Well Played Cover: Posh and Becks on Paris Vogue


I don’t know if I totally understand — or ever even knew — how Paris Vogue and French Vogue are different. That being said, they let Posh here guest-edit the December/Jan issue and bless her for putting herself on the cover. I feel like there was a conversation that included the line: “Screw you, Anna Wintour, I’m doing this.” And, honestly, it turned out kind of great. Self-indulgent, but great.

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  1. Avenestra

    That first one is totally Gone With the Wind right down to Clark Gable’s hair falling. I know I’ve seen the second pose before but I’ll be darned if I can place it…

  2. Orange Clouds

    Becks in the second photo reminds me far too much of Christian Grey, so yuck. Posh looks great though.

  3. martinipie

    French/Paris Vogue (they are the same thing, just a naming convention) is, in my mind, a much bigger score than American Vogue anyway. These covers are amazing and about x1000 times better than whatever cookie-cutter thing Wintour would give her anyway.

    (muffled sounds of me getting taken out by the Nuclear Wintour in the distance)

  4. Stefanie

    The first two pictures are Hot. Capital H HOT.

    The third picture is amazing. I no idea the Spice Girls were on Vogue. Frankly that’s awesome.

    • Kristan

      Agreed! There is NOTHING to be embarrassed about with that 3rd cover. And the 2nd cover is just fab.

  5. Tiffany

    Her cheekbones look so amazing in that first shot!
    And I can’t help it…I am mesmerized by her arm in that second photo. The skin looks so smooth and flawless! My arms always get red and blotchy, so I am quite jealous of her lovely biceps!

  6. 503lottie

    Nice setup and fab dress color, but I don’t care for how slackjawed the position makes her look. Very unflattering (tilt your head to the left and you’ll see what I mean)!

  7. Sandra

    Wowsers, Posh was over being a Spice Girl 16 years ago! I get that her natural expression might not be a big ole grin, but her homegirls look a lot happier to be there than she does.

  8. Nancy

    I get the feeling Posh is a total ego maniac, and a very difficult person. Who never smiles. So I am not surprised at all that she has herself on the cover. I chuckled at the cover – trying too hard, maybe???

    •  Julie

      I always used to think that too, but then I’d hear her interviewed on the radio and she’s actually hilarious. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, though you’d never guess if you only ever saw her paparazzi pics.

      • julyol1972

        Her reality show when she and Davidfirst relocated here was a hoot! She has a great sense of humor and is totally not afraid to be self-deprecating. That episode when she dressed the blow-up doll to be her, in order to fool the paparazzi was ridiculous.

        I love the first cover!

    •  Vanessa

      I’m going to leap to her defence. My mother knows a photographer who has worked extensively with the couple and says she’s very kind, but very shy.

  9. Holly Hamilton

    The contrast of supremely feminine and masculine (and equally mesmerizingly gorgeous and famous) makes me at least, want to pick up the magazine while in line at the supermarket. (buy it? hahahahaha)

  10. Alicia

    Posh had to put herself on the cover to make up for hers being the least flattering picture on the group shot.

  11. TaraMisu

    I love all 3 of these covers, I had no idea the Spice Girls were on the cover of Vogue!

  12. Deanna

    I’m pretty sure that Paris Vogue is the edition that gets sold in France, and that French Vogue is the edition that gets sold in other francophone territories.

  13.  Vanessa

    I love them ALL

  14. Guerra

    Love her!!

  15.  CopyChic

    I don’t begrudge her for the lack of smiling, as so many celebs cheese hard enough (and can barely keep their clothes on or their tongues in their mouths). Those two are so well dressed and good looking, they could probably launch their own magazine. “At Home with the Beckhams,” “Posh Living.” “Better Becks and Gardens.” If she’d mix up the Posh Pose once in a while, I could be sold on a subscription.

  16. Gal

    Has she ever smiled?

  17. Squirrel!

    My brain keeps trying to interpret something in the negative space surrounding their faces on the first cover.

  18. Hadley


  19. Caro

    These two are so full of themselves, it’s exhausting.

  20. aaron

    except of course vogue paris has nothing at all to do with anna wintour. also VP routinely invites noteworthy individuals to guest edit their december issue, and they usually put themselves on the cover. i mean who wouldn’t?

    and there is no difference between french vogue and vogue paris.

  21. Eli

    Wow…I guess I did not appreciate how much Posh has ahem, changed her face until I saw the first pictures juxtaposed with the last.

  22. HeyBernadette


    I’ve never seen the big deal with him but if he held me like that first picture I’d fold like a tent.