Well Played, Emma Stone


There is NO WAY she wasn’t dressed by committee with input from Revlon here, which makes it even more of a miracle that she looks so subtle and good (not because Revlon doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but because ANYTHING done by committee is in danger of veering off the edge of a cliff and smack into a fiery pit of boiling lava):

I would also like to find the person who decided to put her into those shoes rather than beige ones and buy her a drink and shake her hand and give her a high five and pay for her cab ride home.  This whole look is like SPECTACULARLY subtle, but the shoes keep it from being in danger crossing over into Yawnsville, and that’s some high-level work.

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Comments (28):

  1. Sajorina

    Just BEAUTIFUL! I adore her!!!

  2. Chasmosaur

    I love the color combos here, but would anyone else like to snip the winglets from the top?

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Super cute, except…what’s happening with the hem of the shirt at her waist? Is that a halftuck? If so, why?

  4. Sandra

    See, other stylists? This is how to do neutral colors. She looks sophisticated rather than bland. Well done, indeed.

  5. house mouse

    This is so cute and classy and un-boring! Emma Stone is just the best sometimes.

    • house mouse

      Or really, Emma Stone’s stylists are just the best sometimes. You know. That face helps, though.

  6. Stefanie

    LOVE IT! But I would nip the wings.

  7. Mara

    The shoes are a nice color, but they look cheap to me. Mind you, they probably cost more than a month of rent, but they don’t look it. And for Pete’s sake, why the aversion to ladylike round toes?!

    • Helen

      Yes, what’s wrong with a rounded toe? I am so tired of pointed toeboxes.

      At least these aren’t to the extremes sometimes seen recently. One pair, can’t remember who was wearing them, could have been used as letter openers.

  8. anon

    I am pretty sure those are beige shoes that are skewing a weird color in the photo.

  9. Donna

    Hmm. It’s all just too much of the same tones for me. A pop of color on the lips or a bright mani would be a good addition.

  10. pantsonfire

    I love the garment (including the winglets), but despise the shoes with it. Sorry. I’m not saying that they should have gone a color that more obviously matches/corresponds to the colors in the garment (though honestly, yes, I don’t see anything wrong with the shoes being a nude or grey), but the color they did choose is too close but off, and to my eyes, just doesn’t play well with the dress. To me, they clash with the dress and not in an interesting way. Personally, I would have gone with a dusky purple, maybe. But I’m no shoe expert.

    Not loving her hair and/or makeup here…something feels off, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    • Kat

      Hate the shoes too, as least in this deployment.

      They are so peachy, they just clash (in a very unintentional way) with the dress.

  11. Helen

    Meh. It’s okay. I don’t like the partially dropped waist. I do like that it’s daytime-appropriate for a daytime event.

  12. Vandalfan

    Fix that half untucked, half elastic looking waistband, and it goes from B+ to A+.

  13. TonyG

    I love the pastel peach color on the dress and the darker peachy shoes, but…

    The waist…

    Why oh WHY oh WHY?!?

    I know designers like to try different things (everybody take a swig at such an obvious statement, I know), but connecting the top to the bottom only partially at the waist messes with what could have been a great look.

    Instead of looking at Emma, you are drawn to the waist, and asking: Is it a top and a bottom with a tuck by Emma? Or, did the designer want to make a dress that looks like a two-piece with air conditioning for the waist? And if so, why?

    In other words, it leads to questions, which is not good.

    Also, if I am being completely, honest, the top portion of this dress, with its odd wings at the waist, conjures not-so-fond memories of the ’80s — that is, of a time when a sweatshirt cut off at the waist was once considered by some to be a fashion statement.

    Because of the distractions, I vote not quite fug, but not fab either.

  14. Rachael

    I do not like those shoes. I say, fuschia suede shoes. Or plum, maybe? Plum would be nice, I think.

    I would also like a pretty necklace, or something. I feel sad about her lack of accessories. Otherwise, I love that dress, including the winglet things at the waist. And her head looks beautiful, as usual.

  15. strah

    Two words:
    Midriff Gills

  16. kickassmomnyc

    Beautiful outfit, but she looks so much better with red hair — strawberry blonde at least. Too bad she has to go blonde sometimes for roles.

  17. Birgin

    I might like the outfit more if Emma was trying to sell it, but it looks like even she isn’t sure if what she’s got on looks good.

  18. Lily1214

    This is too cute and the shoes are perfect with it.

  19. Miss Louise

    Emma seems to have joined the ranks of the Untouchables on this site, along with Diane Kruger and some others (Swinton is a category beyond them again, and for good reason). Emma is very beguiling, but this look is boring. She looks like she works behind a makeup counter in a department store. I’d totally let her give me an in-store makeover, because she’d be fun, but that look is a bit of a snooze.

  20. TaraMisu

    Finally saw Spiderman on my flight to Asia last weekend, I’m officially in love with Emma :D

    This is wicked cute, well done. My only quibble is the waist…. why is it semi-tucked in at the front?

  21. chickadee

    I too love this look, even the semi tucked waist which keeps it from veering into boring. The shoes are perfection. Sometimes it’s ok to just look simple, elegant, and classy instead of having bells and whistles everywhere.

  22. Maria

    I like it…but I still think a lot if my 80s outfits were pretty cute, and this baby looks like it could have come fro the Limited Express circa 1987. She is super cute too, which doesn’t hurt.

  23. Erin

    She can do no wrong in my eyes. I love this.

  24. D

    I loved this – absolutely positively. And then I just saw that it was designed by Daniel Vosovic which just makes me very very happy!

  25. lori

    Kmart version of Lindsay Lohan. And yes, this outfit, her hair, her shoes, and her facial expression, all of it. Fug.