Well Played, Emma Stone/Weirdly Played, Nic Cage


I am a little worried about Emma Stone right now. Not because she doesn’t look good — she always looks cute, and this dress is charming — but because I think Nic Cage might try and eat her.

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  1. Ellen

    At least it’s not Jim Carrey.

  2. Stefanie

    I wish she would go back to red. The blonde washes her out like mad.

    • Brenna

      She’s filming the next Spiderman now, right? I think that’s why she has blonde hair again; I bet she dyes it again the second they finish production.

  3. Jill

    The trailer annoys me and I swear I see it every commercial break. Emma’s dress is cute but kind of shapeless.

  4. Cucina49

    I feel like poor Emma Stone has been on red carpets for a solid year now and is losing her patience with them. She looks cute as always, but just over it all.

  5. Erin B

    We usually see the category “So Close: If Only They’d Gone Up A Size!” I think this dress might be in the opposite camp since the armholes expose her bra (not horribly, but still).

    Regardless, I love the orange and wish the whole dress was that color (although I guess that would look like a few other awesome dresses she’s worn).

    Lastly, BRING BACK THE RED! xoxo, E

  6. Sandra

    She should look like a melting Creamsicle in this, but she doesn’t. She looks great and I am jealous.

  7. Gigi

    I don’t like seeing side bra, but it’s better than side boob and at least it’s in a skin-colored utilitarian style (no lace cups that make clothes bumpy; good support and coverage). That lip color is great.

  8. Anna

    I’m actually underwhelmed by Emma’s look. And I agree that she needs to go back to red hair, it suits her better.

  9. Lisa

    Unfortunately, I just don’t think this dress fits her properly, and it seems to have a bit of static cling going on. I like the idea of the dress and think that with a better fit and maybe a fabric with a bit more body it would be awesome.

    The shoes just need to go!

  10. Donna

    Her face is radiant. Ah, the skin of youth…

    And, can a pair of shoes wash you out? Because these appear to be doing just that.

  11. crookedE

    Her skin is so beautiful it would be enraging if she didn’t seem like such a generally cool person.

  12. melafefon

    how is she not FREEZING? It’s 32 F in Berlin!

  13. Esme

    No–she looks like my 4th grade lay teacher in Catholic school. Why, Emma, why?

  14. Corrine Engelgau

    Am I the only person who is slightly alarmed by how waifish she’s looking lately? I think she used to have a bit more meat on her. And if she didn’t, she should. She looks so twig-ish that one of those Nic Cage neck sniffs might suck her right up into his nostril.

    • maryse

      i agree with you. she looks a little frail.

    • TonyG

      The neck sniff comment = hilarious!

    • mepe

      Yes! Extremely waifish (are we allowed to use that word here?)!! At first I thought that last photo of her must be stretched. Hopefully she has chance to have a beer and some sausages while in Germany.

  15. maryse

    nick cage is a weirdo. she looks adorable though. love the dress and the lip color.

  16. Sajorina

    Emma looks adorable, but seeing her next to Nic makes me want to yell “RUN, EMMA, RUN”!

  17. Chrissy

    I don’t think she looks that great here. She looks skinny and washed out – like she has been under the weather. I don’t think the color of the dress suits her. Maybe if she had the red hair again and gained a few pounds. HE looks pretty good, but I suspect it’s due to a whole host of professionally administered enhancments. It also kind of looks like he’s wearing eyeliner?

  18. Lexie

    i like emma. she’s not a good actress but she’s so adorable. the dress is okay, and she’d look a lot better in it if she put on a little weight. she’s becoming too skinny. off-putting.

  19. TonyG

    Nick’s hair is horrible as usual, but he has otherwise cleaned up well. Emma’s dress is too big. I love the color, but not on her. With her paleness, the tan shoes, and the dress’ color/size, it all makes her look a bit frail.

  20. Vandalfan

    It’s a McCartney, which explains how a simple A-line is cut in just the most unflattering way. Take in the side seams and toss her a thin black belt and black strappy stilettos.

  21. Ailatan

    Maybe those bland shoes are really comfy, you guys.
    I loved that shapeless look, only very slim people can pull that look successfully, and she’s one of those people.
    I also want to add: I freaking love Nic Cage. Yeah, he’s weird, but I love the guy.

  22. h² fashion

    Emma has such great style. I haven’t seen her bomb in a long time. And Nicolas Cage has always scared me – he just looks like such a creep.


  23. Daenerys

    Love her earrings!

  24. lori

    They both go together. Overrated, gawky, and unattractive.