Well Played (I Think?), Emma Stone


This photo cracks me up — something about it smacks of a boy who has just pulled The Yawn Maneuver on his date and is trying to remain placid while gauging her reaction.

[Photos: WENN, FameFlynet]

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  1. McLisa

    The last shot looks like Spiderman doesn’t like the peplum either.

  2. Helen

    I do mind the waist handkerchief, but not much, and LOVE the ’80s Power Dress (heh). It really is a great fabric.

    Few women have the ankles to pull off that hemline (poor Hilary Swank in that tea-cosy a little while back), but Stone does, and if you do, well, then I say wear all the crazy hemlines you want. In fact, just wear all the crazy hemlines.

    And, agreed, this shade for her hair is really working. It’s almost as good on her as red is.

  3. Hannah

    I love me some Emma Stone but Emma Stone sure hasn’t met a peplum she didn’t like. I wish she would lay off on the peplum/hip napkins a bit.

  4. francesca

    The maitre’ de at our local restaurant rocked that first look when he tucked his serving towel into his belt.

  5. qwertygirl

    The white dress would be way cuter without the bar mop tucked in the sash. All she needs are some suspenders with flair on them, and she could be waiting tables at a very dressy Carols O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe.

    • ceecee

      This! Napkin dresses seem to be a thing now, in spite of how dumb they look.
      If she’ll bring me a mojito and some nachos I promise I’ll leave a big tip.

    • flitzy

      @qwertygirl The napkin bothers me too. It ruined an otherwise cute dress.

  6. qwertygirl

    Carlos O’Kelly’s of course.

  7. Heidi

    I agree on the blonde, this shade looks pretty fab on her. Although of course I will always love her as a red head the most.

    The second dress is fab! She looks fierce!

    • JillB

      She reminds me so much of Sharon Stone as an 80′s power bitch in that 3rd photo. I guess she’s not related to Sharon, but she does have the vibe.

  8. Rina

    While the hi-lo length does look flattering, it almost seems she hacked off the front out of desperate need for the extra fabric at her hips.

    I’d love to know why her sweetie is glaring at someone in the audience. A saucy/rude question from the press?

  9. Evalyn

    Does he realize he has his arm around Emma Stone? He looks like he’s all mad because they made him leave half a cheeseburger on his plate to come have his picture taken.

  10. Shay

    I am not getting all the hoo ha about Miss Stone lately. Eh. And this dress just furthers my confusion. Like someone else said earlier, I feel like I should leave her a tip for a meal well-served (assuming that it was, of course).

    Not impressed.

  11. TaraMisu

    Just say no to peplum and hipnaps. I hate those clear/black shoes. Still want the red hair back but she really does look great in the first photos, pretty and fresh faced.

  12. dizzy

    I don’t like the napkin dress (sorry, Jason Wu), but I love the Bottega Veneta dress on Emma.

  13. vandalfan

    Some gals are so stunningly beautiful (Emma, here, or Kruger) that they can make almost anything look fashionable. But not the peplum and mini-mullet hem, or the hip-kin, not even this beauty.

  14. Joey

    The dramatic peplum dress is pretty great, but I don’t think it suits Emma. It would work better on Elizabeth Banks. In fact, I feel like Elizabeth Banks has probably worn a few outfits like that – before she started dressing like a maniac from the Met Gala onwards.

    I usually try to keep an open mind so don’t turn against trends on a broad basis despite my instincts, but I am definitely opposed to hip napkins. They are so ridiculous to me.

    • Frankie

      Funny you should say that – in the last photo all I can see is Elizabeth Banks. My brain cannot compute that that face belongs to Emma Stone.

  15. Jen

    WOW, is she Laura Prepon’s doppelganger in that header pic.

  16. Cranky Old Batt

    Why yes, Dynasty was a show I watched for the clothes. Now its The Good Wife and Suits. Sigh. Oh about these two, I too would love the see the black dress better and without the belly bib.

  17. witjunkie

    I will say I like the boy in this sort of retro college boy sweater. Better than some of the other looks he’s trotted out. I mean he’s never really looked bad, but I see some cute here.

  18. Sajorina

    I LOVE HER! And, I love her outfits! The 1st dress is darling, it reminds me of Dakota Fanning… LOVE! The 2nd look reminds me of Sharon Stone… COVET! Emma looks just perfect & so does her beau! I once did a very “80′s Bitch Alexis Carrington” thing by throwing a drink at someone and it was AWESOME, so empowering!

  19. Rina

    Anyone else look at the last thumbnail and, at first, think it was Sharon Stone?

    Just me? Okay then…

  20. Fiona K

    Is he gay? Is this relationship just a publicity stunt? I’m not buying any of it, including the fashion.

    • Neil

      I know what you mean – their body language in the first pic doesn’t seem very natural or couple-y to me.

      I wouldn’t mind her dress without the napkin, and I like his sweater vest or whatever it is though.

  21. Aurora

    Enough about her, what about HIM? The wispy halfstache needs to go. That facial hair is marring his otherwise adorable face :(

  22. Miranda

    I just really need Garfield to shave. His 5 o’clock shadow tends too look like a puberty stache, and it’s ruining him.


    We don’t care if he’s “how you doing.” We’ve loved his sexy schnoz ever since we saw that Facebook film.


  24. Dawn

    dig his shirt and think the two of them look great together in that first picture. But I always think his hair looks just too BIG for his head.

  25. Makinka

    I miss the red hair