Well Played Cover: Lady Gaga


You guys may think I’m insane for this, but I have to say, this is super effective for me.

I know we get cranky about covers where the subjects don’t really look recognizably themselves, but here’s why I think that’s an asset here: 1) We’ve gotten to the point where who the hell KNOWS or REMEMBERS what Lady Gaga even looks like anymore; 2) I have complete and total Gaga fatigue, and I don’t think I’m alone in that; 3) seeing her on this cover made me interested instead of eye-rolly, because the silhouette is so striking, the color is majestic, and I don’t think I’ve seen her like this in a long time. I practically forgot she even HAD a face. It makes me faintly curious about her again, which I never thought would happen, and that is about the only way you’re likely to get me to pick up a five-pound magazine and bring it home. Sure, it hasn’t WORKED — the odds of me actually doing that are slimmer than her waist in this picture; I only barely have patience for free weights in the gym, and I have enough doorstops — but they got me about as close as I was going to get, by convincing me maybe there was something to see in here that I hadn’t already looked at a thousand times. Mission accomplished, I think.

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  1. fritanga

    Dunno; to me she looks like Albino Cher here.

    • Emily

      I’m 98% sure the Gaga would take that as a complement.

    • Jules

      My first thought before I put on my glasses and read the text was ‘Wow, Jessica Biel is TRYING SO HARD’; I think it’s the prominent-front-teeth thing that did it to me.

  2. Sue

    Great cover. Striking, not traditionally “pretty” but still beautiful, etc. Love it.

    One thing I do like about Gaga, is that she’s actually quite pretty but doesn’t spend all of her time or energy reminding us of that.

    • Sandra

      Of course she doesn’t. She uses all that time and energy reminding us how edgy and artistic she is.

      I like the color but the shape reminds me of Jeannie’s bottle.

    • Tiffany

      I agree. Gaga actually has a really beautiful face IMO, but I LOVE that she doesn’t always go for the “pretty look”. In her “before” pictures with dark hair she looks like Lourdes Leon (funny huh?).

      I love the texture in her hair and the dress. I think textures are really big in fashion right now (layering leather, lace, knits, etc.), and I think she kind of embodies that trend in fashion in this cover.

  3. Tracey

    Agreed FUG ladies. Excellent, effective cover. With regard to the comments, I think Gaga is an average pretty woman and I admire her for keeping her not-so-perfect nose. She is pretty as Madonna was pretty, with imperfections, and it’s one thing I like about her.

    • yeahandalso

      I would disagree there I think Gaga is a bit jolie laide but Madonna was always a very classic and conventional beauty, just with gapped teeth and 80′s street style. If you think of things like her Marilyn get up in Material girl or something like Take A Bow there really is nothing quirky or different about her looks, she was just plain pretty.

      Does anybody know who made this dress? I’d love to see if there is more in that color in the collection.

  4. pantsonfire

    What I like about this is that it evokes a fashion sketch, which feels arty, oddly authentic, and a little classic.

  5. tassie

    Looks like Jessica Rabbit. Maybe it’s b/c it’s a picture of the cover but it looks like animation to me. That’s what I thought it was at first. Her body looks very strangely shaped here. Two dimensional & poorly photoshopped. Is she twisted? Standing sideways? Where’s her right arm? It might be the pattern of the material.

    • ceecee

      Yes, Jessica Rabbit! That’s what I thought too. Beautiful but cartoony.
      She’s not really bad- she’s just drawn that way.

  6. MsMolly

    In a weird way it’s sort of like she’s cosplaying RuPaul here. I like it!

  7. sophie

    It looks like it was shot while she was laying down and they just photoshopped it into her standing up. The dress is great though.

  8. emk

    The first time I saw this I thought it was RuPaul

    • HV

      She said on Twitter that she was trying to channel Ru, which is all kinds of awesome. There is currently a Facebook campaign to get Ru on the cover of Vogue. Ha! Love it.

  9. vandalfan

    The colors, with her loud gown and the red ribbon, are incredibly eye-catching, which I’m sure is the point. She is a mere cartoon parody (which tells me all I need to know about her music) so the silly shape of the mermaid is fine. Now, if they had properly presented her faux ‘fro, it might have met with my approval.

  10. Kristina

    Glanced at the cover and thought Vogue had the balls to put “Lady Gaga? Again?” on there, but no.

  11. Ty3009

    I think the silhouette of the dress is very striking and it’s an effective image. I’m not crazy about the hair and there is a RuPaul resemblance (which GaGa acknowledged via Twitter) but overall I’d give it a well-played

  12. Candy Jo

    Think you see
    a dress?

    at first i thought this was beautifully dramatic (the color, the shape, even the hair), but then I wondered how tight it was around the legs and noticed the shadows above her knees. methinks that this is a jumpsuit! if 916 pages of fashion for all equates to jumpsuits, count me out.

  13. Katharine

    The cover is an homage to RuPaul, I believe. I -love- it.

  14. Fifie

    I love the colour and am generally pro-Gaga, but it looks to me like they photoshopped in her head, shoulders and part of an arm on to a cartoon.

  15. Tegan

    I agree. This is a very effective cover. It maintains the fantasy that Lady Gaga has built her career on while bringing a level of sophistication that she has never quite mastered on her own. What’s irking me is the giant red ribbon threading its way through the word “Vogue”. It detracts from the fierce color story Gaga’s dress is bringing to the table and muddies the cleanliness of the background. The longer I stare at it, the angrier it’s making me. I just don’t understand. Is Vogue awarding itself an honorary Olympic ribbon? Is that what is going on here? Or is La Wintour awarding it to the mail carriers of America for hauling this monstrosity to our doorsteps (Sorry Mr. Mail Carrier).

  16. Kat

    She kiiiinda looks like a trufula tree.

  17. Lisa S.

    It seems like a direct homage to the Tattinger ads — not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s sort of sad when an editorial seems like it was inspired by a champagne print ad.

  18. Anna Svahn

    I would love it if it were a pantsuit!!!

  19. Jacq

    I was so over Gaga and her nonsense until I a) saw her being funny and nice on the Graham Norton Show, and b) saw her in concert here in Auckland a couple of months ago – she was AWESOME.

    I definitely think that’s a cracked-out jumpsuit.

  20. Carolina Girl

    I also have a touch of Gaga fatigue but I quite like this cover. It reminds me of the AnOther Magazine cover featuring SWINTON (where has she been lately??) where she was either standing on stilts or the photo was stretched to make her legs look 10 miles long.

  21. Amanda

    She looks like a glammed-up Cheri Oteri. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

  22. Maria L.

    She may be going for Ru Paul, but she looks like a grown-up Cindy Lou Who to me.

  23. LibraryChick

    To review, so far we see Cher, RuPaul, Cheri Oteri, and Cindy Lou Who. Every time someone proposes a different vision, I definitely see it, so I guess this is a good example of Gaga chameleon face? Love the color and the shape is engaging, but I really can’t tell whether it’s a dress or a cracked-out jumpsuit. I

  24. Sandala

    I love her. She’s non stop performance art.

  25. bethy

    Yeah but, next to the whoever in the whatever it says Chelsea Clinton: an inside look. Gotta go get it right away.

  26. Darren Tate

    “Think you know Lady Gaga?” Well I should, considering she’s still being shoved down our collective throats 24/7.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    Now THAT is colour.

  28. Sajorina

    Really?! I HATE IT! If this was RuPaul, I’d LOVE it! Cover FAIL!!!

  29. Fashion Industry

    The dress is so charming and her hair is so crazy.

  30. Talley Lach

    I like the cover over all, but it has been photoshopped within an inch of it’s life. Her waist & kness can’t actually be that thin.

  31. Hannah

    I. LOVE. THIS.

  32. GeauxFallon

    I thought it was RuPaul. This is fierce the house down! WERK!

  33. gryt

    That’s a great cover.

  34. Ms. A.

    This cover is FIERCE.

  35. elz

    I thought it was RuPau. I kept wondering why everyone was talking about Gaga. Swear that looks like Ru. Good Ru, but straight up RuPaul.

  36. Corrine

    This makes me so sad Lady Marmalade occurred pre-Gaga.