Well Played Cover: Elle Fanning Teen Vogue


I think this is such a pretty picture of her:

Elle Fanning Teen Vogue June/July 2014

So grown-up up and sort of….wistful-with-a-secret-but-a-good-secret. Sure, what we can see of her outfit looks a BIT like what a 1920s chorus girl would wear in a routine about mermaids, but it’s summer. That’s not entirely off-topic.

[Photo: Teen Vogue]

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Comments (14):

  1.  HelenBackAgain

    Great face shot! Love the slightly quizzical expression.

    But I feel like I’m seeing her boobs, even though I know I’m not. Terrible clothing choice.

    •  ohsohappy

      Exactly. The color of the fabric over her boobs is too similar to her skin tone. The writing doesn’t help as it obscures it all.

  2. Elisa

    Such a cute cover! I had a hard time remembering it was Elle, as I kept going back and forth thinking it was Kate Bosworth! Weird…..

  3. Art Eclectic

    I wish I could see the whole outfit, because I might want it. 1920s chorus girl mermaid is totally in my wheelhouse.

  4. marylou bethune

    If ever any gal was a mermaid in another life, it was the darling Elle Fanning. She looks fab.

  5.  Linda_AZ

    Such a lovely girl!

  6.  deecat

    She looks like the lost Deschanel sister in this photo!

  7. Sarah

    I love this photo. She looks cool and confident and just what I’d want to look like if I were still a teen. Her interview was really great, too. She seems really well-adjusted for a kid so young.

  8. Reina

    So nice and safe. Why can’t all magazines let the cover girls be nice and safe. It’s so much nicer.

  9. jean

    I just read that old Rolling Stone article featuring Lorde in which she slams the whole glossy blonde look of Disney but the Fannings somehow rise above the stereotype. They are polished but look real. No dead eyes. Both grew up in the business. What did their families do right? Such personality.

  10. bekabot

    The dress looks droopy, but she looks great. Advantage, her.

  11. Other Emily

    I just love this kid. I so enjoyed her in Maleficent and everything else she’s ever been in. She has the most beautiful, open face and smile that you actually believe she’s as happy as her character is supposed to be. The flesh tone part here bugs me a little, but I don’t even care, I think she looks fab.

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