Well Played, Anne Hathaway


I have big respect for her for: (a) realizing she could not go to the afterparty in a giant, white. mini-caped curtain, and (b) for wearing a formal cape instead of an overcoat. All hail the evening cape.

[Photos: WENN}

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  1. Amanda

    You can still see the marks on her feet from the shoes she had on earlier! I love it. Stars – they’re just like us! They wear shoes that are too tight and cut into their flesh in the name of fashion!

    • Stefanie

      I sat here staring at the picturing thinking “Did she have socks on??” hehe

  2. Vandalfan

    The blouse is busy enough without the oddly sporty black skirt. If her skirt had been plain blue satin like her cape, she’s go from B minus to A plus in my gradebook.

  3. PeggyO

    Top? Awesome. Cape? Enviable. The skirt is fugly in any context, and the blue and black together is a twitch point for me.

  4. Jules

    Love the cape. The rest of it, I can do without.

  5. Pink Coat

    I think the whole package looks gorgeous. Great dress, hair and makeup. Maybe a little darker lippy? But that would be quibbling.

  6. Liz985

    I love the idea of a black pencil skirt with this top. Just not that black pencil skirt.

  7. Lynne

    Big win. She looks fantastic in this and I really wish I could a) afford that top and b) pull it off in such an effortlessly stylish way.

  8. mary lou bethune

    Anne looks absolutely beautiful these days. Confident, relaxed, chic. She is the queen now, as NIcole used to be..

  9. llism

    Hate the bridesmaid-adjacent shoes. Definitely needs stronger lips and earrings.

  10. pantsonfire

    Thank the gods. YES! This is what I’m talking about. This is dynamite. I love it. Everything about it (though I agree that some tweaking of that skirt might be in order, in an ideal world). This is so vastly superior to some of the stuff she’s been wearing in recent times (including that white dress from yesterday)–I think this is so much more flattering to her in every way.

  11. Miranda

    Where is the Liza Minnelli biopic starring Anne? I need it now!

  12. glee

    She looks fab. It’s intersting, if a little busy – but only in a very subtle muted way, so your eyes remain totally fixed on her face and shoulders.

    I LOVE the cape. I want it. I know Andre Leon Talle wears them, but he and Cee Lo are the two men who can pull that kind of shennanigans off.

  13. Caroline

    God her hair is fantastic. Very dangerous for those of us (*cough* me) who cannot, under any circumstances, pull off hair that short.

    • Jenna

      You’d be surprised. I told my stylist I didn’t think I could pull off a pixie with my big square face and not at all delicate body. Two years later, I have a fabulous cropped cut and it looks great. It gives me angles. I do have a really outstanding stylist, though.

  14. M

    I think she looks tremendous here! Marriage is treating her well.

    The sass in the first photo. The casual air in the second. I don’t know if anyone else would pull this off as well, but it’s interesting enough to be slightly edgy and ladylike enough to be true to her personal style.

  15. Chrissy

    Don’t like the skirt. If it were navy without that texture, maybe I’d like it. I like the cape. She looks really stuck up though. And she does need lipstick. And she’s too thin.

    • Esme

      She does look stuck up; I feel the onset of backlash already.

      • Daffodil

        See, I’ve thought for a long time that she was stuck up. It’s nice to see her LOOK it, because then my mental Anne Hathaway and the real Anne Hathaway are much more alike.

        Although I may be softening my stance on La Hath based on that cape and that cape alone.

  16. Mara

    She looks great, but I don’t like the matchy shoes. That venue looks gorgeous too, btw.

  17. witjunkie

    Yeah, I think the skirt is too businessy. It needs to be shiny. It’s a party!

  18. Celeste

    Needs the cape, hate the shoes.

  19. holly

    This is the first time I actually like her short hair.

  20. Jo

    That skirt is weird and the top could do with a bigger bust or better bra. Cape is meh. Hair suits her though.

  21. Ruth

    The skirt looks like it got twisted a little bit so the front is actually on the side. It doesn’t go withe the top or the cape.

  22. Nancy

    Cape needs to be cherry red. With a hood. And in my closet.

  23. Valeria

    Jeepers! A seriously fugly skirt due to the specific combination of the fabric and seaming. Even fuglier in combination with that pretty top. Wouldn’t the whole thing be improved 285% if she had a skirt that either matched the fabric of the top or was made from plain blue that matched the top?

    On the other hand, this ensemble didn’t feature any of the weird cut-outs and semi-halter stuff happening in the white and black dresses she was photographed in recently, so that’s a plus in my book.

  24. Tar Heel Gal

    Frankenskirt is what that thing is. It’s ALIVE! The rest looks okay to me. She and Emma Watson were born with genes for that gamin short hair look, aren’t they? Yowza, stunning cut and face! Encaped WAVES having romances and defeating Nazis, snort, thank you!

  25. Lesley

    Girlfriend looks good. Simple as that.

    • Jeanette

      and her face and collarbones and bone structure are lovely…was all I could look at despite the average at best skirt.

  26. Helen

    The skirt’s just a bit too high-waisted, for me, but it’s a very small quibble. Overall, I agree, it’s a really Well Played. Loooove the cape.

    Hathaway herself looks exhausted, and no wonder, but she poses gamely, and gives good outfit!

  27. Joanne

    She’s looking fab ATM don’t you think, but jeez, have you seen the Glamour cover. What the feck? 
    Surely that’s a crime against womanity that the fu- lice (po- glys?…..nope neither works) should be looking into!

  28. Aria

    Love the cape, like the top, hate the skirt. I am not a huge fan of blue and black together, but it can work in certain circumstances — this is not one. That skirt is all wrong. And I am sick of the platform pumps.

  29. christina

    This looks like slightly fancied-up office wear. Sorry Anne, I’d like to wear your skirt to work on Monday.

  30. toxxic

    I love the top and skirt but am totally put off by the faces she’s been making lately. That doubled with an interview i saw with her about Les Mis just made me want to slap her… and i actually LIKE her so that’s saying something lol

  31. Peggy L.

    We have been force fed the navy and black for a while now, and it still usually looks like you got dressed a) in bad light or b) with a hangover. Still, she looks fabulous. I love me some Hathaway-she’s had ups and downs, but doesn’t ever pull the poor me card. And want want her hair, even though it’s going to be a bitch to grow out.

  32. Megan

    She is making me want to cut off all my hair!!!

    Stop it, Anne!