Well Played, Carey Mulligan

I thought Carey looked a bit drab at Tuesday’s party, so it’s a delight to see her look so charming and chic at the actual Gatbsy premiere.

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  1. Miranda

    Perfectly fine, but NEEDS MORE JEWELS! Just a necklace would help the whole affair, but a bracelet or two would be even better. Guess Carey isn’t a magpie like the rest of us…

    • Lori

      My thoughts exactly. She just needs… more.

      I would have also switched out the shoes for a metallic.

    •  me

      Agreed. Less subtle jewelry (slightly bigger and brighter earrings?) – since her face looks washed out.

    • Emma

      Does Tiffany hate Carey Mulligan? It’s like they said “you can wear anything you like from our glorious collection! As long as it’s only one item, and less than $500 in value.”

  2. cfmesq

    Finally a strapless dress that fits really well – doesn’t look as though it needs hoiking up and isn’t creating a boob squish. All the brides currently having fittings for their strapless wedding dresses should take note.

    • Helen

      Or maybe they just shouldn’t go strapless. I’ve never thought it appropriate for the occasion.

      Now get your hair out of your eyes and get off my lawn!… ;-)

      • jay

        yeah, that too. (As a busty wench, I’ve had to admit to myself that frequently strapless just ain’t gonna cut it. ARE YOU LISTENING, LENA DUNHAM?)

    •  bambi_beth

      In the close-up, I’m not certain it’s fitting quite right, but not because of boob squish. But the detailing is gorgeous and the color is great. I’m quite happy with this.

    • Emma

      I agree about busty wedding dresses. I don’t know why everyone goes strapless, when their are so many alluring sleeve options. Even on the red carpet, it’s rare for someone to go strapless without either squishing everything or looking dangerously close to revealing everything.

  3. holly

    I’d like the dress even more if it were 1″ shorter.

  4. Helen

    I would like to see it as little as just an inch shorter, for the most flattering length on her, and agree it needs more jewelry.

    But it’s a nice fit, especially the top (yay! so nice, not wanting to just reach into the photo and hoik up a strapless for a change), the color is great, and I like the hair and makeup with it. The subtle, barely there polish on fingers and toes is nice, too, not competing with the dress.

    Overall, definitely a win.

  5. Big Noise

    You know Coco Chanel’s advice about taking one thing off before you leave? Carey should have gone opposite — put one thing on (or two or three). That’s an awfully large expanse of bare flesh (albeit tastefully bare flesh) for a premiere. She needs some jewels.

  6.  Stefanie


    • Erin

      Especially after perusing Tiffany’s Jazz Age collection inspired by the movie. There is a cuff they sell for which I’d seriously contemplate wrestling an alligator.

  7. Mikki

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but the dress is kind of meh…looks like some sort of undergarment the heroine wears in a Regency romance whilst waiting for her maid to bring the rest of the outfit. And yes, jewels would be lovely too!

    • Karen G

      Okay, picture the dress with those Gatsby-esque Tiffany pearl necklaces, and the dress is fine. It’s just the lack of accessorizing that makes it meh.

    • Jessica

      I’ll be in the minority with you. It’s nice in the long shots but the close up makes me say “You forgot the dress that goes over your red Spanx, honey.”

    • Elle

      Meh is too high a compliment. She does not have a good shape for this dress. Maybe one the same color with fuller skirt and contrasting color jewelry.

      • Raimesela

        Agreed, the shape doesn’t work. I feel like she needs just a bit of curve/hip. It seems so straight, needs a fuller skirt & jewels. That said, I like her, she’s sooo low key & doesn’t seem conceited.

  8. Renee

    *This* is a Well Played?! She is three steps away from chic. The dress is fab – no arguments there. But the minimal-to-no makeup, paired with the I’m-washing-my-face bun and the I’m-wearing-Mommy’s-giant-shoes looks like she’s a small child playing dress up. The Great Gatsby is overflowing with metallic allusions. A pair of sleek heels with gold touches, and an arm full of delicate bangles, would have been enough. But this? This is disappointing.

    • Beth

      ^^ This times a million. It takes a special talent to fade into the background while wearing a red dress. She should have been shutting it down with some sort of glam accessory, and I can’t believe Tiffany let her walk out the door without wearing something big – bigger earrings, a necklace, even some bangles.

    • Nina

      To me, this is an “adequately played” outfit. It’s certainly not fug or offensive, but it is boring.

  9. Cristina

    This is perfect. I was discussing with a co-worker who also thinks it was too boring. But I feel like she’s probably sick of seeing herself as Daisy in the never-ending promos for the movie and being styled like she’s in character (a la Vogue) and went the completely opposite route. I love it.

    • Lion

      I love it too, as it is! More sparkle would overwhelm her, she is such a petite lady.

  10. Liz985

    Hmmm, this looks a bit unfinished to me. And I’m really not liking the corset-like top to the dress. Meh.

  11. TonyG

    The strapless is a nice fit, and a great color, but it looks like the dress has pockets up at the boobs. I know it doesn’t, but it looks like it. I wonder if anyone has ever designed a strapless with pockets up there, and, if so, what pray tell, would someone carry there?

    • TaraMisu

      Cell phone? No, too heavy.
      Cash for a cab? Maybe, but no coins….
      Pepper spray?

      :D :D :D

  12. martinipie

    Man she is so much cuter when her hair is not pulled back. I hope this isn’t a bodysnark but idk, the pulled-back look on her is just not working for me.

    • Helen

      No, that’s a styling quibble (similarly, you’ll find plenty of complaints about various sets of bangs in these pages, too).

      I think it works for her, but not everyone’s going to feel the same!

  13. swingbird

    Oh, I love this look! I want everything she has on, and the styling (or maybe its lack thereof) is right up my alley. I see though what y’all are saying, but I guess I just think she looks effortless and to me, that’s always appealing :)

  14. Kristina

    Those shoes are fired. They look straight out of Clueless and not in a good way.

  15. marie

    I was hoping for more pizzaz from her ala-Kidman at the Moulin Rogue premiere but I gues I might have to wait till the film opens Cannes.

  16. Tiffany

    I am so happy to see her in something that doesn’t wash her out. She looks so fantastic in that shade of red! Beautiful! Could be more jewels, but overall, she looks great.

  17. Courtney

    She is so naturally pretty and classy. I think the simplicity of this look is perfect for her. I’m not sure most people could pull it off without looking plain, but she does it so well.

  18. HKS

    I don’t know. My immediate reaction in seeing this dress is that it looks weird at the boobs. I love the color, but the stitching up at the top – especially right across the boobs – that just seems like an odd design choice.

  19. Liz

    Did Tiffany mean to publicize that they did her jewelry in the movie? Cause putting out a press release about the seriously subtle jewelry worn here doesn’t seem worth it.

  20. MelaniGriffith

    Girl is promoting a Baz Luhrmann extravaganza, set in the jazz age, full of eye-popping Prada and Tiffany excitement. This outfit just will not do. We want the outfit equivalent of jazz hands, Ms Mulligan.

  21. Lily1214

    Looks terrific.

  22. cynicalsmirk

    I’m not feeling the love. I think she looks gaunt and washed out. I don’t mind the hair, but a bit less sublety to the makeup would balance the colour of the dress. The shoes are ridiculously bad. And to quasi-quote our Fug Girl Friends…What Have Bracelets Ever Done to Her?

  23. daphne

    wow. I love this– the low-keyed-ness (?!) that other posters are noticing highlights the quality that wins me over about this ‘look’: her delicacy- even fragility.

    she looks like an innocent ballerina- there’s a poignancy about her that comes through- charming- that larger jewels, ‘pop’-ier makeup, edgy shoes might overpower..

    I could even see her going further in the ‘wrong’ direction and wearing ballerina flats ! but then the hue and cry would be loud, eh?!

    on another note entirely, sort of.. ?! one thing about this outfit contradicts Naomi Watts’ recent quote that she does NOT wear bright red because “it makes a blonde look like a porn star.”

    ain’t nuthin’ remotely porn star-like about Carey’s getup !

  24.  Janice

    Well-fitted, and nice colour, though not on Carey, especially with her hair bleached.

    Overall, though a delicate girl like her needs to wear simple things, this is too simple for an important event. It looks like a summer sundress. You could easily wear it with flip-flops.

  25. Vandalfan

    I just canNOT with her hair.