Well Played, Blake Lively


Blake Lively has often said she doesn’t use a stylist. I suspect, however, that there was a professional involved here, and for the following reasons:

a) she looks great;

b) she’s taken out the Boobs, and left the Legsly at home;

c) the fit of this dress is basically perfect. Take a look.

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Comments (68):

  1. jean

    I love her for trying to make her film career happen. Hey if whatshername from Grey’s Anatomy can have a string of B-level romantic comedies, why not Blake?

  2. lfyrtheny

    do not like her hair and make up at all. but yes, dress is fab.

  3. Glee

    I am so glad you profiled this – I saw the red carpet pics on another website and was amazed by how great she looked.

    The other site also featured another carpet – the one on John Travolta’s head, but that’s a different matter entirely.

  4. TaraMisu

    OOoooo she looks fab! Well played :)

  5. Kit

    I don’t like the glitter on her boobs, but otherwise, well played indeed!

  6. Candy

    Well hello, Veronica Lake!

    • jerkygirl

      I was thinking the same thing: Veronica (B)lake Lively. Glammy old Hollywood, and while it’s still a little too “look at my boobies everyone!!!” for me, it’s still miles above the kind of stuff she usually wears. 1 more inch or so of fabric up top and it would have been perfect. Definitely well played.

      • Conchobara

        She has seriously never looked better! I didn’t know she had it in her.

  7. Clarence Beeks

    WOW. That dress is FABULOUS on her.

  8. valueofaloonie

    Dear Blake:

    This is why you should have a stylist. They could make you look this fantastic all the time!

    That dress is smashing on her.

  9. Willow

    I just wish she had touched up her roots, but that dress is pretty dang flawless, I really want Savages to be good for her because I do actually quite like her.

  10. Rayanne Graff

    No no no no no! Hate the dress, well not hate but a big WHATEVS, but it’s made tackorama with the cheap cheap cheap hair extensions, they look hiiiiiideous. Esp when teamed with the orangey-red lip and the orange skin. Aaaargh. The whole thing makes me nauseous.

  11. Carrie Ann

    Yeah, this is an all-timer for her. This is the kind of dress that is so perfect for the wearer that magazines and TV will continue to use photos of it in stories about her for years. Or they would if this was a more high-profile event.

  12. thalia

    anyone else getting a hint of early Kim Basinger (esp the last shot)…

  13. Kara

    Before the dress, I have to ask about the hair. I always thought her hair was real, but in photo #3, it becomes obvious that those are extensions. Does she always wear them or is this a first-time thing?

    The dress looks amazing. She has a ridiculously great body, as we all know, and this is just the right amount of sexy and still stays classy. (Not sure how I feel about the movie, even if Tim Riggins is in it!)

    • Aria

      How can you tell they are extensions? I feel clueless here…

      • Jessica

        She always wears them, per the hair and makeup people on Gossip Girl. ALL the GG girls have extensions. Actually, probably all of Hollywood has extensions. I think Blake’s are really good though.

        • Kara

          Wow, they are really good. I’m good at spotting fake hair (a weird talent, I know, particularly since I’ve never worn fake hair) and I legit thought her hair grew out of her head. She had that same long hair in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – I wonder if she was be-weaved then?

          I don’t watch Gossip Girl anymore but I watched Country Strong on cable the other day (and then remembered that y’all had recapped it and went back and read it and: awesome!) and Leighton Meester’s hair was clearly fake in that, so I don’t have trouble buying that it’s fake on GG.

          @Aria: I don’t know, there’s just a look. It looks like doll hair in that third photo.

  14. Allie

    Well played, indeed. That dress is pretty much perfect.

  15. pidget

    If I’m feeling catty – Vegas showgirl meets Lauren Bacall
    If I’m feeling fair – perhaps the best she’s ever looked. The fit on this is amazingly great, and makes the best of her wonderful shape.

  16. CJG

    Ms. Lively looks gorgeous here. I LOVE this dress. And, the fit is perfection. I think it looks even better than it did on the runway.

    I grew up watching Cher and Carol Burnett, who were both brilliantly costumed by Bob Mackie. At age 6, my dream was to sing, do sketch comedy and get a new Bob Mackie gown every week. This Zuhair Murad is straight out of the Bob Mackie handbook. This is what Mackie calls a “goddess dress,” a form fitting full length dress with beadwork and/or appliqués on flesh fabric that makes the wearer look like they are naked underneath. My only beef is that illusion netting shouldn’t extend to a train — it breaks the illusion when you see a yard of flesh colored fabric on the floor behind you.


    The girl looks good. Doesn’t mean our eyes don’t hurt.


  18. Sarie

    The dress is great, but the extensions look like plastic Barbie hair, which I’m sure they aren’t but she probably paid a fortune for them and they look bad. Really bad.

  19. Britt

    I just want to spatula off a bit of the makeup, because it’s doing weird things to her otherwise nice skin. Maybe it would work better in darker lighting?

  20. Maria T.

    I thought it was Jerry Hall at first glance!

    • Franziska

      Me too. Compliment to both really, Jerry Hall because we’ve mistaken someone who could be her daughter for her and Blake because Jerry Hall oozes blonde glamour sex appeal. Blake looks fabulous.

  21. Kris M

    This is like Jessica Rabbit’s blonde sister (Elizabeth Rabbit??).

    While she does look amazing here, it kind of makes me miss the pre- Gossip Girl Blake with her laid back style and original nose. While her outfits may not have been as good, she looked happier.

  22. Kato

    Love the dress, hair is fine (I think I must be oblivious to most extensions), but I’m not a fan of the makeup. It looks okay, and like it in theory with that style of dress, but I think her features look better with less harsh makeup styles. She still looks smoking hot though.

    • Kate

      yeah I’m also really bad at spotting extensions. When I look at the closeup, the yellowest, brassiest most plastic looking parts of her hair seem to be coming from the top of her head, leading me to think that her real hair must look that Barbie-esque too.

  23. fritanga

    All the good styling in the world is absolutely wasted on her. She’s little more than a department store mannequin and has about as much depth. That vacant, smiley, dead-eyed face and plastic hair undermine the look completely. Most runway models have more personality.

  24. Clarisse

    She is def. having “a moment.” Can we actually believe that that can achieved without a stylist?


  25. Tracey

    Love the dress, hair is nice and sufficiently glam, and the make-up would be fine as well if it wasn’t so shiny. She can look lovely!

  26. Helen

    Holy Chiclet teeth, Batman! When they make your sclerae look yellow by comparison, you’ve gone much too far with the bleaching. Also I, too, am not a fan of the boob glitter. There’s a place for that, and it is on your ashamed fiancé’s face after a raucous bachelor party. Not here.

    But, fabulous dress, and though it has a lot of presence of its own, I definitely feel that she is wearing it rather than the other way ’round. Very glamorous. Overall, thumbs up!

  27. Stefanie

    Whoa, go Blake! Old Hollywood looks good on her.

  28. BooRad859

    If there were a Well-Played Madness Tournament (something I think you should seriously consider!), this would be the early front-runner as it is pretty much flawless.

  29. phoebe

    hm. of course she didn’t have a “stylist”. She was dressed by Chanel, a TEAM of people, and now she’s going to be dressed by Gucci. That being said, I feel like she’s still a Barbie, and isn’t as daring or normal as other girls who say they’ve never had stylists (like Emma Watson, god bless her, even though she’s had a few weird flubs)

  30. jjdaddyo

    1) OMG she has sparkles on her cleavage… what? Dress? Yeah, whatever.
    2) I like pic #2 with Mr. Shlubby Mcshlubshlub. Her glamour force field should vaporize a guy wearing no tie and sneakers.

  31. MissTee

    I do not think she looks that great The dress would be great on someone who actually had a personality to carry it. The makeup is generic. Her hair looks awful: A) ROOTS! Get that shiz touched up B) the photo from the back? It looks like she did it herself and was like, “Ehhh I can’t reach back there so I’ll half-ass it” which is fine if you’re ME, but not someone who has likely paid someone to do their hair! C) Can’t anyone just have real hair these days? Truly. The extensions are out of control.

    Sorry, Boobs & Legs. That’s just how I feel.

    • Dani

      Yeah I agree. She looks good, but could have been so much better with just a few tiny improvements. I also feel this is very Amber Heard, which is lovely, but Amber does it better.

  32. babyB

    She looks great, yet people still find time to be nitpicky. I don’t know why people are so catty towards her (Fug girls included). She has a great body and seems to be a genuinely sweet girl. I like her. She looks GREAT!

    • jerkygirl

      Speaking for myself, I don’t hate her, personally, but most of her outfits are just plain horrible. This dress is a really pleasant surprise to me and, judging by the comments, a lot of us. As for nitpicking, that’s part of the fun here–unfug it up, and all that. I don’t think the Fug girls are any cattier to her than anyone else, really, but again, that’s just part of the fun. :D

  33. vandalfan

    Tiny nit to pick- I’d have gone with slightly more in the earring department.

    Doesn’t use a stylist? Sure, and the cruise ship captain accidentally tripped and fell into that lifeboat.

  34. Kid A

    I hate her eye brows. The rest is fine. She’s a babe… blah blah. I’m just not… convinced of her talents.

  35. Jules

    Surprised by all the negative comments. I think she looks spectacular. I would love to look like that in that dress for just one day.

  36. JeanneMorelle

    It’s like a scene from Jerry Hall: The Good Years.

    Better roots and a smidge more talent would make me like her more.

  37. Art Eclectic

    That is a hell of a dress! Wow. The only part I don’t care for is the way pattern of the lines across her backside. It makes her butt look heavy on top and slim on the bottom. Otherwise it’s pretty dang perfect.

  38. Shiitake

    Boobs has it goin’ on!

  39. Mahastee

    If I am forking out $$$$$$ for Chanel (not that Blake would have paid), they ought to do a better job on the zipper than that.
    If I am the FACE of Chanel and they are presumably custom-fitting dresses right onto my fab body, they ought to do a better job on the zipper than that.

    Still it’s fairly fab.

  40. Shay

    Beautiful fit on the dress. Not so crazy about the design itself but the fit makes up for that.

    HATE the hair. I don’t have a real explanation as to why except to say that I have never been a fan of pin-up type hairstyles. Having said that, it looks healthy (probably full o’ extensions) and the color is nice. The roots don’t bother me. Style… ick.

  41. Meagan Baalman Wairama

    This is what Jessica Rabbit changed dresses once in awhile and decided to go blonde.

  42. Meagan Baalman Wairama

    Oh my god! I need to go home from work already! My comment above is in shambles! This is what Jessica Rabbit WOULD LOOK LIKE if she changed dresses once in awhile and decided to go blonde!

  43. Guerra

    Perfection!! Love this!! – amazing dress

  44. aa

    i just want the dress.

  45. e

    If that dress got down on one knee & proposed, I would say, “Yes, yes, yes!” Because I am in love with it.

  46. Lily1214

    I love Blake Lively. I hope she’s more than wildly successful.