Well Played, Diane Kruger (and Pacey)


For Halloween, I want to be Diane Kruger, but I have no idea where I’m going to dig up a socks-less Pacey:

As for the rest of it, I just need to steal this (amazing) dress from the Chanel store and magick myself into those spectacular Germanic genes (and ergo, into his OH YES I DID). In all seriousness, though: this dress is a killer. It’s what I’d wear if I had a giant clothing budget and a bunch of fancy holiday parties to attend. It looks like it goes well with champagne.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. JenLWB

    So much pretty. And his feet are ENORMOUS.

  2. Tamarin

    Anyone can be Pacey! Simply print out a life-sized pic of his face, cut it out and put it on a stick and use as a hipster masquerade mask. My friends dressed up as each other last year using this method.

  3. Lizzy

    I need to have this dress NOW! Oh, and Pacey is a pretty sweet accessory, too.

  4. mue

    I would like this if the sparkles and shinny stuff were material. But I don’t think so. It looks cheap.

    • HelenBackAgain

      For me it’s the plastic belt. It’s probably really patent leather, but it looks plasticky. If we found out this was designed for Target by a 10-year-old, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • TereLiz

        LOL. I think it’s Chanel. So… close. ;)

        • HelenBackAgain

          Haha! That’s too funny.

          Although I really am beginning to think that the only Chanel worth having anymore is the vintage classic stuff.

  5.  Kat

    Halloween aside, I just got really excited for champagne and holiday parties. Love the dress – wish I had both it and Pacey.

  6.  Orange Clouds

    I love that dress on her. That red belt thingy (plastic hoop?) gives it the needed edge.

    • Art Eclectic

      I’m going to take the opposite side – I LOVE the dress but feel that belt looks cheap and tacky.

    • ohsohappy

      I actually think the belt distracts from the beauty of the dress and cuts her in half. It was an unnecessary accessory. (Say that three times fast. :) )

  7. Stefanie

    I just love these two together. Seriously. They both look fantastic.

  8. boo

    I just can’t get into the no socks look, unless we’re talking topsiders on a boat.

    A jacket, but no socks? Ewww.

    • Other Emily

      I’m definitely pro-sock. Shoes that have been worn without socks are smelly and damp, and when I see a man sockless like this, it’s all I can think about, and it ruins everything for me. Which is a shame because he’s otherwise so dreamy.

      her look, I love. I love her all the time, but this dress is super fun and young-looking.

    • HelenBackAgain


      He needs socks with this outfit.

  9. Julia

    That dress is magnificent. She looks beautiful. And Pacey is swoon-worth, as usual. Is is just me or is he looking significantly trimmer lately?

  10. Kathryn F

    Love the dress, love the Krug, HATE HATE HATE that style of shoes. Boring, foot-enlarging, toe-mangling, with more than a whiff of ’90s… no thank you.

  11. Ailatan

    They’re in Sao Paulo! Pacey isn’t that far away from meeeee! *books flight*

  12. Mo

    This is a real Halloween treat! Thanks, Jessica.

  13. sarah

    YOUUUUU GUUUUUUUYS I am so tired of these two talking about how they don’t believe in marriage. They need to get married already. I MUST SEE THE DRESS. Can you imagine how stylish it would be? Heck, even if they just stage a wedding I’d be happy.

    • Deborah

      I don’t care if they marry, I just want them to breed an army of gorgeous La Kruger/Pacey babies…enough to repopulate a small country.

  14. anno

    Absolutely nothing to those shoes and I love them. Probably a fortune for 4 straps of leather

    • Katie

      asos sells a similar pair for ~$80, I think. I love the style as well, but I haven’t been able to find it in a heel size that my achilles can handle.

  15. AM

    I like everything but the lack of foot covering (or socks, hose) and her shoes.

  16. jlhm

    A lot of comments about the, but I like the shoes. Think they are perfect with the beautiful dress.

  17. CC

    I don’t remember any dress this pretty in the Chanel show. It must have been covered up by some heinous jacket. Is it pushing it to say I don’t like the belt? Because I think it really distracts from the dress and is completely unnecessary.

    • TereLiz

      I think it had, like, a shrug-cape? Or a bejewelled poncho-thingie.

  18. googler

    She looks amazing. I want this dress because it’s gorgeous, but I don’t want it because I’ll never look half as good in it as she does.

    Pacey…he never did much for me in his younger days, but RAWR. He’s getting better with age!

  19. Mrs. Ditter

    Love everything about the dress except that sheer piece hanging off the bottom. STOP IT.

  20. tigers4us

    OK, this is a cliche, but Diane Kruger can wear a sack and still look great. Beautiful dress!

  21. Cecily

    That dress is exquisite. And I love these two.

  22. Rowynn

    For the longest time, I thought his name WAS actually Pacey. I never watched whatever show he was on, so I had no idea who Pacey Witter was. I didn’t get a clue till I saw a pic of him someplace else with his real name. I still don’t know anything about him except that he’s her BF. Well, and he’s cute.
    Her dress is adorable here. I am such a sucker for bright florals on a dark background.

  23. Eli

    I know you love Pacey ’round these parts, but that socks-less look is a little too close to the look sported by Lemon’s douchey date this week on Hart of Dixie.

  24. Lisa D

    THAT DRESS made me actually GASP at my desk. I covet it. And any sentence containing both the work “ergo” and the phrase “OH YES I DID” in all caps . . . I wish I had written that post and worn that dress and mostly I wish I had that boyfriend.

  25.  TaraMisu

    Love this dress!! It is adorable and looks fabulous on her.

    And….. Pacey. ’nuff said

  26. Claire1

    She has no clothing budget!
    With the way she wears things, the amount of photogs taking pics, I’d bet designers are sending her dresses by the armful to wear.
    I mean…seriously! I can’t think of better advertising! She makes even crazy dresses sing.

    Bah, and I can’t even begrudge her for it…..she wears it well…and by well I mean EVERYthing.

  27. Sajorina

    Diane is PERFECTION on this dress! COVET! And Pacey looks handsome and DELICIOUS as ever! LOVE THEM!!!

  28. Jewels

    OMG those shoes look they were bought at Payless. They are hideous. I love a peeptoe but not the whole foot scrunched into a strip of pleather.
    The dress is cute but not partyish enough for me.

  29. Sue

    The dress is just beautiful. My only problem with Diane Krueger is that she never looks very happy. Gads, woman–crack a smile once in a while, would you? If I had clothes like those in my closet and Pacey at my elbow, I’d be smirking 24/7.

  30. tina

    Honestly I think a pop of color wouldn’t hurt, how about these street art inspired socks…they have sock insurance: http://bit.ly/mint-kick

  31. Cat

    Love the dress (shiny! sparkly!) and the arm candy. Well played.