Well Played, Jennifer Lawrence


This is how I roll in my (rich and detailed) fantasy life:

Leaving the Paris Ritz in a totally adorable Dior day dress, hair voluminous yet sleek, giant sunglasses. This is essentially the way I want to walk out of every door, in my life, ever.

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Comments (47):

  1. Stefanie

    Amazing. I love it.

  2. Karen G

    I want that dress!

  3. Leah

    Excuse me, I have to go call my mother and cry now about the way my life has turned out that does not allow me to be this person.

  4. Eli

    How long until Tom Cruise’s people call her to offer her a contract to be his next beard?

  5. Linda

    Totally adorable.

    Jennifer Lawrence, and the Emmas (Stone and Watson) should teach classes on “How To Handle Fame, Dress Like a Lady, and Appreciate Your Good Fortune” to the rest of the young ones in H-wood.

  6. cycler

    Adding to the list of how fabulous she is, she and Nicolas Hoult are adorable together and seem like well grounded nice people.

    • Other Emily

      I DIED when I realized Hoult was the kid from “About a Boy.” He has grown up well (not quite as well as Neville Longbottom, but that’s asking an awful lot). She looks fabulous and 100% a movie star here. She is lovely and seems to be a fine young lady handling fame as well as can be asked. Love her.

  7. Steph

    In my fantasies, I look just as good in that dress. WANT. LOVE.

  8. Siobhán

    Want. NOW. (Except shoes.)

  9. McLisa


  10. Jen from cincy

    Yep, that’s amazing. Well played, indeed.

  11. Carolina Girl

    Perhaps this was the effect that Marion Cotillard was going for.

  12. neiges

    Jessica, I am more in love with your last sentence than with the dress.

  13. linda

    Jennifer Lawrence has been a total class act since she’s been in the public eye. It never surprises me to see her well turned-out, as she is here. Just wanted to throw that opinion out there, because I love a celebrity who can temporarily curb my impulses to be a hater.

  14. Lizaster

    Love the dress – but would someone please do something about those bangs?! They look like my hair circa 8th grade when I curled my bangs with a giant barrel curling iron.

  15. Christine S

    Love, love, love!! That dress is to die for.

  16. Mandy

    She doesn’t look quite as great with the shades off, though: http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/2012/07/jennifer-lawrence-in-christian-dior.html. Honestly, the hair makes her look a bit haggard.

  17. Sarah F

    And with somebody else holding your purse.

    • Sarah F

      Oop, no I see she’s got her purse on.

      Still, I want someone to carry my purse for me.

    • MKKS

      OH I THOUGHT THE SAME. “That’s how I want to roll — having someone hold your purse for me out of the Ritz Paris.” Even if it’s not exactly what was happening, I like the idea of it. Points for the idea of it.

  18. Claire L1

    I wonder if she’s trying to grow out those bangs… I feel for her…. I’m in the same predicament. Pretty bobby pins from Etsy are my new best friends.

  19. Shiitake

    Beautiful summer dress, perfect styling.

  20. lindsay

    this is what i imagine brooke berlin looks like!

    • Spencer

      That is so Brook Berlin. Now we know who should play her if ever a movie is made of Spoiled.

  21. Sajorina

    In my fantasy life I look exactly like this every day, except that I live in Paris, I’m not famous and Tim Gunn is my lifecoach! LOVE IT!!! She looks AMAZING! WANT!

  22. TaraMisu

    Love that dress! The shoes…. meh, but she looks so great I’ll just ignore them :D

  23. scone


  24. Mahastee

    I’m not loving the hair or shoes, but the dress is GORGEOUS! And in my fantasy I can wear this dress, and eat endless baguettes, eclairs and CHEESE and my figure still looks just like hers.

  25. Dee

    I’m getting a very Anna Wintour-vibe here.

  26. Kara

    Get it, girl! She looks great. Fresh and young without being twee.

  27. val.

    I want her to get rid of those bangs. When I have bangs, they are like that too: a stupid cowlick that never lets them lie flat. So I feel her pain, but hopefully she’s growing them out.

    That said, the outfit is fantastic!

  28. Guerra

    I also look just like this!

  29. fashion blog

    wow,such a nice dress,I love it ! :)


  30. Montréalaise

    That dress is fabulous! Summer in a frock. And I think the shoes actually go very well with the dress. the only change I’d make to her outfit is to suggest shades that are just a little bit smaller, because she has delicate facial features which are overwhelmed by those huge sunglasses.

  31. dizzy

    Such a pretty dress on such an awesome girl.

  32. Jules

    I’m going to Paris with my mom in September to celebrate her 70th birthday, and this is how I envision myself sauntering about town. Somehow, I’m really afraid I’m going to fall short, but I’ll have a great time trying!

  33. Cara

    Please could someone identify those sunglasses for me? so glam

  34. vandalfan

    But are those the right shoes?

  35. Mo