Well Played, Charlene of Monaco

No sooner did we theorize that Princess Charlene is addicted to neutrals, than she popped out of her principality in something else:

It’s pretty. Chocolatey. Fluttery. A flightless bird trying nonetheless to take wing, which is sadly allegorical to her wedding day situation. That in and of itself would be sort of brilliant if she did it on purpose, but also, she looks lovely in it — maybe it needs more dramatic makeup, but overall I think the lovely lady is doing a bang-up job taking her life lemons and turning them into some kind of tangy fermented hooch.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Gigi

    Good for her! She looks really great here.

  2. Misti Nicole

    Bless her. HRH looks lovely, as she should, considering she landed the douchiest of the Royal set.

  3. Amanda

    Wow, she looks really great here.

  4. Willow

    the dress is wonderful, if maybe a bit chunky, but something about the makeup is making her look a bit corpse-y.

    The over all effect is a bit like Tim Burton re-writting Chocolat. I kind of dig it.

  5. Bevvie Hedstrom

    The color does her no favors.

  6. Hollabc

    While nice to see her not in beige, something is a bit off. Not sure if it is the makeup or the color is too much for her. I would also like to see her in a necklace, her shoulders look so bare.

    • Alix

      Now see, if I had shoulders and razor-sharp collarbones like that, I’d display ‘em au naturel as much as possible. In fact, she should war strapless gowns as often as she can — they’re divine on her! (Just a *smidge* deeper with the lip color and the look would be A+++!)

  7. Sajorina

    I love it! It’s earthy and yet ethereal… I’d call this look “Lady Godiva”, both for the delicious chocolate color & the naked-horse riding-noblewoman from Coventry quality! It’s exquisitely GORGEOUS!

  8. Hot Sales Blog

    This dress looks yummy! Color is a really good choice! I think i like it


  9. Libby

    I think the color makes her look gaunt – I was so hoping for it to be crimson or another jewel tone. So close!

  10. sarah

    She looks fantastic. But I wish she didn’t have the shrug/shawl thing too…it’s just too much fabric. And I wish it was a little more of a purple. Like the hair, like the earings, her shoulders are crazy amazing. Best of all, she doesn’t have an expression that will make me sad all day.

  11. Patroushka

    Don’t look now, but brown IS a neutral!

    • GFY Heather

      But not the kind of neutral I meant.

      • Patroushka

        It’s not beige — but it’s still a neutral. Bleh. Think how lovely she would have looked in burgundy as someone else suggested.

      • GingerLover

        I dunno, I think the brown is warm, rich, a teensy bit coppery looking, and i do like the sort of “raining on prom night” tattered feel.
        a wee bit bolder in the make-up dept and it would be glorious, but it is quite nice as is.

  12. Emily

    I’d like to see a little different makeup, and a nice smile from the Princess. Then I would be totally on board. Very pretty dress and I love the color.

  13. Kat

    I think this would be perfect if she did something a little punchier with her makeup. Even just a darker lip would have made this divine. But, it is pretty good as is.

  14. goletagirl

    I dream of wearing this dress.

  15. Hot Sales Blog

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  16. NYCGirl

    I’m finding the fabric puzzling.

  17. Victoria

    In other photos the dress looked dark red, not brown. Very pretty.

  18. AJ

    Pretty dress!

    Eyes are still sad, though.

  19. Jen

    Am I the only one who thought this was Naomi Watts at first?

  20. Jill Raleigh

    Looks exactly like Naomi Watts!!!!

  21. Memo

    She is really too beautiful! I never think that she looks bad, even when in her head to toe boring neutrals.

  22. Softwear

    How is “chocolate” not a neutral?

  23. Amanda in Austin

    “Life lemons” is the name of my new band.

  24. Loulou

    She probably read you. That’s because she fanatically reads everything about herself on the Internet and she knows about GFY from the Red Forum/Royal Opinions. Her reading list expanded a lot by going on there. She had nothing else to do for 10 years while she was a kept woman in Monaco before getting married. She’s actually a cyber bully if you ask the forum girls.

  25. Rubee

    I think she’s missing some lip color and a touch of white eyeshadow or glitter below the eyebrow arc; and perhaps a tiny piece of jewellery around his neck -like a chain.

  26. Genesis P. Olenta

    I think her only way to get out of the “sad princess” look is to turn into something definitely more dramatic, in a Joan Collins kind of way. C’mon Charlene ! Fuchsia lisptick, a bright purple dress and big gold jewelry ! and DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR HAIR !

  27. Cranky Old Batt

    The dress looks like a 5 star $$$$$ but her hair looks like McDonalds on the run.

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