Well Played Cover, Claire Danes


I called this one (did you?)! I’m so proud. I even knew they’d mention the baby. I will give myself a cookie as a reward. Now, let’s talk about this cover. I am a bit torn; the trench is WAY TOO HOT for August, but it’s also thematic given that we always think of the CIA/FBI wearing a trench, and I guess it’s time for us to talk about fall clothes already? Ugh, Vogue, I can’t. It’s too hot.  Although, I love trenches, and this one is beautiful. Additionally, I need to read about the facelift of the future AND how to keep from shrinking (I assume step one is not to marry one of The Twits) AND I probably need to make fun of the article that’s going to treat Brooklyn like it’s, I don’t know, the depths of Peru so exotic it is! And who doesn’t want to see lots of Damian Lewis? So I’m giving this one a tentative thumbs up, even though I hate her makeup and think it makes her look a tad bit like she’s running a fever. Or maybe she’s just really hot in that trench.

[Photo: Vogue]

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  1. Kate

    I need that gold belt in my life RIGHT NOW.

  2.  Carolina Girl

    I don’t understand the slightly plastic looking trench and the bucolic background. If the trees and grass are THAT green, would you really need a leather trench? Is she supposed to be a socialite/spy/whatever whose 1936 Aston Martin broke down in the English countryside while she was following Lady Whatshername’s killer?
    Maybe this was just an excuse to showcase that belt, which is pretty fantastic.

  3. Miranda

    A medical rubber trench? No thanks!

  4. Carrie Ann

    I wish they hadn’t Photoshopped her face, because that and the heavy makeup is making her look really strange and alien-like. The trench is great though.

  5. Leah

    I could probably use that belt as a garter, at best.

  6. Sara

    I mean, yeah the cover, but the photos of her and Damian on the inside are FLAWLESS.

  7. Heather

    Her face is creeping me the hell out. I do like the coat, though.

    Beyond that, while this itself isn’t bothersome on its own merits, I am getting so impatient with magazines who aren’t trying that hard. This is, to me, like someone over there forgot they had to do a cover and then was like, ‘Shit, okay, Claire Danes is sort of a spy on her show, right? Put her in a trench coat. We have tons of those. And then stick her in a field, because get it, ‘the field’ is where spies do their work? HA HA HA. Done. Martini time.”

    • Kate

      US Vogue has gotten lazy. Although at least this isn’t another version of the same seated pose they’d been using for the past couple months?

    • Julia

      I mean, I know what Claire Danes’s face looks like. And this is…not quite right.

      •  ErinG

        I think the hyper-saturated color doesn’t help the face situation – I understand wanting to make the field look as bucolic and pretty as possible (even if I don’t get the wardrobe they gave her to match said field), but then they ramped up all the color in the whole photo, giving her clown blush, making her eyes look Olan Mills-esque, and made that trench look far cheaper than it is.

  8. Margaret

    I love Claire but was wondering about her eyes….the article says they are blue but the cover makes them look green. It’s probably just the lighting in my sad, windowless office. Perhaps that gold belt would brighten things up!

    • Sara

      I think they’re blue-green.

    • hfree

      Considering she was the spokesperson for Latisse just be glad they haven’t morphed into mud brown. (Not knocking brown eyes, just the bizzarro side-effects of Latisse)

      • Jessica

        I’ve heard that the eye-color-turn side effect of Latisse is actually EXTRAORDINARILY rare. I’m sure they hired her for that very reason, actually.

  9. KO33

    She looks like Cate Blanchett’s mannish younger sister, and not in a good way.

  10. TonyG

    Love the coat, like the cover, the cheek-y make-up I will give a pass.

  11. maryse

    i think she looks weird on the cover. she has such a striking face and this cover tries to soften her up and makes her look weird. however she looks gorgeous in the magazine and i love how they styled her. so elegant.

  12. Goldfish

    I think she look fantastic here. Uh, clothes-wise, though — I love the coat a great deal, except for the Electro Woman and Dyna Girl belt (young people, ask your elders). Whatever they did to her face is jacked up. Really jacked up. She looks very Lord of the Rings.

    I want to add this (Way OT) because she never gets credit for this, and it is so important: Claire Danes gets a free pass for well-played in life for all she’s done to de-stigmatize bipolar illness by serving up the FIRST even half-way accurate portrayal (good and bad) of the illness in the history of film or television (yes, really). I’m bipolar, and my parents actually understand my illness better from watching “Homeland.” And, her face does not look jacked up on that show.

    • claire1

      I also love her for the Temple Grandin movie….

      I work with children who have autism. Temple Grandin is my “Your child is NOT broken, we just need to fix ourselves in order to help him to be his most” talisman…and thanks to the movie ( and TED talks) I can suggest something to watch that may not lead them to their child’s exact place…but shows that autism doesn’t mean they’re stuck in my classroom their entire life.

      • Goldfish

        lol. This was like a PSA segment in the middle of the shallower, fashion related comments.

        •  FormerLibraryChick

          For some reason the outfit makes me think of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (but it needs an eyepatch).

          Also, since we have veered seriously OT now, she could learn a lot from Vin Diesel about how to act in a high-context culture like the Philippines. Good on her for the mental illness and autism spectrum awareness, but she could use a little cultural sensitivity if she should decide to work again in a poorer country.

          • Goldfish

            (continuing with OT, clothes-only people please scroll, lol)

            I drive a hybrid but I don’t recycle.

            The non-recycling has nothing to do with the goodness of me driving a hybrid and shouldn’t be brought into the same arena; good deeds are not mitigated by bad. And, I admit, I care far more about increasing awareness about illnesses that ruin lives and end lives than I am about cultural insensitivity in the Philippines. I’m very selfish and American in that way, and it’s not PC but I own it. (personal soapbox, sorry)

            But the real thing is, I am always intrigued when there is anything one might learn from Vin Diesal.

            • Goldfish

              (And you can substitute “anywhere” for “Philippines.” I’m not throwing a shade on the Philippines.)

  13. patuxxa

    It looks like they shot her on a greenscreen and badly Photoshopped her on a stock photo of “bucolic green pastures”. It feels very strange indeed.

  14. Noelle

    I kind of hate it. First, I miss the models. The only issue cover I’ve liked this year was the Kate Upton one. Second, this one is SO fake looking. It’s like they went to a photo studio from the 1970s and shot it in front of a meadow backdrop.

  15. HKS

    This cover is whatever to me, but the pics inside – wow. The clothes are fantastic, she looks fantastic, and of course, HE looks fantastic. Just gorgeous. I suggest everyone ignore this cover, and click that link for the inside slideshow. Amazing. (And I even though I can’t walk in heels, I want those Manolos in the first slideshow pic).

  16. Aj

    I don’t even like the trench — too many buttons and the color contrast between coat and buttons is too strong. I think the gold belt looks silly with this.

  17. HelenBackAgain

    They sorta smoothed her out too much, and it’s weird, yes, but the expression is nonetheless quintessentially Danes, to my eye. So I like that, although I will always and forever miss red hair on her. Well, unless she ever goes back to it.

    Also love the trench.

    Overall, it’s pretty good. But could’ve been much better VERY easily. All they had to do, was less.

  18. Jerika Coleman

    Well, at least we agree on the make-up. I think I pretty much hate it all, actually.

  19. Maria L.

    I feel like it is missing some sheep in the background. I think I pretty much hate it.

    And in the photos inside, Damian Lewis (who I love) looks like he’s trying not to fart or has just done so.

  20. googler

    The graphic designer in me is in a tizzy over the saturation levels. The whole thing is just too damned saturated to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s a very simple fix in Photoshop. No art director should EVER allow a background to be that shade of green. Ugh, it’s garish! The saturation levels are also part of why she looks freakish on the cover. Once again, magazine people have taken a gorgeous women and made her freakish and unrecognizable.

    • Goldfish

      Yes, ever since Lord of the Rings where they pioneered all that digital color grading junk, it’s everywhere, and now it’s creeping into magazines, esp. fashion magazine covers. It’s all well and good for Mordor, but Vogue doesn’t need to go there, and this is probably the worst case of it I’ve seen. It makes her look flat, also, almost like somebody has been doing some Claire Danes stalker-style scrapbooking. And that sh!t is wrong on many levels.

  21. Esme

    I think the cover is better than many I’ve seen lately, and I love the trench (although it probably only looks good on a tallish person, so not me). Of course, they’ve photoshopped the heck out of her face, but they do that to everyone, The background reminds me of her family’s country cabin on the show, where she and Brody have “hung out.”

  22. gryt

    That is just shitty photography. Maybe Danes just gave them 2 minutes? J/k. (I heard Oprah would do that with her O cover photogs.)

  23. AndersonickTK421

    Am I the only one singing Nippola ?

  24. Bella

    Her head looks like it was PS’ed on a body that maybe isn’t her’s? It seems to sit strangely.

  25. Evlayn

    The hair inside the collar just makes my neck itch. Otherwise, yes, I’d like to see more of Damien Lewis.

    • Erin

      THIS!! I canNOT stand that. Why do these magazines try so hard to make these beautiful women look unrecognizable and meh?

  26. val.

    I really love this golden blonde hair color on her so much more than the bleached out platinum she has been sporting on Homeland. It’s a much softer look!

    • Sara

      YES. I also realized the reason why I love this photoshoot is because her hair has some actual texture to it. A little wavy and not stick straight like it always is on Homeland.

      Claire Danes is obviously much more beautiful than Carrie Mathison, and my justification is that they make her look strung out when necessary.

      • Goldfish

        Her hair is only this rich, dark gold because of Photoshop. Just saying. Carrie Mathison has her hands so full with guns, and double agents she hooks up with, and being held hostage, and forgetting to take her meds and then making imprudent cellphone calls that she cannot be expected to maintain rich, dark gold, or even combed for that matter. That show is not heavy on glamor. Remember that one time she had messy hair AND a bleeding, matted head wound? Wintour’s not going to let that pass.

  27. Eli

    Am I mean because I still feel sort of grudge-y against her because of her carrying on with Billy Crudup when Mary Louise Parker was knocked up with his kid and I feel there was definitely overlap there? It even bleeds into my enjoyment of Little Women until she finally dies.

    • Jadzia

      It’s not just you. I finally decided to love Angela Chase and try to forget that she wears Claire Danes’s face.

    • Jadzia

      It’s not just you. I finally decided to love Angela Chase and try to forget that she wears Claire Danes’s face.

  28. AnnieB

    I love the coat, the background is gorgeous but I’m with you that it is too Autumnal (is that a word?) but my favorite picture by far is the gorgeous one inside the magazine lying down with Damian Lewis in full Marine dress blues. Who wouldn’t want to be lying down with Damian Lewis in uniform I ask ? Claire looks fabulous in that one too. The cover face is too devoid of emotion and her blush was applied by my Grandma.

  29. KDenae

    Ugh. I love a great, stoic expression but this…is missing the mark. I’m getting more stern school marm. But whatever because THAT TRENCH! Burberry Prorsum, bestill my heart. I love you so.

  30. Melanie Woodall

    Love the pictures inside the magazine. The cover, no. It just doesn’t look like her. Why, why are they making these beautiful women look unlike themselves? Stop with the photoshop already!

  31. Fritanga

    Danes can starve herself into oblivion, but she’ll always be a moose. The coat is awful and plasticky, the background looks like a beer ad.

    I really don’t like her because she impedes my Damian Lewis-worship with her scenery chewing, and yeah, she still retains residual cheese from the Crudup/Parker triangle. Bleh.

  32. Robin

    You have to be joking. Her head looks pasted on (bad, bad Photoshop) and color-tweaked to the point of resembling a CGI character more than gorgeous Claire Danes. Her eyes have been aimed in different directions – surely that isn’t natural? She hardly looks like herself. The makeup colors (Photoshop-up?) clash with the trenchcoat and the overall color scheme of the cover. And she appears to be green-screened onto a general country lane background. I just don’t see anything to like about this cover. *mystified*

  33.  Vandalfan

    I’m with Robin, this is dreadful photoshopping. It seems to be her visage plunked on some random model. And trench coats don’t come with hard metal circlets for belts.

  34. Sajorina

    I like it! The trench is GORGEOUS and Claire’s hair & makeup are great! She looks like a kick-ass spy welcoming fall! Plus, I like that the letters are white and not punching me in the face, so when I look at the cover I see her! FAB!

  35. LouisaFinnell

    Claire Danes is not one of those women who wear overly pink skin with overly yellow hair. This photo doesn’t do her justice. But I love the trench.

  36.  jay

    There must have been some sort of glitch in my RSS reader because I swear to god, the thumbnail that accompanied this headline for me was a picture of Adam Sandler as Opera Man. Not making this up. My brain went all sorts of bizarre places and then I HAD to click the link of course and now I’m a little sad. Better off, I’m sure, but sad.

  37. merae

    How is it that no one has mentioned the bizarre nipple thing happening? That was the first thing I noticed…

  38. Clare

    As someone who will always see Claire and think “Beth March” before “Angela Chase” or “Carrie Mathison,” I find the (scarlet) fever makeup to be an apt homage. Vogue’s photoshoppers are known for their deliberate allusions to 1990s movies, right?

  39. Janice

    I love the trench, especially the colour, but I want to start snipping off those Danish liquorice coin buttons. Buttons that blended more would be superb.