Well Played Cover: Kate Upton on Elle

This is my favorite of all the Kate Upton covers.

You know how much I abhorred her Sports Illustrated pictures, and I actually wasn’t completely in love with her Vogue cover, either. It was MUCH MUCH BETTER — like, a million percent — but I just wasn’t sure her face was carrying that much makeup. So for me, this this is the Kate Upton lightbulb moment. This is the one where I’m looking at it and thinking, “Okay, yes, I get it.” On SI, her body was made so cartoonish in the flossy bathing suit, and in the hoodie, and her face was treated like it was totally beside the point (which on some level it probably is, in that issue, but it shouldn’t be, and that’s dumb). Here, her body is just as hot and curvy, but her face is more than the cherry on the sundae. It IS the sundae.

If I have a beef, it’s that somehow her hand looks enormous and lifeless, pressed against her face; it doesn’t look like we caught her in a moment of alluringly fixing her hair, so much as she slapped her meathook over her ear because she hopes no one will notice that she lost an earring. And I JUST noticed that they didn’t Photoshop out the crease her dress is making around her groin, which feels like a mistake. But her eyes are giving me so much Tyra that it’s hard to care about the rest.

[Photo: Elle]


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  1. Jill

    She looks beautiful……I love the red! But it does look like she’s trying to block out the voice of whomever is yapping into her left ear.

  2. annie

    She’s gorgeous, her figure is amazing. But, the “Happy” necklace is not my thing at all.

    • Elizabeth Rafferty

      That’s what jumped out to me. The “Happy” necklace is kind of insane looking, honestly.

    • ohsohappy

      Yes, I have to agree. It is totally unnecessary. I am almost thinking no necklace at all would have been preferable. It’s all just too much with those bracelets up there, too.

    • Ashley

      Are we sure that’s what is says? I’m not seeing a “p” there.. but I can’t think of what is does say either.

      • remi

        was wondering what the necklace spelled out so I turned to the comments sections! Happy seems to be the word. But there seems to be a necklace over it which might also be saying something, or it is just really weirdly shaped.

        I guess you can answer your phone, but let us read your necklaces properly!

        • julie

          I believe these are two necklaces, and they say “Cool” and “Happy”.

    • Cin

      I’m glad I read this, because I think I was subliminally influenced by the post and thought that the necklace said ‘Hand’…

  3. Other Emily

    More coverage = more sexy. Such a simple concept, really, but apparently hard to live by. Her body looks amazing here — AMAZING — without pieces hanging out all over the place. And her face is beautiful and natural. This cover is a total win.

  4. Laura

    putting your hand on the side of your head- so hot right now according to Kate Upton & JLaw!

  5. Kristen from MA

    Agreed: I hated those SI covers. They were like portraits of boobs that happened to have a woman attached. Here, we see the whole woman, and she looks great.

  6. Annie E

    I think this is pretty boring, but maybe just because it’s the newstand cover and they’re all pretty boring. I wonder what the subscriber cover looks like (and I’m too lazy to try to Google it).

  7. TaraMisu

    Also not a fan of the “phone hand”, but I DO like this cover overall, well done!

  8. yeahandalso

    I find her and this cover both to be very pretty but also very generic and forgettable

  9. S

    I don’t get her.

  10. Liviania

    I don’t mind that they didn’t take out the crease at the groin. Clothes, they crease across groins. As long as it’s not pulling because it’s too tight, it’s good.

  11. Tiffany

    I think she looks beautiful. I think she has great eyes and I love the little mole by her lip, so reminds me of Cindy Crawford. I think she shares the same vibe (a healthy sexy), so I feel like the mole is appropriate!

    I really like the red with the gold accessories. I think the tones flatter her coloring. I agree about the “happy” necklace, though…seems out of place.

    • Lucasta

      You are so right re: Cindy Crawford!

      • HelenBackAgain

        Except Cindy Crawford is unique and memorable-looking.

        Now that I’ve scrolled down away from the photo, I have no idea again what this girl’s face looks like.

        • Trace

          Yep, Cindy had charisma. This girl (along with most models today), although very attractive, is kind of generic and doesn’t seem to have much personality coming through.

  12. Em

    Yeah…. still don’t get it…

  13. Pam

    She’s beautiful and seems like a nice girl. But she can’t model at all. She always looks awkward.

  14. HelenBackAgain

    Count me in with “still not getting it.”

    This looks utterly generic to me. It could be any model, on any magazine, anywhere. And I have zero interest in looking inside.

  15. Katherine

    Yup, don’t get it. She’s nice looking, but *just* nice, not amazing or anything. Meh

  16. Dani

    This is my “yes” cover too, Fuggirls. I think she’s stunningly gorgeous but none of her mag covers have really captured it until this one.

  17. Sajorina

    She is GORGEOUS! love this picture of her! It is so successful as a cover picture that even though she’s wearing a red dress and a ton of jewelry, my eyes focus on her face! Well Played, indeed! But, there are so many words, which overwhelm me, that I can’t look at it for too long!

  18. Anna

    Wait, you’re complaining about the LACK of photoshop! Just. Cant. Win.

  19. Lucasta

    That is some FACE. I loved her Vogue cover too but this one is seriously great. Those eyebrows!

  20. Melly

    The look is classy, but that man-hand is straight out of Seinfeld.

  21.  Sarah

    I actually like the Vogue cover much better. She just looks really generic here to me.

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