Well Played, AnnaSophia Robb


Sometimes, Heather and I are accused of favoritism in terms of giving certain celebs a pass on items we’d slam other celebrities for. I think it’s more the case that people who are likeable or chic or noteworthily weird or — best! — all three can just PULL OFF things that other celebs can not. Like, can you imagine, um, Jennifer Love Hewitt pulling off some of the stuff that, say, Cate Blanchett does? It’s a question of knowing What You Can Pull Off sometimes. And so while I have my concerns about a few aspects of this look on AnnaSophia Robb — namely, are her shoes weird? And should something else have happened with her hair? — I kind of have to give it to her:

Because this is bright and cheery and fun, and so is she. I don’t know if the CW is going to renew The Carrie Diaries — I hope they do — but she is SO CHARMING on it that I kind of feel like she can do whatever she wants.

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  1. Kristina

    Woulda liked it better if it stopped at the knee.

    • Sandra

      Preach it!

      • Mary

        Totally! This stumpifies her to the nth degree… Shoes are weird. I didn’t even scroll down until Jessica said something……

        But that being said, it is bright and cheery and this is an outfit that not everyone could pull off.

        • Mary

          Actually blowing up the shoes, they’re kind of cute but the strap stumpifies her as well as the length… Also, the patterns definitely clash with the dress… a cute strappy sandal would have been better.

    • Helen

      Totally agree, it needs shortening, especially with flats (or very low heels?). But I do think these flats (or very low heels?) are adorable and work well with the dress. I just want to hem the dress, is all.

      It’s another Almost, If Only. Seeing a lot of those today!

  2. b.o.m.

    I am almost positive that I actually had those shoes in 1996; they came from Value City and were very comfortable, and man, I thought they were cool. Now I look back and cringe. I’m just glad it’s AnnaSophia Robb wearing them now, not me! I do like the dress, though.

  3. BrownEyedBetty

    love it! very springy and interesting. good colors on her too. agree that a shorter hem might have brought a little more funk to the party, but it’s still a Fab for me.

    • Morris

      It’s fab for me too! I agree with Jessica, ASR is so adorable and winsome, and she takes fashion ‘risks’. She can do no wrong at the moment! Plus I LOVE that she didn’t wear the official coachella uniform of cut-offs and crop top to the festival. She’s an individual, fo’ sho’.

  4. Googler

    Above her knees, it’s awesome and flattering. Knees down, Houston, we have a problem.

    For the positives- the colors look great on her and she’s just adorable.

  5. Fifie

    Dress is too long, but if it stopped at her knee it would be cute. The shoes make her feet look huge. They’d be better paired with a cute pair of capri pants. Otherwise I like the dress.

  6. Bella

    I like this! It probably would be better a bit shorter, maybe right at the knee or right below. It’s always a relief when a sweet young thing doesn’t feel the need to expose all the girlie bits. The shoes have a bit of funk, good with this dress.

  7. anna s.

    Is it just me, or does she look like a very young Kate Winslet from the knees up in this picture? I could see that makeup, hair, smile, posture, dress… pretty much everything except the shoes on Kate. (This is a compliment to Ms. Robb, by the way.)

  8. pidget

    Sometimes a gal just wants comfy feet, and I’d rather these than nude shooves.
    I like the zippy colours on her, agree about the hemming required, and love her happy lipstick. Go, Springtime!

  9. mary lou bethune

    Yes- a pretty young woman wearing a pretty dress and a smile- you are too right,

  10. Andy

    It’s nice to see a younger actress do something that is interesting and maybe more well-considered than just showing up in stilettos and a party dress. This might be a reach, but maybe she (/her stylist) is taking the fact that she is playing the younger version of a total fashion plate into consideration before choosing her looks.

  11. Aurora

    I think this is another outfit that would look so cute in life, in motion. Posed static like this the clashing patterns disturb the eye. If you saw her at a party the matching of the spots of colors would all kind of twinkle and be fun.

    Agree that with the lower heel, the hem would best be higher.

  12. Caroline

    I think the dress would be fine at this length if she was wearing heels.

  13. Robin

    AnnaSophia has a prominent (yet cute and round) derrriere. Going shorter would have probably put her out of balance. The length is serving her well. She could go with higher heels but she does look happy and comfy,

  14. Caroleena Stantonova

    I think she looks delightful and fresh. Love the shoes!

  15. Sajorina

    I love it! It’s perfect for her!

  16. Aria

    I do not like the shoes at all, but esp with this dress. The ankle strap and flatness does not work with the length of this dress. I like the dress and don’t mind the length. This length does not have to be stumpifying, and I think, had she worn pretty heels [not horsehoof platforms], I would love the it. Not sure about the hair though – maybe she’s like and sometimes just gets tired of fixing it!

  17. Lor

    I’m sorry, but the length and that weird black block on the dress is a shortcut to Stumpy Town. If it cut off right around the knees, this would be totally cute (and a slam dunk with better shoes. That brown strap on the flats are hell to the naw.)

  18. Anna B.

    Those shoes are from Aldo. I know this because I almost bought them this weekend, but I refused to pay more than $30 for shoes that felt like they were essentially made to be sold at a local CVS in the summer.

    I love the dress, but I wish it was like 7 inches shorter. She’s young! Let her show her gams while she still can!

    • Helen

      Good call, Aldos are cute but they do fall apart. Definitely overpriced for the poor quality.

      Not that it matters when you’re making TV money!

  19. Lily1214

    A puzzle with large pieces. Unflattering.

    • TonyG

      Exactly. I really am not liking this one. It reminds me of construction paper cut-outs.

  20. Squirrel!

    Why is there a dog profile facing a blobby flower on her hip? And why is this dress 18″ too long?