Well Played, Blake Lively


I think the expression on the dudes behind her kind of says it all:

Because both of those dudes’ faces are saying, “DAMN, Blake Lively looks fine.” And I have to agree that, damn, Blake Lively DOES look fine. She might even look foine.

On top of all of this, those shoes are fabulous and I die for that bracelet. FINE, S. You win this round.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Jill

    I think she looks perfect from head to toe; and that is something I never thought I would say about her.

    • julyol1972

      Agree! Have she officially retired “Boobs Legsly” not she’s a married woman? One can only hope!

      • julyol1972

        Good Lord! What the heck was I on earlier??? Okay, let me try this again!

        “Agree! Has she officially retired “Boobs Legsly” now that she’s a married woman? One can only hope!”


      • Morris

        I love me some Boobs Legsly!! She is so so beautiful and looks SMASHING here. I hope she gets out more, I’ve missed her (sartorially. Actingly, not so much).

        • Cindy

          I call her Boobs Legsly so often that I typically cannot even remember her given name.

  2. Lizzy

    Not a fan of that color, but it looks a-maz-ing on her. The whole thing is a win.

  3. Miranda

    It’s the color of medical rubber. No thank you.

  4.  Billie

    While I think this is absolutely beautiful on her, it is a smidge too tight across her hips. I really shouldn’t be seeing undergarment lines through leather. Regardless, it is smashing.

    • BrownEyedBetty

      agreed. my only issue is her panty-line which is….regrettable. Of all things in an otherwise perfect look !??! Love the color, the dress is feminine and flattering, the shoes …love it. wish I could rock it myself but ……no.

      • BrownEyedBetty

        actually now that I look at it again, she’s got two horizontal seams right at hip-level above and below bellybutton which, since it’s too tight anyway, look like pantylines. Very weird.

        • GFY Heather

          Between that and the bunching, I agree it looks too tight. Great otherwise, and I LOVE her hair, but snug.

  5. annie

    Neither boobs nor leglsy! See how nice you can look when you put it away.

  6. Leah

    Really??! You don’t think it’s like 20 sizes too small? Is this in style? Glad I saved that pencil skirt from 10 lbs ago! I am SO on top of this one!

  7. valerie

    It is great and neither Boobs, nor Legsly!

  8. Stefanie

    DAMN! I guess when you’re only leaving the house once or twice every other month you bring it. And bring it she did. Well done.

    Also, I worry Jen Garner is going to get angry at GFY nation for posting a Blake Lively post on top of a Ben Affleck post. You know..because of those rumors that Blake was actually on top of Ben at one point….

  9. Gine

    I’d love it if it were in any other color. The shoes I love as-is.

  10. Elle

    I think they’re saying “We forgot the Dijon mustard.”

  11. Beachlibrarian

    I covet her bracelet and shoes too. She looks like buttah…..yum.

  12. jjdaddyo

    That dress might be just a LEETLE too tight across the hips, though… I’d swear I could count the stitches in her panty seams. (sorry for that imagery, but you get the idea.)
    Otherwise, 100% win.

    • Rachael

      One of the things that creating the illusion of panty lines are two horizontal seams in the dress, cutting across her hips. Which, that’s kind of weird. I agree that the dress is a smidge too tight across the hips. Nevertheless, I call it a win. The gentlemen behind her don’t mind that it’s a bit too tight, to be sure, and I can’t bring myself to get too upset about it either :)

      •  jenelope

        Unless the seams are following the angle of her leg toward her crotch, those are definitely panty lines. If it was even half an inch bigger across the hips, it would be perfection.

      • michelle

        I agree, those gents are totally doing the checking her out thing without trying to be blatant about it but they are failing miserably! I love catching my husband doing that- mostly when he’s got sunglasses on and he thinks I can’t tell.

  13. qwertygirl

    Love the overall look, hate the color. I’m reminded of a passage in my old “Dress for Succes” book (John T. Molloy, copyright 1988) in which he said, in essence, never wear a mustard colored suit. His comment was that mustard colored suits “tested so badly” that “if anyone gives you a mustard colored suit, I suggest you throw it away.” Twenty-five year old advice, but some advice stands the test of time. Mustard is an outstanding color for condiments, not for clothing, IMO.

    • AnnieB

      I wouldn’t call this mustard — not yellow enough. I think it’s more of a butterscotch and a fabulous color for her hair and skin. Not for everybody but she looks fantastic.

  14. Annie Mouse

    Love this, though I kinda wish the dress was a scoch larger.

    •  Tashinka

      Ha! I agree… though at first I thought you said “a scotch lager” and I was like, “Yeah, it does kind of look scotch-colored. Or lager-colored. Now I want a drink.”

  15. KellyG

    Blake Lively, oh she FOINE

  16. clampers

    I’m OK with the shoes on their own, but paired with this too-tight dress…it looks too “predictably sexy” to me.

  17. holly

    I really want to yank that skirt down and smooth it out. I like the color, but not with her current hair and skin tones. Also, not a fan of the bowed out heel on the shoes. But overall, just wow – what a beautiful woman!

  18. Lucasta

    Oh, man, this is GLORIOUS.

  19. anne p.

    No fan of Miss B, but this look is a blessed ‘Minor Wrong’ (I join the “leeetle tight” choir) instead of her usual ‘Aw Gee Wrong Again Why’ look. The fit isn’t as mere as a Quibble, alas, but I’ve still gotta say, ‘Well done!’

    (P.S. Gotta love the highly calibrated critiquing spectrums we all employ here!)

  20. AJ

    Kudos to Blake’s colorist, that hair just looks like the perfect fall blonde. And I, too, covet those shoes.

  21.  HelenBackAgain

    Good Lord, I think everything is wrong here. It’s much too tight, the boob area is simultaneously pinching and gapping, I am definitely seeing panty, she cannot pull off that color, a good three inches needs to come off that badly damaged hair – six, in the longer areas – and her teeth are so overbleached they’re glowing. Without a blacklight.

    I don’t even like the bracelets. That’s a style that’s forever coming up when I search online for vermeil, and I go right past them. Crude.

    Now, if I were a young man behind her, of course I’d still be checking out her ass, because it’s fantastic. She’s a very beautiful girl altogether! And in an unusual way, of which I have always been a fan. But this is far from her best outfit, or styling. I think it’s just easy to look past it because she, herself, is so tremendously appealing. I mean, in spite of hating everything about this, I still grinned when I saw her! She’s irresistible.

    • Morris

      Ouch. Way to pick apart perfection. Attacking the hair and teeth as well!! We’d all love to look like her and fit into that dress, come on!!

      •  HelenBackAgain

        No, I would not.

        But I would like to look like 26-year-old me again, and… well, I had similar clothes, but they fit better.

        This isn’t perfection. She’s a beautiful girl, but the styling and the dress are not good. IMO what’s been done to the hair and teeth counts as styling; they didn’t come that way, and a good thing, too.

    • G

      I have to agree on the hair- it looks far too over-processed here. Makes me miss the Serena Van der Woodsen wavy light-blonde mane…

  22. Julia

    I am in love with the shoes.

  23. Tiffany

    My favorite thing about this is the SHOES. Wow, they are gorgeous!

    I want to like this, but the color is kind of off putting, it is way too tight, and something about the fit at the bust seems off.

  24. Claire1

    I’m not a fan of the dress…. I DO like the bronze shoes paired with that color….and it ALMOST makes me want to try…. but I think the fit is wonky….
    What sells it is HER….she’s just so vavooooooom gorgeous.

  25. kindakute

    What are you smoking? WAY too tight in the hips. It looks like expensive pleather and the boob thing is just gross. FAIL. Flawless from the neck up.

  26. Em

    Uh-uh. Wayyy too tight, you can definitely see her panty lines, and, um, her left boob appears to be significantly larger than the right one. But I do like her hair with the deep side part.

  27. Guerra

    She should of skipped undies that day! Otherwise gorgeous!!!!

  28. Sajorina


  29. Lily1214

    Love this look. I’ve always liked her. She looks terrific.

  30. char

    I think she has a lovely figure and all, and she’s much prettier than I am, but am I the only one who thinks she looks rather like Ray Bolger? I just don’t get the fuss. Her coloring goes well with that dress, and it’s a hard color to wear…

  31. Cat

    It’s a little tight across the hips and I have no idea how she’s pulling off that color, but she looks pretty freaking amazing. Those shoes are awesome. I’m jealous.

  32. Alli

    Perfectly styled, from hair to lipstick to accessories, and the dress is amazing on her. Well played, indeed.

  33. EngProf

    Looks great. Clutch is the wrong color, though.

  34. Debbie Hoad

    I’m confused. How is it that you are not noticing that her left breast looks at least a cup size bigger than the right one?

  35. Veronica

    I remember seeing this and thinking, “SO CLOSE.” It’s very good but an inch or two in the waist area would have catapaulted it into “fantastic.” I also agree with an above commenter that the clutch doesn’t work with the dress. This being said, she does look very pretty. The color isn’t one I generally prefer on fair women, but the red lip makes it work.

  36. RedHeadTea

    Damn, that dress! Not a fan of the woman wearing it, but the dress!!!