Well Played, Andrea Riseborough


I think this is pretty — in fact, I kind of wish Madonna had worn it.

Then again, I had a tiny scrolldown moment when I saw the satiny panels at the bottom — I wish it had stayed the same as it is around the waist — but overall it’s pretty, and nothing is erupting out of her buttocks. If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is.

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  1. Gigi

    Are those satiny panels or just the light playing off of chiffon ruching?

    I agree, she looks terrific!

  2. vandalfan

    Couldn’t she find one in her size? The little fabric curls pooling on the floor, plus the bunchy off-white tulle on her shoulders, which clash ever so slightly with the white-white of the embroidered part, give this an oversized look. Too bad, I’d love the dress if it was tailored properly for her.

  3. LG

    It looks like something from Lady Mary’s closet on Downton Abbey. I.e. gorgeous.

  4. k

    I think what looks like satin is a trick of the light on the bias cut chiffon.

    Also, the white embroidery isn’t embroidery, it’s crystals. I’d like to see the shoulders cut in a bit more, too, though, but I think this is really lovely, with a nice vintagey feel.

  5. Carol

    It’s lovely and feminine … not enough of that around these days … she’s carrying it off wonderfully … love the bracelets too!

  6. Sandra

    I’d love it if weren’t sized for somebody much taller. A deliberate train is one thing; this just looks too long for the wearer.

  7. Caroleena Stantonova

    she looks very nice and appropriately dressed. I can’t imagine WHO advised Madge to wear what she sported & accessorized. ‘cuz it CHUNKED.

  8. Tara Misu

    Oooo I love this! It’s so feminine and her hair is just right for this dress. The shiny panels could go, but I still give this a thumbs up!

  9. Sophie

    I like this, but i think it would be so much better without the sheer fabric over the shoulder and the sleeves. It’s covered enough as it is- and turning vaguely into matron Victorian woman territory. The bun on the top of the head ain’t helpin either.

    • Mary

      My thought exactly! Getting rid of the sheer fabric would take care of the slight eau de matron that this exudes.

  10. Joyce

    “…nothing is erupting out of her buttocks.” spit take!

  11. lisas

    Oh wow. Were all the black parts blue I would get married in this.

  12. Aoife

    I think this dress was a good idea in theory, but didn’t really follow through. The crystals should have been embroidery to make it more classic, there should be no satin and the belt shouldn’t look so out of place. Almost there though.

  13. Autumn Van Weir

    Glamriffic. I LOVE this!


  14. Emma

    The dress is lovely – so elegant and timeless. I think Downton Abbey has triggered an Edwardian phase in fashion. HOWEVER, I like her better as a brunette.

    • Ailatan

      Agree completely. That hair colour (it isn’t quite blonde, is it?) washes her off.

  15. Mooshki

    Get rid of the sleeves, and put it on a girl half a foot taller, and this would be gorgeous.

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