Well Played Cover: Emma Watson


I know some of you may disagree with this, but I think this cover is great.  No makeup, great eyebrows, and, essentially, NOTHING interfering with her face. On a cover where they’re plugging a skin-care article, this seems smart, and it’s refreshing to see a teen magazine actually go the Fresh Faced route occasionally. Bonus points for kind of funky hair that doesn’t fight with her face, and actually kind of manages to look sort of simple and easy. I may, however, by biased by how much I love her. Hermione, you grew up so well.

What do you guys think?

[Photo: Teen Vogue]

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    DOUBLE FIST PUMP! <3 this.

  2. PetuniasMama

    A million points to Gryffindor!

  3. Miranda

    The hair has a whiff of mullett about it, but she is so wonderful that I don’t care. See child actors? This is what good parents and good schooling can do for you!

    • H.C.

      That hairdo is a bit distracting for me too, but my bigger gripe is having her wear that sweater for an August issue (though that just might be the triple-digit heatwave talking)

      • Sandye

        Yes, but it is traditional for August issues to have back-to-school clothes for teens. At least it was when I was a teen. August is when my Mom and I would go clothes shopping for the school year.

  4. cdd

    on first glance i thought this was ali lohan. it has really throw me for a loop.

    • OH

      YES! That’s it! I knew she looked like someone else on the cover and my brain kept going to Lindsay Lohan but I knew that wasn’t right.

  5. Sandra

    The whole idea of Teen Vogue squicks me out something fierce; it smacks of training wheels for blatant consumerism. But Emma looks fabulous. I hope she really is as down-to-earth as she seems.

  6. HelenBackAgain

    I do not love the hair, I don’t even like it, but it is SUCH A RELIEF to see a magazine cover featuring someone who actually looks like HERSELF.

    • Maria L.

      This. I hate the hair but she looks so wonderfully glowing and natural and normal. She is beautiful.

  7. wildviolette

    I think Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Taylor Momsen should be taking copious notes. THIS is how you grow-up in the public eye!

  8. Alison

    I love the whole thing and I love her.

  9. Goldfish

    She’s doing the Kristen Stewart slightly open mouth thing, but it doesn’t look hostile and aggressive on Emma.

    • Heidi

      Yes–I’m on board with all of it but the mouth thing. I wish she didn’t have that look on her face, but her face looks great. It’s a win for me, though, that my gripe isn’t something that’s photoshopped.

    • Squirrel!

      I thought it WAS Kristen Stewart at first glance.

    • Janice

      Or adenoidal.

  10. Leigh

    I don’t think it’s humanly possible to make her look bad, however I do wish they’d have flicked that bit of hair off her right shoulder, so it looks more like a ponytail.

  11. Greena

    Love her
    Don’t get the open mouth pose thing

  12. KO33

    She looks fresh and beautiful. I love everything about it…except…the Jessica Simpson mouth gape.

  13. Claire1

    THIS is the kind of picture of a young woman I want my kid to see on a teen magazine.

    Oh..and I’m so jealous of the freckles…I’ve always wanted freckles….those kind…that perfect little splatter across the nose!

    I like the hair because it’s a little rock ‘n’ roll faux hawk rockabilly ish…and still with a natural look. Then again…I really enjoy the funky hair that can be tamed back if need be.

  14. Amanda

    I freaking LOVE it when the makeup artists let her have her freckles. That girl is as cute as the day is long.

  15. HKS

    Oh boy. Sorry to say, I just don’t like it. I mean, I love HER, and her face is gorgeous. But since I’m judging on styling, expression, etc., it is not that great for me. I think everyone mentioned the issues I have: the hair is no good. Someone called it “mullet-y” – which is spot-on. And I really don’t like that open mouth thing happening at all. It makes her look sort of dumb. And she’s HERMIONE. She’s anything but dumb.

    HOWEVER, I do agree that the lack of makeup (or lack of VISIBLE makeup) is great, and like I said, her face in general is great, so I can’t give this a fug. It’s more a …. feh.

  16. asha

    It’s fine, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when people say photographs like this feature someone with “no makeup.” She has makeup on, it’s just subtle (which, I agree, is nice). Also, between the hair and the mouth gape, she’s for sure got a touch of the KStew, but it works for Hermione!

    •  Noodle

      Agree! Minimal makeup, while certainly a change from the usual spackle routine, is not the same as no makeup at all.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Thirding that. This is very light, natural-look makeup, artfully applied (and my hat’s off to the artist). It is NOT “no makeup.”

      • Goldfish

        Yeah, that bugs me, too. This is going waaaaay back, but I once saw the female cast of Little House on the Prairie interviewed on like, Current Affair (told you I was going Old School) and the interviewer asked them how nice it must be to finally do a show where the characters were makeup-free so they didn’t have to spend an hour in makeup every morning, and the younger girls were like and then my girl Ma Ingalls finally piped up and said, “I spend more time in the makeup trailer here than any other job I’ve had. For that natural look.”

        Yes, that was centuries ago, this story, but same issue. Emma had as much Gay Magic applied as any other cover model. This is, as always, in interest of us not putting unfair judgments on ourselves.

        • Goldfish

          “The younger girls were like (crickets, crickets)” The GFY auto-computer took out my pointy brackets, and digitally kicked me in moderation for my stolen from Tina Fey “gay magic” line. Except, maybe it kicked me in there because it was busting me from stealing it from Tina Fey without attribution.

  17. Kat

    I did a double take when I saw this because it looked like Kendall Jenner but with lighter hair.

    I kind of miss Emma’s pixie cut though

  18.  Clare

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I find this HIDEOUS–it makes her face look about 2 feet long. Her hair is horrible and yes, she is wearing makeup.

    • Janice

      They’ve done something to her face shape, probably making her jaw narrower, that makes her look Jughead-like.

      That said, may this be the worst cover photo she ever has.

  19.  trixila

    I think she looks great, if a little Posh-ish.

  20. Marion

    Just beautiful :)

  21. BookieBookie


  22. Eva Marie

    There is no way she is not wearing make up. At a minimum she wearing foundation, mascara and lipstick.

    • cruzilla

      I agree – I would call this “natural-looking” makeup. She looks great, and I would love to see what she was wearing for that natural look. She clearly has on eye shadow as well.

  23. Kate

    I love it, but I think I love it mostly because of how excited Emma herself was about it. (I know this via Twitter, not because we’re BFFs. I ONLY WISH WE WERE).

  24. Sarah

    I love it, I love her. She is so wonderful.

  25. Vi

    She is lovely, fresh-faced and has beautiful freckles. My freckles should look so good.
    All celebrity young adults need only to look to this amazing young woman to see how it’s done growing up in the public eye. Emma, you are an inspiration.
    I am not usually enamored of Teen Vogue, but here, they done good.

  26. Kevin

    This looks like it was taken in a funhouse mirror. Are they casting for a female reboot of Max Headroom?

  27.  ohsohappy

    How absolutely beautiful she is. I didn’t even know she had freckles. What a doll.

  28. Squirrel!

    I don’t get the mullet comments. Did no one pull back the sides of their hair into a barrette at the back of the head?

  29. izzyb

    I personally love the cover. Very pretty and I don’t have any problem with the hair or mouth.
    However, yes, let’s please be honest about the no-makeup. Please. I did a photoshoot last summer for a skin care product and we had to go “au naturel” to show how glowing the product made us look. I can tell you I’ve never worn so much makeup in my life than that day to look like I wasn’t wearing any!

  30.  Emma

    I don’t like it. She looks like Vicky Pollard.

  31. Sajorina

    This is trully lovely! Well Played, indeed!

  32. Gayle

    Of course she is wearing makeup. You didn’t mean “no” makeup, did you?

  33. daphne

    .. Emma Watson is one of the few instances I cannot separate the person from the picture: she is lovely. so refreshingly humble and sane and smart (from what I’ve read- I certainly do not know her!) that I see her through the proverbial rose colored glasses–

    given that imperfection is hard to avoid in this life (!), I’d say a slightly less-than-ideal hairstyle and mouth in a single picture is easy for me to forgive !

    she manages her considerable fame and scrutiny with a grace that is a pleasure to see- not to mention her genes carried her from tiny tot to supposedly-awkward teen to young adult with a smoothness that is almost unreal–

    I’m gushing. sheesh. sorry.

    • Goldfish

      Gushing is allowed. I am Team Emma also, for the reasons you give. She doesn’t try too hard, but she excels.

  34. Maya

    I’m not crazy about the styling – it has a whiff of the Eighties about it (the hair; the off-the-shoulder sweater) which I don’t think is either particularly current or particularly her. To repeat pretty much everyone else’s sentiments, though, SHE looks lovely, and can make pretty much anything seem charmingly palatable.

  35. Kathleen Trail

    Hooray for freckles!!!!!!!!

  36. pixie

    I agree that she looks gorgeous, and I love the subtle makeup. But I’m also okay with the mouth open thing. There’s a hint of a smile there and, as always, something intelligent in her expression unlike Jessica Simpson’s slack-jawed yokel pose.

    • HelenBackAgain

      No need to bag on Jessica Simpson in order to praise Emma.

      • pixie

        Considering Jessica’s chronic open-mouth pose has been criticized countless times on this very site and was even mentioned by another commenter above, it seemed like an appropriate comparison. My point was that even though others have criticized Emma’s open mouth in this picture, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as other celebrities who have posed that way.

        • Goldfish

          I’m sorry, but to not put KStew by name in this conflict is unconscionable. Her lips have never been together ever, except when pursed in disdain on the runway and public events. If we are going to have an annoyingly-open-mouth contest, I am Team Kristen and game on!

        • HelenBackAgain

          My point was that even though others have criticized Emma’s open mouth in this picture, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as other celebrities who have posed that way.

          Simply saying which makes that point very neatly – without calling anyone a “slack-jawed yokel.”

  37. Rachel

    I think she looks like Ygritte from Game of Thrones, and I like it.

  38. nicolegrr

    Love it. Love her.

  39. Darryl Forests

    She looks like on on my fav men – David Bowie!! Youzir

    Darryl Forest
    Who Loves DinoCrisis

  40. Miss Wix

    “no makeup”

  41. FatFreeFashion

    Young and fresh-faced, perfectly appropriate for a teen mag. Great look!


  42. Jennifer O.

    Freckles! That is all.

  43. Debster822

    Perfect. She’s so much prettier than all those ‘shopped photos.

  44. Vandalfan

    She should close her mouth, though. Really.

  45. Julie

    She’s wearing a good amount of make-up, probably even some false lashes.