Well Played, and then WTF Kim Kardashian


Well, SOMEONE put SOMEONE’S foot down about what SOMEONE was going to start wearing. (The SOMEONE in question, I suspect, is Kim.)


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  1. laura

    Keeping it Klassy…just when we thought she was over wearing that hideous non-maternity Krap, she pulls us back in…

  2. qwertygirl

    So promising and then, thud. Back to the baby doll look. Only now, with pants! Still, that was two decent looks, one that was borderline and only one total loss. She’s still ahead of her usual average.

  3. Stefanie

    She looks great in the tan. And I like the red but I wish it was v or scoop necked just so it was more flattering on her boob area. (I have the same problem.) But the jumpsuit and house coat are a hot mess.

    • Cassidy

      I think the tan outfit looks great! I think what makes it though is that she looks happy and relaxed.

  4. Edith

    The final look is FUG, but at least it’s a different sort of fug than she’s been displaying – it isn’t tight, or short, or furry, and it’s clearly maternity wear, so I’ll call it a win. The red is a knockout, and she looks really good in real person clothes.

    • Edith

      The black jumpsuit is just horrible, though. HORRIBLE. And about the least practical thing a pregnant woman could wear….

  5. Cat

    The last picture cracks me up just because she looks like a doll in a brocade housecoat surrounded by sheriffs. That said, I don’t hate the last outfit, which though dreadful, doesn’t look like she’s squeezed herself into it. The first two look so much better (though, as a large chested girl, she needs to a more flattering neckline on that red dress). The pantsuit– yuck!

  6. pinkcheese

    This may be an unkind thought, but I wonder if that last (white, non maternity) outfit was an attempt to not look so obviously pregnant with her lover’s baby while in court with her husband. It smacks of the sort of legal mindgames that goes on ALL the time, on both sides of the aisle during hearings. (See also LiLo’s misguided “innocent” white-wear, etc.)

    • ChristieLea

      That was my thought, too. Not only is it clearly maternity wear, but factor in the pristine white, the prim buttons and the Peter Pan collar, and she’s clearly going for a “Naive Young Wife With Family Values Who Has Been Wronged” look in hopes of swaying the judges.

      • Jenn

        It feels very Roxie Hart to me….at least she’s not knitting in court.

  7. Willow

    There is something very Hunger Games-y about that final outfit. It really is just bizarre.

  8. Chris P

    That last one was totally her trying to imitate the Duchess and failing miserably. (Would that make Kim the Duchess of Kambridge, then? More importantly, does even asking that question count as treason?)

    Miss Tyra would probably set that jumpsuit on fire. Stella McCartney would probably…wear it herself, but (wisely) bar Kim from EVER WEARING IT AGAIN.

  9. TLT

    I’m not sure if these have been featured here before, but there is a quick fix for jumpsuit oversnugness. http://cuchini.com/cuchini-fashion-fixes/buy-cuchini
    Can you imagine all the fugness that could be prevented??

    • jay

      see, THOSE gross me out way more than cameltoe. “shove some plastic into your underpants because vulvas are disgusting!”

    • crookedE

      I’ve also got a quick fix for the oversnug jumpsuit – take it off immediately and put on something that fits.

    • Beth

      No. Just…no.

  10. Faye

    Good heavens, that hurt my eyeballs to look at. Is she trying to be so visibly tacky that Kanye sees her all the way from Paris?

    Also she’s taking that whole “scarlet woman” image thing very literally.

  11. Candy

    You really think the last one is worse than the jumpsuit?! No way. The last one at least looks like maternity wear & is a nice pattern & color combo. That jumpsuit is the worst.

    • Heather

      I don’t think she has to wear stuff that looks maternity. Just stuff that doesn’t look like she’s trying to fit into her regular clothes.

      I HATE the dress over slacks thing — hated it when Julianne Hough wore it; hate it on Kim.

  12. Beth C.

    She looks so beautiful in the tan outfit. Seriously, she should tack that picture to her refrigerator as a reminder that less really can be more.

    I really like the red too, it’s nice. I agree with you about the base, but it could be one of those “illuminating” bases that look fine in person but reflect like crazy when the flash goes off, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt (though her makeup artist should know better).

    The jumpsuit looks impractical bathroom-wise but super comfy, so I’m willing to give her the “Fuck off, I’m pregnant and I will live in stretchy things” pass on that one.

    The last one is just crazy and looks like she was aiming for demure to try to keep the judge on her side. She should have just re-wormn the tan outfit.

  13. googler

    You know what? She’s 3 for 4 in not looking like an overstuffed sausage, so I call it a win. And she looks fantastic when she dresses FOR her body. And is it just me, or does she look more like Kourtney since her pregnancy?

  14. pantsonfire

    First two looks are fine. Not great. They’re just acceptable, relative to the crap she normally wears. I agree with the comment that the red would be better with a v-neck.

    As for the jumpsuit, that thing is hideous. It takes a rare woman to really pull off a jumpsuit. Kim K is not that woman. This is lunacy. As others have noted, her staple pre-pregnancy was to really define her hourglass shape; as her waist disappeared, it was like she didn’t know what to do. So she’s adhered to a just moving that waistline up, with form-fitting shapes on the lower half. This makes her look like a giant black hornet.

    As for the last look, I agree with the comment above that she was trying to disguise/downplay her pregnancy in court. The main thing I noticed is that it makes her head look extremely miniature.

  15. Kelly Neely Olsakovsky

    Okay, in that last picture, I swear she looks exactly like Kourtney. Like, so much so I did a double-take.

    But picture 2? She looks comfy, and normal. More of that, please!

    • amys

      Thought #4 was Khourtney, too!

      • Steph

        She’s looking more and more like Kourtney every time I see pictures of her. Has she also inflated her lips? Or is it just a choice of lipstick?

        The beige shirt/jacket outfit is really nice. The red dress is OK, far better than most of her outfits *cough peplumpants cough*.

  16. Caroleena Stantonova

    I would feel more comfortable for her if she’d stop wearing high heeled shoes. Everyone knows how tall she isn’t!

  17. Jo

    I am sorry. GLAM???

  18. Mouse

    When I was pregnant, I had to pee every five minutes so I can’t imagine wearing a jumpsuit like that. It seems highly impractical and inconvenient.

  19. CM

    I had these jumpsuit things while pregnant. They were not stylin. But late in my pregnancy they were INSANELY comfortable. I was eight months pregnant in August, they were lightweight, I could wear them to work, and they had NO WAISTBAND. It wasn’t a big deal to pee in them either, buttons down the front. I’ll give anyone – even Kim – a break when pregnant. I cannot imagine being preggers, as large as she is getting, and still having cameras on me and people thinking I should look good. Most people I know are running around in their husband’s sweatpants.

    And now I hate myself, I just defended Kim Kardashian and a jumpsuit.

  20. Helen

    Kim’s set the bar SO low for herself… these would all be fug on anyone else’s scale. The first two are just better than her usual, is all, which isn’t saying much. But they are not flattering and they do not look comfortable. That dress is a square sausage casing and the leather pants have to be painful.

  21. Jane

    In that last picture, she looks like she’s dressed to go live in a polygamist compound in the Utah desert.

    • Sandra

      Not really. In Colorado City it would be floor-length and home-made. No trousers or make-up allowed either.

  22. ceecee

    Her clothes are normally such a mess that it’s easy to forget she really is very pretty. She looks great in picture #2 without her hair pulled back so severely and without her clothes screaming for attention.

  23. h² fashion

    Kim seems to be having a lot of trouble finding flattering pieces to wear while shes pregnant. The first three aren’t so bad, but that last photo is horrible!


  24. MelissaW

    Pic#1: huzzah, color!
    Pic#2: great outfit. It still said “Kardashian” but she looked comfortable and happy.
    Pic#3: no one looks good in a jumpsuit, but it sorta fit OK
    Pic#4: would have been better a) in a color and b) with some really kicky spring flats instead of pointy-toe black pumps

  25. amys

    I’m not very hair trick savvy–how does she have bangs in some photos but not others?

    • Helen

      I’m pretty sure those are her own hair, and just held back with lots of gel and/or hairspray when she wants a sleek pulled-back look. Or, like in the first photo here, they can be braided in if the hair’s braided – that’s pretty secure with some styling product on top of it.

  26. Goldfish

    Kim vent: I don’t care about the maternity clothes vs regular big clothes to fit the pregnancy. But actually, maybe I do and that’s just it.

    It bugs me that it’s as though she thinks we can’t see she’s pregnant if she is not acknowledging it. Like a child covering his eyes and thinking she can’t see him. (“This YSL outfit is a size 18 so it disguises my pregnancy! Ha! Fooled ya!”)

    And look, did no one tell her your body changes when you are pregnant? Because if no one did, she might not know. She’s not splitting atoms at MIT, after all.

    • Charlotte

      “It bugs me that it’s as though she thinks we can’t see she’s pregnant if she is not acknowledging it.”

      This is what’s been irritating me about her choices, too. Lady, we know you’re pregnant. You’re not fooling anyone.

    • Robertinaz


  27. Vandalfan

    If she is so sensitive as to be hurt by rude comments about her pregnancy weight, she’d do better to wear clothing actually meant for pregnant people, and not try to squeeze into ordinary street clothes. And it’s quite the world when an obscenely rich woman shows up to her contested divorce hearing with someone else’s bun in her oven.

    • Charlotte

      Maternity clothes or no, rude, nasty comments about her weight are uncalled for.

  28. Alyssa

    My favorite part of this post is “ain’t nobody got time for that”! Ha! :)

  29. msjacqmills

    In many pictures she is starting to look like the Octomom in the face, no?

  30. Robertinaz

    She looks a million times better with her hair down, i (and i never thought i’ll say this about her look) love how soft she looks in the second pic!! she lookd gorgeous!! (the ‘do in the first pic is also cute)
    I’m just so tired of the sleek pony/bun-dominatrix look (see: pic number 4)