Well Played, Kate Middleton


Hey, Canada! Happy Canada Day! Look, you got a Princess for the occasion!

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  1. Kate

    so I’m asking this in all earnestness, if you guys every finagle an interview with her, or her people, or people who know her people, can you PLEASE ask how she gets that hair? I mean, besides genetics. Or, wait, that would really bum me out if “genetics” was the only answer to that question, and thus my dream was shattered. Nevermind,

  2. Sara C.
  3. MaryK

    Kate stole my comment. All I want is her hair. I’d wear a potato sack every day for the rest of my life if I could only have that hair! Gorgeous.

  4. Kate

    @MaryK: amen. Could that second picture look any more like it’s straight out of a Pantene ad?

  5. cathy

    agreed, her hair is all sorts of awesome! i think that she really just blow dries it with big round brush. not to brag, but my hair looks like that when i blow dry it. she also has thick hair that is not completly straight, but has a little bit of texture.

    and lol about kate and cathy talking about kates hair

  6. Molly

    I NEED that last dress… holy cats, she’s awesome.

  7. Dazie

    You know? I’m not all that hot on the dress. I don’t like the white under the blue lace, although I do like the lack of lining on the sleeves. However- she rocks it, as usual. :)

  8. Electric Landlady

    Apparently she has packed 40 outfits for an 11-day trip. I am looking forward to seeing the other 38!

  9. Sophie

    Don’t you wish she’d give an interview?? Call me crazy but it’s weird that she’s mute, and we’ve only heard her nervously read her wedding vows. And yet I love her!

  10. KB

    Yeah, I second Molly, does anyone know where I can get that dress? Or a knockoff?

  11. jean

    What I want to know is, do the Fug Girls have Kate’s agenda for LA and will they stalk her? :^).

  12. ak

    Polka-dotted bag!!!! Maybe you could be Cambriphiliacs? I’m totally with you. I should be kind of embarrassed by how frequently and fawningly I follow the Duchess Catherine’s comings-and-goings, but I’m totally not, because she is awesome even when she’s wearing sensible travel basics. I’m not sure what it is about her, but only Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall have ever inspired this much style affection from me.

  13. dee

    The dress is Erdem, from the 2012 resort collection (a lot of which is very cute).

    Happy anniversary, Fug Girls, and thanks for the pretty, pretty pictures of the royal couple.

  14. katie

    there is way too much kate middleton on this website. there are so many celebrities and award shows, do we really need 50 photos of kate middleton wearing matching dress, coat and hat? sigh, the royal family is such a waste

  15. k


  16. KB

    Re: the interview….maybe part of the reason we like her so much is that she doesn’t do interviews? There are some celebs who I’ve admired from afar but have become somewhat disenchanted with after reading or seeing them give an interview.

  17. therobinmc

    I want so much to love the lace dress. When I first saw it, I sorta gasped. But then…the white underneath the lace is just so bizarre to me. I wish it could have been a shade of blue, or even nude (I know that’ll never happen, god forbid the Duchess look like she’s naked, but a girl can dream!).

  18. charlie

    i mostly love that she marked her Canadian trip by rocking Canadian designers!!

    The navy blazer is Smythe and the amazing dress is Erdem!

  19. Louise

    My parents live just south of Ottawa (on the US side of the border). I was so, so tempted to visit them this week and try to get to Ottawa and see Wills and Kate. Couldn’t quite pull the trip off, but I am enjoying seeing pictures of them in the city I grew up visiting so often!

  20. erin

    @katie: There’s the scroll bar if you don’t like the Kate entries. That’s what I use whenever they post about lady blahblah.

  21. vandalfan

    My detestment of black lace flippin’ overlays on every darn thing (navy blue, OK, sue me) cannot be overcome even by sheer, utter charm of a newly minted Royal. It might have been toned down if it was laying over a matching navy sheath dress, but not much.

  22. Chicklet

    I’m not crazy about the color of the shell underneath the lace. Why not navy?

  23. nina veneno

    god, how I hate those pretentious longchamps bags! (like the red one there). they are so ugly with their brown handles… plus they cost around $100 for a shapeless sack made of nylon.

  24. ~Lori

    All I can say is, seeing an entry about the Duchess of Cambridge is infinitely preferable to seeing one about Gaga or any Kardashian. Bring on the royals!

    She’s utterly charming and cute. The lace overlay is not my favorite dress ever on her, but only because she’s set the bar so high.

  25. nina veneno

    also, kate middleton = way too bland to be called an “artist” in any respect (even if it’s just wordplay!)

  26. SK

    Well, to be fair Kate’s looking right into the camera in the first pic, not at the prince. The looks Wills gives Kate, on the other hand are precious : http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2556775/prince-william-kate-youth-reception-02/ & http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2556777/prince-william-kate-youth-reception-04/ Too cute!!

  27. Fawn


  28. Challis

    I’m totally with you k— she did something different with her hair!!! YEA!!!

  29. Jessica

    If you don’t like reading about any particular person on GFY, just don’t read that post! Easy peasy!

  30. Tara Misu

    I promise to not wax poetic over her hair again….. Ok, no. OMG I so want her hair, gimme, gimmie!!!
    The dress is ok…. I can’t wait to see the rest of her trousseau, hopefully there will be some knock-outs in it.

  31. Zuzzie

    I actually really like the dress. It’s not like the underthing is bright white – it’s prob a cream/nude-y colour. She looks lovely.
    I want her teeth. Well, not her actual teeth, obv, I’m not a weirdo.

  32. AJ

    It seems like I woke up the day of the wedding and was suddenly a Kate fan. Royals! Hats!

  33. Ariel

    can we just take a moment to talk about how nerdy/goofy/excited Will looks in the last picture? adorable, right?!

  34. Jasmine

    What do you want to bet that she immediately changed into yoga pants and a hoodie after she got on the airplane, slept for five hours, then got up to change into her fabulous arrival dress and get her hair did? I wish I could travel like Kate. And also that my hair looked like that.

  35. Joyce

    PLEEASE make up a name for Will and Kate fans. The Fug Girls are so very clever. I am a devoted fan of Will and Kate and of the Fug Girls too. Her dress is lovely, but are there less severe suits out there? He looks a bit uncomfortable.

  36. Chere

    RE: Kate sans peep-toes: Have you noticed that she is usually wearing hosiery? Hosiery with peep-toe and sandal is a faux pas and just ugly. If there are any rules for her to dress, I am guessing that she is required to wear hosiery despite the fact that we have gladly abandoned that even at work (I think bank employees and flight attendants still have to wear hosiery – someone needs to free them!) What’s a girl to do?

  37. The Other Molly

    This outfit would be fine, except for the BORING beige shoes.

  38. jennifer

    You tell ‘em Jessica!!!

    And I agree with ~Lori: I much prefer the Royals to the no-talent uncelebrities like the Kardasians. And Lady Gag(a) is tired…

  39. Libby

    Well considering that she flew commercial, I don’t know about the quick change routine…

  40. Cat

    Yay, another Princess post! Er, sort of. Anyway, love it. The blue suit is kinda blah, but considering what I wear for traveling, she looks 1000x better than I ever would. I love the navy lace dress over the ivory/off white sheath– and her hair is pulled back! She looks fab. And I’m all for seeing Kate Middleton on GFY compared to some of the other “celebs” we have here in the US of A.

  41. Jen

    Kate please ditch the nude patent pumps – you wear them with EVERYTHING. Sandals would’ve been good at Wimbledon the other day or cute peep-toes with the lace dress.

  42. Lina

    I like the dresses — I like all her dresses — but I just realized I’ve NEVER SEEN HER IN PANTS. Is there a rule somewhere that she’s not allowed to wear pants in public? *curious*

  43. Sandra

    I lurrrve that these two are so besotted with each other. They are exactly what a newly-wed couple should be. Also, there is no such thing as too much Will’nKate. You could post about them every day and I would eat it up with a spoon. Which is kind of weird for a middle-aged American woman who is very strong on the ideal of representative democracy, but there we are. They’re good-looking, well-dressed, and seem charming–I say “seem” because of course I don’t know them. What more could we ask for?

    Oh wait, I *did* think of one more thing to ask for: More of The Ginger Hottie, please. We don’t care what he’s wearing. :D

  44. Cecily

    I am so in Club WillKat.

  45. Lynnie

    Nicely said, Sandra. I heartily concur!

  46. Libby

    Well, she was wearing pants when she was captured grocery shopping after the wedding…but if you think about it, just about every event she’s been to/been photographed at since the wedding have been dressier affairs, which mostly demand skirts/dresses.

  47. Colleen

    I saw them in Ottawa yesterday!! It was really really cool!! :D Unfortunately I did not get to shake Will or Kate’s hand but I was thisclose! Will is SUPER TALL like I didn’t quite understand it until yesterday! And he speaks French! Really well!! It’s really cute!!

    They stopped to talk to a lot of people when they did their walkabout, and they are charming, and do seem to really care to speak to people. I was speaking with a woman who shook Will’s hand and she said he really was charming!

    Her outfit this morning at the Canada day celebration is amazing! She is the picture of how to dress for a theme! (The theme being red, white, and Canadian) I look forward to your commentary on the rest of their tour of Canada!

  48. Jo

    Sandra: :DDD You have my vote!

  49. Kirsty

    Can I just say with some pride that I have the EXACT SAME BAG? BTW, I love, love, love Cath Kidston stuff – I’m wearing a fab orange-with-white-polka-dot dress today and feel like I’m channelling my inner Betty Draper! Oh, and I went to the same university W&K did (St Andrews in Scotland), though admittedly about 10 years earlier. That just about makes me a Royal too, no?

  50. Carolyn

    Just wanted to pipe in about pant wearing. I think she may not be allowed to wear them in public, royal protocol and all.
    I worked at Harrods in the toy dept in the 80′s. Just before Christmas, Diana came in with a very young William and Harry (who ran amok) to visit Father Christmas. She was wearing a leather skirt which was very fashionable at the time but something she would never have been allowed to wear for official duties.
    Of course nowadays with photographers everywhere you could probably never let down your guard.

  51. candicepillion

    oh my goodness. i just love her more each time you post on her. Keep it up! So much more interesting than something Ke-dollarsign-ha plucked out of a costume shop’s dumpster and affixed to herself with gorilla glue. The navy suit may be boring, but I still think she manages to make it look SO polished and gorgeous.
    Huzzah… Killiam? Willerine? Windsleton? I don’t know. Get on this, H & J.

  52. Beth

    I actually adore the blue suit. I know that everyone’s saying that it’s boring, but I’m drooling over how well cut it is and how amazingly it fits her.

  53. Jen

    I too, loved the outfit Kate chose to wear on Capital Hill for Canada Day. The maple leaf fascinator she was gorgeous and her white suit was just lovely. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2011/07/01/will-kate-visit-day2.html

    I must say, I caught a bit of the royal fever and when I found a children’s book in the second hand store written by The Prince of Wales yesterday, I snapped it up.

  54. jenny

    Cambridgatics! I didn’t mean to become one…it just happened.

  55. Amelia

    I’m just amazed that Will doesn’t look like he’s melting in his suits. Whenever I’ve been in Ottawa on Canada Day, it’s a zillion degrees and humid.

    FYI, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – cbc.ca) usually has pretty good coverage of royal tours. And Will and Kate took an RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) plane from London, so a quick change was definitely possible.

  56. Charlotte

    She is rocking that navy lace dress, but I’d like it better if the underlining wasn’t white. Some kind of blue – either light to keep it summery or a shade similar to the lace – would, in my opinion, be better.

  57. honky

    FYI: She’s a duchess, not a princess. She’s married to a duke, not a prince.

  58. Steph

    There’s no pictures of it (yet) but the white dress she wore this morning to the Canada Day celebrations is the same white dress she wore for her engagement photos. I LOVE how she wears the same thing more than once. It’s ridiculous to think the rich and famous have an entire closet filled with “one wear” outfits.

  59. Sara Dueck

    I’m so sick of the royal family. The very least they could do is just stay in England where they actually have some kind of jurisdiction and let Canada have its independence from them.

  60. Mukel

    I love the Smythe jacket! I love them, my cousin has one in some sort of dark red tweed and it’s awesome. It’s actually in the realm of affordability, too. But first I have to lose, oh, 50 pounds or so. No biggie.

  61. Keckler

    What about “Cantabridgiacs”? Hell to spell, but it slips off the tongue more easily, and “Cantabridge” is a legit replacement for “Cambridge.” Just ask the nearest Brit, Anglophile, or Heather.

  62. Elle

    @Sara Dueck But…they do have jurisdiction in Canada, what with the whole “Queen of Canada” thing. We’re part of the Commonwealth and all!

    Heck, I’ll take looking at them over looking at our current batch of politicians any day. Can we go back to the monarchy for a few years just for the possibility of more cute hats and nice hair (on the girls)? Wills can get in some practice ruling a country and Kate can boost the Canadian fashion industry. Win-win!

  63. ChaChaheels

    The beige pumps are terrifically boring, and I say that because there are a multitude of beautiful shoes, or even just pumps, that come in that colour but are not the pair you see coming and going on every celebrity wanna be. They all have exactly that pair, from the Kardashian weasels to royalty now. But perhaps she has to factor in things like comfort, too. Peep toe shoes are categorically ugly, plus they get to you after a long day of standing and walking around.

    She does look beautiful, but I do wish she’d take a few risks with her accessories once in a while. After all, her clothes are classic and tailored most of the time, she can play a little more devilishly with things like shoes and bags and even jewelry just to personalize her style a little more.

  64. Kim

    I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it….

    HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want it so badly. Seriously. She could show up naked and I’d still be “check out that hair.” Girlfriend is blessed.

  65. Lana

    She is just so perfect.

  66. JessicaStarr

    Can we just call ourselves the Will and KateMongers? How about some red shoes with the navy sheath, just to sex it up a bit? Nude= predictable.

  67. Steph

    @Sara we ARE independent of Britain. They do not “rule” us in anyway. However, we still hold Commonwealth ties to the Monarchy, which includes some pomp like royal visits. I like it. I realize several nations around the world do the same, but I feel it sets us apart in the world. Especially compared to America.

    I just saw pictures of Kate from this morning (Sunday) during a prayer service. Her.Fricking.Hair. It’s unbelievable. And to look like that, blowing in the wind…

  68. Carmel

    Just to let you girls know, Canada Day (July 1) is also Princess Diana’s birthday and I think she may have made her first official visit to Canada on her birthday as well….

  69. Robin

    I live in Ottawa and unfortunately missed the hullaballoo. But I have to say, it was freakin’ hot these past few days. I don’t know how she managed to wear that long-sleeved dress and closed toed pumps.

  70. Lou UK

    Please PLEASE can someone give the girl a good MEAL?

  71. Sajorina

    Add me to the “Free Kate’s Pedicure” list! I really like her outfits, but I have never and will never fly while wearing a skirt! Wear long cotton pants, denim jeans or corduroys to travel, people!!! You’ll thank me later!

  72. GLN

    Can I suggest Camblophiles for those of us that just adore Kate’s style? Anglophiles becomes Camblophiles when applied to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Camblophiles is also appropriate for Cathernie-philes, or Kamblophiles if we insist on calling her Kate. :)

  73. Reddeyze

    The lace dress was nice, but it wasn’t appropriate for the occasion. Cocktail dresses should be saved for later in the day, IMHO.