Well Played, Amy Adams


I’m not sure about the shoes — something about their satin shinyness screams David’s Bridal to me.

But otherwise, this is elegant and fun. Amy Adams is guilty of slipping into a rut of tedium — boring shapes, half-hearted fit, forgettable aura. This is a party dress. It’s big and it’s flattering and it’s the type of thing a girl puts on and never forgets the day she wore it: who she met, how she sat, what she ate, how she negotiated the restroom, which dark corners she snuck to for a euphoric twirl. I approve.

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  1. margaret

    Love it! And she has four women at her right, looking on approvingly.

  2. Stefanie

    LOVE. LOVE. L.O.V.E. A++++ on every single part of this, including the shoes.

  3. Joey

    Yes! This dress is divine. I’ve been desperate for her to wear something like this (beautiful, nice shape, well-fitting) and it’s just delightful. More of this please, Amy. The print is my favourite part of this

  4. Vandalfan

    It’s kind of wearing her, but still, I’d give it a twirl. Not so much her tight, yooge bun the same size as her actual head.

  5. Lynne

    Is… this a short version of what Juliana Marguiles wore to the Emmys? Or am I remembering wrong?

    It’s cute. But — and I can’t say this enough — I am SO over the Grandma’s wallpaper floral trend. Ick.

    • Susan

      I have to thoroughly disagree with Lynne (sorry!) . That is totally not a wallpaper floral, it’s a floral done right. I love the shoes too – definitely not bridal.

  6. PegMN

    I love crinoline. Not enough occasions to wear a poufy dress. I think I shall just start crinolining all my skirts and dresses. Just because.

  7. maryse

    she looks so so pretty.

  8. Reba

    This reminds me a lot of Shailene Woodley’s gown that was given a well played by the GFY gals last November


    same volume, similar size-appropriate florals, etc. It was a well played then and it’s a well played now. I agree about the shoes not being bridal, but awesome. I love it.

  9. Bella

    Love it all: hair, dress shoes. Marvelous!

  10. pantsonfire

    Love the fabric, hate the poof. I just can’t go there, but I do understand why others can. I do get what others will find appealing about this–I think it just flies in the face of every sartorial instinct I have, personally. I wish this dress was that fabric in something languid and fluid that flowed down her statuesque figure in a caress, looking like floating flowers on a midnight pond. Instead we get a joke from the fifties. Ok.

    That hair style has go to go. I much prefer her hair down and kind of natural-looking, as she’s been wearing it lately.

  11. tigers4us

    So pretty! And yes, memorable too!

  12. Chloe

    I love your description of what a party dress should be – so true, and this is a perfect example!

  13. 'Mela

    Vintage elegance, updated.

    Fabulous, Amy!

  14. Miss Louise

    Absolutely, ‘Mela – vintage-esque, but not costumey. I have to admit to being partial to huge updos like this one – her hair is so camp and fun (and a gorgeous colour), and stops this ensemble from going into debutante terrain. The shoes are slightly bridesmaidish, it’s true, but I’m not sure what to replace them with, so I’ll embrace them instead. She looks great.

  15. Steph

    I have a dress that has 1/billionth of that poof, and I twirled all night long in it! She looks great. The colours really suit her colouring (skin and hair).

    • Bottle Ginger

      I have exactly the same coloring (red/blue/pasty), and while I love everything about that dress, the color is at the top of the list.

      Plain black can look very harsh on someone with such light coloring, hell, if I wear a black t-shirt I always put on some turquoise jewelry to add a little color to it. That dress is a perfect demonstration of how to cut the intensity of pure black; just a little added flattering color, and you have all the drama of black without letlting it overwhelm the wearer.

  16. mary lou bethune

    TAking a chance on twirly flowers and crinoline – it beats the cut out leather look. She looks lovely and like she is having fun. Committed to the crinoline…

  17. Moi

    Wow, she sure looks like Grace Kelly here. But I can’t get on board with the retro shape of this. The print, however, is fab.

  18. Melly

    The shoes do it for me.

  19. JCuz

    It’s beautiful, but the same fabric as Elizabeth Moss’ Emmy dress. I liked it then, and like it now.

  20. JCuz
  21. Andrew S.

    LOVE the simple shoes with this. Too often a dress like this is ruined by the shoes so while they are david’s bridal-y, they are also interesting without fighting for attention

  22. Emma

    Love. It’s perfect.

  23. Arlene

    Gasp! Gorgeous! Love the updo, the dress, the shoes…give the girl a “well played” for pete’s sake.

  24. Sajorina

    Just ADORABLE & FABULOUS! An absolute WIN for Amy!

  25. Adrienne

    I adore this. I keep coming back to it to drool and covet it some more. I want that outfit so badly. :D

  26. McLisa

    I covet this whole look! Divine!

  27. Daffodil

    I want to have the kind of night that comes with this dress. I also want the dress and the hair and the shoes. No wonder girlfriend’s got a twinkle in her eye. This is AWESOME.

  28. Sandra

    My only nit to pick is that her posture makes it look like the huge hair bun is tilting her backwards. Other than that, I love it.

  29. Chrissy

    I love this. Very classy and ladylike. I like the shininess too – makes it dress and elegant.

  30. Elle

    Ah! I love this. Amy needs to out and out rock a vintage style more often. She’s such a pretty girl and She has that old movie star vibe about her. It’s one of the things that sets her apart from the revolving door of working actresses and part of the reason why she has had staying power and found so much success. She has a timeless quality to her. Go on with yourself Miss Amy!

  31. Corriner

    This is the best she has ever looked, and it makes me irrationally happy!


  32. Sally

    my only issue is that this seems completely over the top for an Audi sponsored screening of “On The Road” (of all movies). this would’ve been potentially brilliant if played a bit further down the award season’s line, maybe to promote The Master? or even earlier in the year, for the festivals. here it just seems like such an overkill…

  33. BrownEyedBetty

    She’s Cute as a Button.

  34. WhooflPomp

    Gack! Love the shoes. Love the dress. But the makeup and the hair do not work. The hair does give her a place to hide the lemons she’s sucking on, though.

  35. Jenna

    I love the facial expressions of the ladies in the background. They are just so happy about this very cute look!

  36. Mo


  37. Lily1214

    Elegant and fun, I agree. And I like the sandals.

  38. ErinE

    This is gorgeous! I want to wear it to a garden party immediately.