Well Played, Diane Kruger


Sorry, kids — no Pacey at this event. Although I enjoy Skeptical Dude In Window as a temporary stand-in. He seems so unimpressed!

Which is insane, because — leaving aside her hair, which looks a bit like the Xanadu character Heather and I refer to as DILDO HEAD — girlfriend looks like a goddess. Bonus points for keeping her wine in frame. NEVER leave your friends out of the picture, am I right?

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  1. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    Tangent: I have never been able to find good audio of the medley-song of varying music types that ONJ launches into when the club opens. Help me, Fug Nation!

  2. vandalfan

    This looks like Mr. Skeptical there was handed a huge red rayon sheet, six safety pins, and given forty-five seconds to create a beach cover. He’s hoping it will drop off of her. There’s 33% too much fabric here, which makes her frame seem even more skinny, and her hairdo doesn’t do anything

  3. pinkcheese

    I like it in concept, but not so much in execution. Vandalfan’s right; there’s way too much fabric here.

  4. A.J.

    Two Xanadu references in a week! Winning!

  5. Noire

    The hair and make up kills it for me. I love the dress though.

  6. Jed

    Love the dress, it’s from the latest ysl edition soir collection and looks even better in the electric blue!

  7. Steph

    Yeah, that would be the character EVERYBODY refers to as Dildo Head. Seriously, what happened there?

    And I agree with A.J.. The more Xanadu references the better.

  8. Soapstef

    No, no, no. That’s the PC name for the Xanadu character. Her real name is Penis Head.

  9. Soapstef

    BTW…Diane looks like hell. She’s having a Kiera Knightly moment or maybe she just doesn’t care if Pacey isn’t around. I know I don’t.

  10. G

    No. That dress is showing half an acre of sternum where cleavage should be. If you can’t provide cleavage then don’t show us the space where it would be on someone bustier. A nice deep V-neck would have looked much better. This very common style of the weird gap between two sides of the bodice, going all the way to the waist, is unflattering to everybody who wears it.

  11. 'Mela

    She might could’ve co-ordinated her “friend” with her dress…
    A mug of SANGREEEEEEE-A! ;^P

    I love the dress, and her in it.
    Except she shouldn’t try to match red lipstick with a red dress, go for a gloss!

    Will there be dancing, later?

  12. Nora

    She is so, so lovely. But if I were to be critical, somehow, of someone so lovely, I would say that her forehead is a wee bit too high high for such a severe hairdo. She has a flaw? Hey, The Kruge IS human!

  13. Ruby

    I’m going to save this picture, for when people tell me that I ought to wear that red-orange color.

    I’m blonde and fair-skinned like Diane yere, but unlike her I don’t have professional makeup artist at my disposal. So if a woman with my coloring looks that pale and blah-haired in that color, even with the help of makeup wizards, imagine how awful I’d look!

  14. Connie

    She looks gorgeous and it might just be me, but um, isn’t the top of the dress just a bit see through?

  15. buttercup

    Judging from the reflection, the hair is probably actually some kind of twist and not as Dildo Head-y as it seems from the front. That being said, Kruger is another one (along with Winslet) who needs to soften up. She just looks too severe, especially since she insists on remaining so damn skinny.

  16. Evening Star Barron

    I usually agree with all of your well-played’s, but this time I must dissent. I actually think she look like a crackhead–her makeup is doing her no favors, and that dress make the bones in her chest and her clavicle look skeletal.

  17. llism

    I’m not trying to soapbox here, but I literally I just read about a recovering anorexic who looked like this in her “before” pictures. It’s appalling that we celebrate thinness in one context yet in another it’s a disease. No wonder so many people have eating disorders.

  18. Bambi Anne Dear

    Sorry, I don’t like this much at all. It looks like some lazy thrown together toga. But I do love the wine glass and the bored dude looking out the window.

  19. ebuzzed

    My intitail reaction to this photo was “I don’t know who this girl is, but someone please get her to a clinic for Anorexics as fast as possible”!

  20. jean

    I generally love her, but that hair on anyone else without her gorgeous face would get a fug. Imagine that hair on Maggie G. or Katie Holmes? Total fug. Naturally everything else is gorgeous.

  21. roser

    Another dissent. Too much fabric, awful neckline, terrible hair. I love the Fuggers, but don’t get why you like her so much. Not a good actress, only moderately pretty, and generally awful hair.

  22. crysharris

    I think the dress looks like it got caught in her panties. I do not think this is well played. Also, her hair looks like she was working in the garden, with a messy tie-back, and forgot to take it down before getting ready.

  23. Lisel

    But you have to admit, that woman on Xanadu rocks.

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