Well Played, Dianna Agron


Can we all just agree that this is possibly the cutest anyone has ever looked when popping into Trader Joe’s for groceries?

Whenever I pop into TJ’s, I look approximately two seconds away from committing murder.

Also, file under: Sunglasses, Everyone Looks Better In.

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  1. Willow

    I think I want to be her. Apart from the whole “never being able to escape Glee” thing.

    • glee

      But she is escaping Glee – she is one of the lucky ones whose story line was neatly wrapped up. I see movies in her future – she is SO pretty. And looks uber adorable in that dress.

  2. Sandra

    It would never occur to me to mix the stripes and the print, but she does look great. What are we corrective-lens wearers supposed to do about sunglasses?

    • TonyG

      I feel ya Sandra re the sunglasses since I have Rx lenses. I’m not a fan of clip-ons.

      Even though my Rx pair does darken with the sunlight, the effect is not the same as full-on extra-dark sunglasses. Or course there are Rx sunglasses, but who can afford enough pair so that you have options when you want to accessorize the shades to the outfit.

      I know its gauche, but sometimes (don’t tell anyone) I wear extra big sunglasses on top of my regular glasses (if the sunglasses are dark enough, and, if the temple portion extending to the ears are wide enough, they camouflage my regular glasses pretty well).

      • katie s.

        Re Rx sunglasses – buy them online! Look for coupons! My last pair I bought for $44. At that price, I can afford to have a few.

        • bambi_beth

          www zennioptical com

          Prescription glasses starting at $6.95; basic tint an additional $4.95; $4.95 flat rate shipping!! You don’t have to go without sunglasses!!!!!!!! I buy all my glasses from them now and have always been happy with them! Sometimes you can’t be 100% sure of the shape because it is all online, but at that price, seriously!!

          Love the clothes on Ms. Agron, especially the oversized clutch. Don’t care for the shoes or Glee.

      • Jessica

        I do that all the time too! I thought I was the only one!

    • Laura

      prescription sunglasses?

      • Francesca

        Sturdy, quality sunglasses can be made into prescription lenses, with a myriad of options for lense tints. Without my prescription sunglasses, I’d be a blind bat with squint lines. As for what she’s wearing, it’s cute. No more, no less. It’s just nice to see someone dressed like they care (no short-shorts and Uggs, ripped t-shirts, baggy boys’ jeans…).

        • amy

          I wear bifocals and blew the budget on some fabulous Oliver Peoples sunglasses. If you take really good care of them they’ll last several years. Amortize the cost per year and justify the splurge. Who needs to eat?

  3. Ines

    sunglasses and dress are nice but those shoes…. urgh²

    • Kara

      Yeah, I hate her shoes. From the feet up she looks cute.

      • Carol

        Double ditto on the shoes … would have nailed the whole top to toe look with some pretty strappy navy sandals … these are too clunky …

        • Sarah

          The shoes are awful. I fear that ugly, chunky awful shoes of the 90′s are somehow making a comeback.

        • mochaleet

          Surprised those shoes escaped the critique. They’re ugly. I like the 90s flatforms though, for my terribly damaged feet they’re good.

    • Lisa

      Those shoes are just so ugly and seem a little…. dated? I gave up on Glee 2 seasons ago, but I find her very pretty and hope she finds something more interesting to do!

  4. Roxana

    she wears that american apparel T-shirt everywhere, but it’s so expensive! I can’t justify the cost, even though it looks so cute on her.

  5. Fernanda Trupiano

    I only like this from the waist up. The skirt and shoes are NOT working for me. Those shoes are possibly the most hideous thing legally allowed in public.

    • Rachel

      yeah, the shoes are terrible in my opinion. i don’t love the skirt, either. but waist up? super cute.

      • Kristan

        Me three. Separately the skirt and shirt both work, but together? Not so much. It was a bold experiment, though!

  6. Jamie

    Um, I actually think that outfit is REALLY unflattering. The stripes on the T would be more flattering if the broader ones were on top, rather than across the bottom, and the combination of those shoes and that skirt is doing *nothing* for her legs, which we all have seen are really quite awesome.

    Also, the daytime clutch has to be the least convenient handbag ever invented. Isn’t the whole purpose of a bag so that you don’t have to walk around carrying your stuff in your hands?

    • annie

      I agree. There’s really nothing about this outfit that I like. She’s beautiful and a sleek ponytail with great sunglasses always look good but I don’t think they’re noteworthy.

      • Ms. A.

        I agree as well… I don’t love this outfit. The hair and the glasses are fine. I can’t stand the shoes and clutch.

      • leteej

        Yup. The whole thing is hideous. HUGE miss, GFY.

    • anonymoose

      jamie, annie, and Ms. A, you all speak the truth.

  7. cathy

    i love that shes pale!
    i hate sunbathing and being in the sun ( i just feel like my skin will burst in flames after 5 minutes), so it’s always nice to see someone who does not care if she catches the tan or not

  8. Jill

    I covet that skirt.

  9. Christian

    She looks exactly like she stepped out of an 80′s ad for Kool cigarettes. I’m not sure this is a good thing.

  10. Erin

    DISAGREE. bad shoes, bad skirt, bad shirt.

  11. lindsay

    agree. shoes >> cankles.

  12. Leah

    I have to disagree with this one. I think she looks like she’s playing dress up in a bunch of mis-matchy old clothes.

  13. Sajorina

    She looks adorable, pretty, chic, fresh, fabulous and like she needs milk & eggs pronto! So cute… And, completely the opposite of what I look like at the grocery store! Jealous!

  14. Fat Desdemona

    I love all the Well-Playeds today, but I have to disagree with this one. I think the outfit would be unattractive if it weren’t so nondescript. And those shoes are not good at all.

  15. witjunkie

    I just ate a Trader Joe’s tree-ripened peach not 10 minutes ago! It was divine.

    I like both pieces very much but me, I wouldn’t wear them together – mainly because if I did, no one would think I was edgy and fashiony – they’d just think I wasn’t paying attention when I got dressed.

  16. Gina

    I lust for the TJs more than the outfit (we don’t have any in Arkansas, darn it). Hate the shoes, the skirt and top are both cute, but I don’t like them together. Somehow she still looks nice. (And I wear the big sunglasses over regular glasses, too – tinted progressive lenses would be way more expensive than I could justify).

    • Kate

      We just got some in Colorado – I plan on becoming aquainted with Two Buck Chuck

  17. gail

    I like the mixing of patterns, but the boyish shirt with the super feminine skirt doesn’t work for me. Even if the shirt was sleeveless I think it would be better.

    She may be out for picking up food at WF, but she is clearly mugging for the camera as well. I may wear nice clothes to the food store sometimes, but I never walk around like I’m on the runway, tilting my head just so. She’s clearly building up some PR. I would guess there’s going to be an announcement of some movie or new tv show she’s in soon.

    • Kate

      lol she is talking to her costar Naya Rivera offcamera who was with her for the food run. There are bigger pics out there of both of them.

  18. vandalfan

    I could imagine the shoes being controversial, but I like them personally. I love the skirt, but the casual, loose, loudly striped t-shirt is not quite right. The blouse for this skirt should be quieter, maybe a solid color, and should fit more snugly.

    I have these terrific clip-on sunglasses I wear over my regular eyeglasses! They’re spring loaded and I can put them on with one hand…
    Gadzooks I’m old. I guess I’ll wear them in the rocking chair, on the porch, waiting to clutch my pearls.

  19. holly

    i’m on board with the hair and sunglasses…..but that’s it. the shoes especially are beyond hideous!

  20. Paula

    Pretty sure that is a Whole Foods, not a TJ’s.
    And those shoes are heinous.

  21. angie

    except for those shoes, which are terribly unflattering and unattractive.

  22. kindakute

    I wore a version of this to my first corporate job 20 years ago. Bad then, bad now. Shoes need to be donated to goodwill immediately. What are you smoking?

  23. Cranky Old Batt

    Spectacularly well played for a lot f the reasons some of the other commenter hate it.

    This is how normal people with even a small modicum of taste dress. In fact, I wish more people dressed like this. Remember Sue’s rant about ugly people messing up her view of the world? Well this helps fix that!

    (Even the clunky shoes.)

  24. Amber

    I’m not a fan of…any of this, really. The shirt is fine, I guess, but not noteworthy and the skirt and shoes are bad. She’s a cute girl, tho.

  25. Ren

    The clothes are cute, I hate those shoes.

  26. ok

    This is hideous. The shoes are fugly, and need to be chucked. The t-shirt and skirt might be cute separately, but together are hideous. NO.

  27. mgn

    That’s totally Whole Foods! Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell peaches in paper bags, or even loose. Otherwise cute outfit!

    • kickassmomnyc

      I was gonna say it, but you did already.
      And I think she looks adorable.

  28. Hima

    I actually like those shoes, for the most part. However, I think they would be much improved and much less clunky if that top strap was thinner. But then they would look like all of the shoes I own. :/

  29. Ami

    She’s actually at Whole Foods, not Trader Joes….hate to be the bubble burster

  30. LA

    I’m not a fan of this look. As many have noted, the shoes are horrendous. The shirt and skirt are not HORRIBLE, but I am not feeling the combo. I do love the sunglasses and she is beyond lovely and looks cheery.

  31. Helen

    I like the mix of patterns, and the shoes are totally cute for running errands IMO. It isn’t like this is a red-carpet event. I think she looks terrific, and comfortable.

  32. Cristina

    Very cute. And I love the shoes.

  33. Sophia Loren

    I love the skirt and top, esp. after I learned it was just a clever paring of an American Apparel tshirt and an Anthropology skirt.

    If she’d worn it with flat brown sandals and left the (ridiculous) daytime clutch at home, I’d almost believe this wasn’t a planned photo op.

    But I also like the chunky sandals on their own – strange – merits.

  34. Lily1214

    She looks perfect.

  35. Shiitake

    The shoes kill it for me.

  36. Mahastee

    Add me to the list of people who think the top and skirt are fine, but not together and NEVER with those shoes. Or that bag.

  37. una

    Actually no. She looks a bit dowdy to me!

  38. Pamb

    I feel like this shot was set up. The pose looks too fake-casual, like “oh, I’m just looking back here at my friend”. Did she call the paps? I’d like to see the other shots in the series, I’m sure that she did a step-and-repeat.

    That said, she does look like a better-than-average-regular-person. Nothing special, but better than whatever Vanessa Hudgens would wear out of the house.

  39. saraq

    I don’t really think the outfit is that cute at all, but my GOD the shoes. The shoes are terrible and stumpy!!

  40. Joanne

    That is the Whole Foods at Coldwater and Riverside :-)