie

    She looks great, exept for the shoes. This nude shoe trend has got to STOP!

  33. Fotograf Poznan

    Gerber Daisy’s are really pretty and come in a lot of colors! PLus, they don’t smell too strong, which is great for mommy to be! Smells can get bad at times if too strong GL!

  34. Donna

    She looks beautiful. Her hair and skin and dress are great, though I’d like to tell her to stand up straight. Though I’d probably tell lots of people to stand up straight, so it could be just me. I’m not a fan of pointy shoes, because I’ve never been able to wear them, though I think the color of those works on her..

    I expanded the picture to see what those guys behind her were doing — standing there with signs when they could be looking at beautiful Jessica Chastain. The one guy’s sign says “We’re adding a new prize to the w???. Seven days and nights…” and then the magazine covers it. And what is his finger in? Totally bizarre.

    I thought she sounded anxious in the VF article too. I hope she decides to get that treated… life is much easier when you’re not anxious all the time.

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