Well Played, Blake Lively


And this is where I fell in love with Boobs Legsly:

I can’t help it. How cute is she? She’s very cute here. I can’t resist what looks like legitimate glee.  Also, red lipstick. I can’t believe the people at Chanel aren’t embracing her as the face of — what am I talking about? I can totally believe it. She’s adorable, but she is not who I think of as the prototypical Chanel consumer, although I think her ad is actually kind of great.

I know this is kind of goofy — like, a Sophisticated St. Pauli Girl, with an extra helping of Bra — and yet I like it.

Although you should probably bear in mind that I was a St. Pauli Girl for Halloween for like three years in a row, and therefore might have a beer-soaked positive bias toward this kind of thing.

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  1. Mjx

    Oh no… the first angle looked promising, but this is a disaster. Somehow, the shoes make it worse.

  2. Mel

    Ugh. This is terrible and her shoes look like they don’t fit correctly.

  3. Stefanie

    Love her face, legs and boobs (natural or not).

    Don’t love this. Those shoes look like the tips of her toes have been cut off and are bleeding all over the place.

  4. Feena


  5. Sandra

    She’s happy, and that is always attractive. The outfit is a disaster. Her skirt is short enough to warrant concern about bending over. And so is the bodice, come to think of it. Won’t somebody tell her that the image to project is “Look at me!” rather than “Look at my breasts!” Then she can share the news with Christina Hendricks.

  6. Laura B.

    Is it comic-con time already? She’s cute, but the boobs are hanging too low in this…

  7. VenetianBlond

    Well played from the neck up, maybe.

  8. Willow

    maybe her hips are made of porcelain and there is copious amounts of newspaper and bubblewrap under there.

  9. marcia

    As for her look and whether it fits Chanel, if Claudia Schiffer can be the face of Chanel, Blake totally can. Catherine Deneuve, too. More beautiful than Claudia, Blake or, well, anybody…it’s still that same blonde, healthy, happy look. Deneuve is no frail waif-like model and she never, ever looks depressed.

  10. witjunkie

    Hey, I was the St. Pauli Girl for Halloween before! It was my go-to last minute costume for years. I just recently took the red skirt and gave it to my neice so she could be an old-timey cheerleader.

    I think Blake looks perfect for the event, because if it’s the usual ComicCon attendees, whom we know from Wonder Woman (and every other comic book) they do enjoy them some sculpted boobs. San Diego ComicCon is in July usually, so this must be some other promo.

  11. AmyX2

    A smile is always a great accessory, but in this look, definitely not enough for me to call well-played. Yuck.

  12. anny

    If the bra was even black. It’s just too Playtexy.

  13. Gigi

    I think she’s super cute and love that Chanel thinks so, too, but not this. The spirit of it is indeed reminiscent of a Munich Biergarten, so I understand the cheers, but would rather order a round of beers for Fug Nation from this bierfraulein.

    Those shoes might be cute, however, if a little too low on the sides.

  14. Billie

    She’s always soooo close! I think if the top didn’t make me instantly think of Miley Cyrus hunching over to make her itty bitty boobies stay in all of her super low bustier tops, I might like it. Other than that, she totally pulls off this quirky look.

  15. Sally

    It does look like a Playtex ad and not a sexy one or a fun camp one. Just no to the outfit. But after looking at the recent collection of smirks, pouts, and, what was the word? gruen?, this genuine smile is awfully nice.

  16. ellen

    Am I dreaming or is there something really fishy going on with self-tanner on her legs and feet? I happen to love the shoes (from what I can see) but not the rim of non-tanned white skin that they don’t cover…

  17. jean

    +pretty face, pretty hair, nice smile, normal weight

    –two different shades of orange.

  18. G

    Not loving this. The Chanel ad is not bad except it remind me of the Gucci (?) fragrance ad campaign with Evan Rachel Wood & Chris Evans. Blake looks like Evan in the ad.

  19. ak

    I actually love those shoes. And that expression! I would never wear that outfit, and yes, it’s a little camp, but I agree with you: boy, does she sell it. It’s like your mama always told you: be happy, and people will think you’re beautiful. Be a grump in a beautiful dress, and people will think you’re a grump in a beautiful dress.

  20. t

    Oh, dear. This is bad. Bad bad.

  21. The Moonay

    You are blinded by the shiny smile and hair. This is classic Boobs Legsly.

  22. Anne B


    That’s how I used to dress for the Clinton motorcade, back when Chelsea was at Stanford and the President (ohhhhh, Bubba <3) was visiting my city, like, every other month. They used to clear my street so he and his seven to eight vehicles could make the blistering drive, right past my apartment, on his way to Pacific Heights fundraisers, *every time*.

    Lived on a one-way street. Those were the only times it was quiet out, and THAT'S what I'd wear. (Shoes, too.)

    From up there on the firescape, I'd swear I could hear the President say, "Open that sun roof a little more right here."

    Still, that was then. And I was doing it for my country.

    In this case: FUG, Boobs. Unless you have a special guest you'd like us to meet …?

  23. Amanda

    No. And, her arm looks like Plastic Man’s arm when it gets all stretched out in that ad.

  24. aa

    dude… what? her skin looks like it’s sculpted from vaseline in these pictures.

    and the outfit is bad too. she don’t sell it.

  25. Allie

    I would want this dress in my closet if it were all one color. I love that skirt and I love those sleeves. It’s that bra-thing that’s ruining it for me. But imagine how cute and retro and flirty and fabulous it’d be in a solid black or navy? I LOVE those shoes, though.

  26. Ann

    No. No. No. This is a Classic Fug. She has taken a cute outfit and Boobs Legly-ied it up. IT IS A BUBBLE SKIRT AND AN ILL-FITTING BRA. You are just blinded by her happiness. Which is, let’s be honest, really cute. If this is actually a picture of her at Comic Con, though, I will reconsider my statement.

  27. Anna

    Dear god! What a hideous skirt! What vomit-inducing shoes! And that sweater totally doesn’t do the outfit any favours. If the “belt” portion of the sweater was lower, then I think it might look like she’s showing less boob.

    I honestly don’t think Blake should’ve been made the face of Chanel. Not only does her image not mesh very well with the Chanel brand identity, but she’s a horrible actress. If someone’s going to be the face of a brand, then they better either posess an image which matches the image the brand is trying to portray, or they must be awesome at their job. Since Lively is neither, I can only assume she got the job because she kissed up to Anna WIntour, which while predictable and unavoidable in the fashion industry, is not that impressive.

  28. Lynne

    I absolutely love the Gossip Girl contrast between the TMom “the world sucks” photo below and Blake’s overwhelming gleefulness here. That said, this dress is way too weird for me. Too much poof in the skirt. Not enough top in the top.

  29. Lina

    Yeah, no. Nothing about this is working for me…except her smile. I like that she seems genuinely happy and engaging.

  30. Candy

    I’m with Lina. The smile is about the only thing I like here. I feel like the dress has been done before. Also, as a big shouldered gal, I’m really unhappy with shoulder pads & poufy shoulders coming back. And the hair… did she (or someone) even brush it?

    I actually do like the shoes, though. I would totally wear those.

  31. Rayna

    Errr, I’m glad she’s so happy?

    But the rest? She’s not even coy about it. She’s all, “Look, my neckline is cut so low, you can see my ENTIRE bra!” What finesse is there in that??? Yes, I know this IS Boobs L we’re talking about.

    Next, we’ll just eliminate the dress altogether go out in lingerie………..Oh, wait, that’s been done already.

  32. Sabrina

    Weird, everyone seems to have hated it – I liked it. I think she looks cute… someone also hated on the shoes and I was kinda digging ‘em.

  33. Becky

    She looks terrible! Her smile does not change that fact. How could you Jess? Fug-O-Rama!

  34. Cecily

    She’s so pretty, great figure, love the smile and the red lipstick, however, the cups are too small and I agree they shouldn’t be white!

  35. RubyCopper

    oh come on – everyone wants to jump on her because she looks pretty and happy and healthy and is flaunting her rocking figure. I bet if we all looked like her we’d wear something like this too :)

    She is so happy and cute I think she could wear anything

  36. vandalfan

    This outfit is just dumb. It’s verging on The Emperor’s New Clothes. “Lookit I have a tutu and an industrial strength Maidenform on me!”

  37. AmyX2

    In the actual Chanel ad, is it a weird reflection thing or are her eyes looking in two different directions? I might need to start wearing my glasses again!

  38. rrp

    Y’all are a bunch of kill joys. It’s fuggish, but that energy is irresistible.

  39. Di

    Really? Admittedly, she does look cute, but she also looks like she forgot to cover her bra.

  40. Lynnie

    Ditto on all the Playtex remarks. Did anyone else notice that the arms/back/cummerbund of the dress is navy, while the bubble skirt is black? How many pieces are we looking at, really?

  41. AKA

    NO. Just no. You may be drinking St. Pauli right now, Jessica, but this is just wrong!

    I agree with you on the Chanel ad, though, it is elegant, if a bit hokey. She doesn’t look like herself!

  42. fritanga

    Still loathe her, although the dress is one of the best I’ve ever seen her wear. It’s still very anime Sailor Moon-y-ish, I guess because she was trying to appeal to the fanboys at Wondercon. What the hell was she doing there, anyway? Oh right – she’s going to ruin The Green Lantern. Poor Ryan Reynolds, having to work opposite this talentless airhead.

  43. jerkygirl

    Eesh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen BL in anything that wasn’t–at the very least–silly, and that includes this. she looks full of glee here, which is always a good thing, but the dress is cartoonish and ill-fitting. “Well played, for Boobs Legsly” maybe, but that’s it.

  44. Rach

    Less virginal white lace bra – tone it down or make it black. Then we can talk.

  45. Emma

    Love that sentence…with an extra helping of bra…fantastic description.

  46. JanetP

    Ewwwwwwwww! What’s-her-name was wearing frontless pants the other day to collective — and highly deserved — pearl clutching. Nothing less for a frontless shirt, if you please.

  47. jenny

    Well. The shoes are cute. Really want to support the rest, but that awkward white bra insert-y thing makes me…uncomfortable.

  48. Chiara

    Have to say… the Chanel ad is cool, but she looks more like Cate Blanchett in it than herself… Am I alone here?

  49. miwome

    Goodness, the comments are just hating all over this, huh? I like it pretty well. I also like the shoes VERY much just as themselves, and I think they add the perfect touch of the unexpected.

  50. Emma

    I still don’t get why you fell in love her. Legitimate glee? What is that? I’m sure some of Bai Ling’s pics demonstrate “legitimate glee”, but we don’t have to start loving her – DO WE?

    The outfit is silly. and I agree with the bitches at Chanel – she’s “off brand”. She’s a pretty West Coast blonde. Not muse material!

  51. Emma

    I meant “fell in love WITH her”. Sorry.

  52. Desert Cat

    Hell. No.

  53. Vern

    I almost like it. I wish the fit were better, and that the bra thing was less bra-like. A little longer skirt. She’s really close with this one, though, I don’t really understand all the hate, it just needs a few adjustments. And the smile is great.

  54. lc

    Aaacckk! Granny’s strapless bra with a cute dress with unfortunate frontal cutout.

  55. jess

    Why does she always take her tits out for Comic Con?! Geek erections are the biggest comic-nerd cliche in the book.

  56. katie

    i hate her messy hair and WHAT is with the orange? fake tan with bright red lips always looks bad in my book.

  57. Sajorina

    If that’s Blake in the picture on the poster next to her, she looks absolutely beautiful as a brunette!

  58. Lynette

    Look, I’m sorry. I just don’t get the whole Blake Lively thing. I’m trying, but it’s not working. I can see that she is pretty… but only that. She doesn’t exude elegance or sophistication, in either presentation or persona. I give her that she is healthy looking, and often cheerful looking. But the very fact that she is known here as Boobs Legsly indicates that her fashion choices are more often than not questionable. Face of Chanel? Not for me.

  59. NYCGirl

    I have to disagree as well. It’s just so…obvious.

  60. Alison

    Too much makeup and the outfit looks amateur. If she’s fronting a chanel ad campaign, she should look like she belongs in the style big leagues.

  61. Matilda

    She’s adorable and cute and she looks totally happy and I like her. However, what she wears is too small for her and it should have been all black. Or in a different colour. Just not white.

  62. Kina Dane Nara

    i love the shoes but it looks ridiculous with her non all tanned feet in them. Pick a skin colour and stick to it.
    I don’t love the dress. I don’t hate it either. I don’t care for the chanel ad as I don’t like Serena van der wooodsen at all and I can’t separate her from Blake.

  63. The Other Mollly

    “A beer soaked positive bias”…yes…that must be it.
    Because this is a mess.
    Lynette, I don’t get the Blake Lively thing either.
    And if I looked like her, I would wear something a damn site more attractive than this.

  64. Spacelamb

    Burn-it-and-stomp-on-the-ashes fugly.

  65. Winona (not Ryder)

    I hate hate HATE shoes that show toe-cleavage. That is all.

  66. jessie

    I like it….

  67. Sherri

    She wasn’t at Comic Con — she was at Wonder Con which was over April 1-3 . It’s the same company that does Comic Con, though.

    So, for a convention of this kind (and I’ve been to many) she looks FANTASTIC. This is a comparative assessment, however, She really needs to be seen in context for the goodness to be apparent, sort of how an old TV show rerun can look really good when you are desperate to watch TV and nothing is on but the stuff you hate most (like reality shows and soap operas) or how nasty leftover Halloween candy in the back office looks good when it is ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

  68. Rayanne Graff

    J’adore! I am a sucker for a pouffy skirt, the pouffier the better! Love it all! And, y’know, I can understand the hate — yes, she’s orange, it’s tacky, the red lip/shoe combo is too much, it’s still very breastacular — but… don’t care. Love it. If I was boobs legsly I’d get ‘em out all the time too.

  69. Leah

    The dress is fine. The shoes, however, are BIZARRE, and what is up with the HAIR? Unexcusabley unbrushed.

  70. Lis

    What do you all mean by St. Pauli girl? St. Pauli is in Hamburg, where the red light district, the Reeperbahn is, far away from the Oktoberfest in Munich and its Dirndls and Paulaner-Weißbier… -*oh*! *Now* I see what you mean!!

  71. Mellie

    With the blue and black and orange and red and yellow, it looks like a mix of M&Ms and Skittles threw up on her. Also, it deeply pains me that a girl with no style (those shoes! Egad!) is pegged as the “face of Chanel.” HOARF! Sorry, just lost my lunch…

  72. Erica Anderson

    Ok, let me just say that each day you make me laugh out loud at my desk. EACH DAY. Genius. Amazing genius writing. Love you.

  73. Sandra

    @Lis: Jess means that she dressed up like the girl on the St. Pauli Girl beer label, not like a Hamburg hooker.

  74. Jen

    Yikes. The only thing that gets a well played here is her attitude (happy is good!) and those shoes. Well, and her body. The dress is straight up fug with a side of COVER IT UP ALREADY.

  75. barbarena

    Is this fraulein look some kind of brown-nosing toward the German boss of Chanel (Lagerfeld?)

  76. Kana

    I think a cheerful, boob-y nod to the St. Pauli Girl is a wise PR move for appearing at Comic Con. Legsly knows her audience: sexually frustrated nerds with financial loyalties and loud Internet voices. Being beloved by these lovables is no small boon to one’s career. That being said- and I heart Reynolds and adore Saaaarsgaaaard- Green Lantern looks BAAAAAAD. …which may be why she has the girls out.

  77. mrs d

    the thing i love MOST is the shoes. think the white bustier part is ill fitting and i can’t tell if the shrug is attached or an add-on. i am partial to the balloon skirt, having left a great one behind in a store one day only to wish i had it for just about every event i have been to in the past year!