Well Played: Charles and Camilla (and others) At A Mask-Related Charity Event

This was for an event by The Elephant Family, which is not a pack of quirky British socialites, but “a small but hugely ambitious charity” that hopes to save the Asian elephant. If they keep doing it via parties that involve masks, I will give them everything.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Gigi

    Shame about Imran’s picture. The former Mr. Jemima Goldsmith is usually a total hottie.

    I LOVE that you always pick up on the strong and veddy British carnal undercurrent of the Charles and Camilla pairing and that he gave her the sexy air tiger claw! Le claw du TIGRE. Rarrr!

  2. qwertygirl

    This is the sort of thing that I would read about in an online newspaper and then have to check the URL: “Wait, is this The Guardian website, or The Onion?”

  3. Breda

    I enjoy that in the picture with Cara and Prince Charles, the lizard appears to have migrated to the head of the gentleman in the top left corner.

  4. Marion

    Is that Cara Delevigne’s lizard on the man next to Charles’ head in the 3rd pic?

  5. LoriK

    he got a giant inflatable flamingo pool toy and put it out there and named it Placido Flamingo.

    This is so great.

    •  Mcdey

      This is the best story I have ever heard.
      I have two lawn flamingos and I am absolutely going to name one of them Placido Flamingo. I am accepting naming suggestions for the second.

    • Claire1

      and I burst out laughing and was a little sad at “they committed birdicide”
      and I’ve decided I just LOVE your dad!

  6. Goldfish

    Several of these masks caused me to make the watching-fireworks “ahh!” sound.

  7. Amy

    I feel like you guys would want to know that Cara Delevingne is Joan Collins’ goddaughter. Does that mean she gets a lifelong Fug pass?

  8. Anne

    The brits…. They do eccentric more stylishly than any other nation. The flamingo masks are so cunning and chic. WHY, WHY was SWINTON not invited to this party? i want to see her magnificence bedecked with an equally devastating lobster.

  9. julyol1972

    After seeing pictures of the ‘Ballo in Maschera’ Masquerade Ball by Dolce & Gabbana last Saturday, this event is almost pedestrian in comparison. Even Cara’s nesting lizard pales in comparison to the insanity that was Anna Dello Russo’s get up.

    Fug Girls, please grant my birthday wish and do a feature either on this site or at The Cut. Between the madness of the costumes and your fantastic commentary, it should be a blog for the ages.

    You can chalk it up as your good deed for the year to all us faithful readers. Lol!!!

  10. Miranda

    Does anyone remember Jerry Hall’s reality show where guys competed to be her boy toy?? It was amazing. Also, Jerry looks great here. Fabulous hair!

    • Sajorina

      I was called “Kept” and aired on VH1! I saw the whole thing… I was sick at the time and stuck at home for months, so don’t judge! ;) My favorite was Austen, who didn’t get picked! He was gorgeous!

  11. mvan

    For the love of all things royal….can we please get Camilla an underwire brassiere? Even behind the mask it was easy to tell which one is her with her girls down around her waist. Fabulous photos of a very British party (really – only in Britain could they pull this off). Many thanks, and the comments accompanying some of the photos are LOL marvelous.

  12. Sajorina

    LOVE Cara’s & Poppy’s dresses! WANT! And Jerry Hall looks AMAZING! FAB! Plus, the “Placido Flamingo” story = PRICELESS!

    • cfmesq

      It was hard to focus on the dresses with all the hat and mask madness going on, but that gold number is absolutely gorgeous.

  13. fairi5fair

    I so want a lizard hat now.

  14. Christine

    Can someone please pick the wedgie of the American Apparel ad girl in the rainbow body suit?!? She looks uncomfortable.

    Other than that, the flamingo story makes me so happy, thanks for sharing!!! Your dad sounds amazing! :)

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    Placido Flamingo- a good name for a drag king.

  16. HelenBackAgain

    Love the crazy hats, but I really think a party with strippers needs to be held indoors.

    • Liz

      And what’s with their shoes? You’re a naked spectacle outside wearing sensible shoes? They make no sense. And why does every party these days have to have strippers?

      • Neil

        I think they’re meant to be Brazilian-style Carnival dancers rather than strippers? Judging by the headdresses anyway. Sensible shoes are probably easier to do Carnival-style dancing in?

  17. China

    Placido Flamingo is also a muppet.

  18. Nataly Hunt

    Very beautiful masks. The whole event seemed to be very interesting and captivating.

  19. nmlhats

    Is it kind of weird that a save-the-animals group president is wearing a hat largely composed of feathers? More than once in my 25-year millinery career an animal-rights or vegan type of client did not want anything on a hat that had come from an animal…so we excluded not only certain trims in those cases, but even wool or furfelt as a base in the fall and winter.

  20. Vandalfan

    I so wish my sister lived closer, so we could go to parties in matching flamingo hats.

  21. radiogrl1

    That last picture is Imran Khan? I could have sworn it was Charles Saatchi.

  22. LauraGMG

    I am in love with Cara’s dress! It redeems the odd headgear.


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