Well Played, Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson


Pacey here has apparently hurt his foot, as he’s wearing a contraption on it similar to one I had to wear during the six weeks I was laid up this summer with my own jacked up wheel. Surely this means we are soulmates! Also, I’m fairly sure we both also think Diane looks fantastic, given that we both have eyes. So much in common.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Carol

    The dress is great, although quite winter-y for August/September! Bring this one back from the Christmas fancy ball.

  2. Karen G

    She looks seriously regal and lovely. If they need someone to play Princess Grace in some biopic, she’s the one!

  3. Other Emily

    It IS a bit wintry. But she looks amazing. Her face is perfect and I love the simple hair with the simple dress.

  4.  HelenBackAgain

    Jackson’s black tie looks great. It manages to be comfortable-looking, yet the cut remains as formal as it needs to be. Excellent!

    But I am SO OVER men not shaving. You can do it sitting down, guys, if you have a hurt foot. That would make an enormous difference here.

  5. Ailatan

    It’s winter in other places of the world! *Antipodean Sulk*

  6. SharonCville

    That is an amazing purple! Love it! And loving her on The Bridge!

  7. Hallie

    It definitely means that you’re solemates, if not soulmates.

    • asheisele

      YES! I was just speeding through the comments, hoping no one had beat me to this thought. Well played, well played.

  8. Sajorina

    REGAL is right! I LOVE IT! The dress is beautiful on her, the color of it is perfect, her hair & makeup are flawless, and the ring & earrings are to die for! COVET! Pacey looks sooooo HANDSOME, I can’t stand it! FAB!!!

  9. Nan

    Love the googly eyes they are giving each other! So sweet.

  10.  TaraMisu

    Awwwwwwww I love how they look at each other :) I do love that dress, the color is amazing! It IS really a winter dress but that’s a minor quibble…. and then there’s Pacey …..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

    • S

      Major quibble. It is way too early to be wearing velvet. Talk to me in November and I’m all over this dress.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Agreed. It isn’t minor at all. I would absolutely love this anytime between November and the end of February.

  11. Caro

    YAWN! But she is fab in The Bridge. I never realized what a good actress she is.

  12. Mair Mair

    Adore this dress, though I agree that it’s SI (seasonally inappropriate). On the other hand, I’d heard a rumor that velvet is back in style, and now that I’ve seen it on La Kruger, I know the rumor is true. I love velvet. For winter, of course (or what passes for winter here in Austin).

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Velvet is a great look for winter-holiday parties almost anywhere. And it gets to, what, the 60s there, Fahrenheit? So you won’t be totally melting in it.

      Might be time to do some advance shopping!

  13. Maria L.

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Ren Fair….

    Seriously, though, that is a gorgeous dress, if not exactly seasonally appropriate.

  14. HKS

    Count me in the “gorgeous but too wintry” group. I really do love that color purple though. And the way Pacey is looking at her in the last pic makes me forget all about the neck beard. (Anyway, I tend to like facial hair on men, and I especially think he looks best with a beard. Maybe just a neater one?)

  15.  Vandalfan

    I’d have killed to wear this at a Job’s Daughter’s shindigs, but it’s too plain as is if you’re not Kruger. It needs something more for mere mortals, like piping, overlay, a necklace or scarf or something else.

  16. Deborah

    La Kruger: Impossibly gorgeous…I can’t even. I look at her and want to hand in my female card and burn everything in my closet.
    Pacey: Miss you on Fringe, buddy. Also, stop with the googly eyes at La Kruger all the time, it makes the rest of your gender look bad for not doing the same thing to their significant others every damn day.
    Them together: my ovaries just exploded.

  17. Bambi Anne Dear

    I have a jacket in what appears to be the exact same velvet. Versace. Add a bit of black cape to this and she’d be the Wicked Queen from Snow White.

  18. Erin W

    The combination of fancy dress and foot injury reminds me of Kruger’s character in Inglourious Basterds.

  19. Bottle Ginger

    I remember trying on that dress, back in the NINETIES.

  20. Eden75

    I swear to god I wore this dress to the Winter dance in grade 11. Same colour, same cut…..That was back in 92. Please please don’t make the velvet dress come back. I loved it but I almost died of heat stroke in the winter; and I live in northern Canada.

  21. Tessa

    That dress looks gorgeous on her, but I reallty, really hate the dark (black?) nail polish.

  22. Sophie

    You Fug Girls let D’Krug get away with ANYTHING! Yes, having Pacey makes everything look more amazing but this dress is frankly overbearing. A gorgeous woman with such incredible choices at her disposal should be able to find something more season-appropriate.

  23. Rina

    She’s gorgeous, the color is amazing, and she has the most adoringly fab man-accessory ever. However, that’s one hell of a lot of heavy fabric.