Well Played, Amanda Seyfried


Please add Amanda Seyfried to your list of Starlets Looking Effortlessly Fab Whilst Out And About:

And discuss amongst yourselves.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Julie

    Lovely. Except for the shoes.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Yes. Ain’t nothing effortless about those heels, and they not only don’t work with the outfit, they don’t fit either. Ouch.

      I like everything else.

    • Mikki

      I know…my first reaction was “ack…not those shoes again!” Also, the leather jacket in August seems a bit out of place.

    • Cas

      Those shoes are unflattering on her feet. They make her feet look like huge Paris Hilton feet. I’m sure she aint got Paris Hilton feet. Bad Shoes!!

    •  jay

      it was discussed elsewhere (I think on TLo?) that she has worn those shoes with at least half a dozen other outfits that we know of. Doesn’t make them any less clunky but it is kinda cute that they’re clearly her favorites.

  2. Margo

    The link you included here to Jennifer Lawrence — may it ever be known as That One Time Jessica Gave A Pass to Nude Peep-Toe Platform Pumps.

    • Jessica

      That was before we were SOOOOO inundated with them, too, which I think helps.

  3. Margo

    p.s. Here Amanda seems to be wearing the same shoes as in the slideshow about the Lovelace premiere where Sharon Stone was so giddy. Hooray for re-wearing something, boo for re-wearing something that looks so uncomfortable.

  4.  Laura

    cute outfit, horrible shoes. They make her feet look HUGE.

    • Rachael

      Maybe she actually has big feet. There’s something to be said for embracing what you have.

    • Kristin

      I think her feet may look big because the rest of her is so tiny.

  5. Livvie

    Has anyone noticed she’s worn these shoes to five different events already? I love the heel.

  6. Livvie

    … I just noticed all the other comments are about how fugly the shoes are. Guess I’m the minority. Heh heh. *giggles nervously*

  7. ohsohappy

    Once again, Amanda, polish thy toe nails!!

    • Squirrel!

      And I’m going to take the opposite tack: Yay for someone who doesn’t think that nails have to be painted to be considered acceptable! (nothing personal, ohso)

      • Claire1

        I’m with you Squirrel.
        As long as they’re clean, trimmed, and shaped…. a naked nail with the simple, every day outfits are acceptable.

        •  HelenBackAgain

          Agreed. It’s the mani/pedi itself that makes all the difference with most things, not polish or lack thereof.

          Some outfits really do call for a colored polish as a finishing accessory. This isn’t one of ‘em.

  8. katieM

    Those shoes are terrible. They make her feet look like they are a size 18.

  9. Tyra

    I like your blog and loved it on blogionaire.com

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Sheesh, if you’re going to spam, at least make it clickable. Where’s the pride in craftsmanship?

  10. Sajorina

    She looks lovely and kind of bad ass! I want the dress and the jacket and the bag! Basically, I want to go shopping with her!

  11. Lux

    I wish she we wearing shoes that were a color.

  12. regina

    I want that hair on my head!
    Coolt outfit, too.

  13. purplehays

    Yeah, I could have used a pop of color. But I will always want her thick, long, gorgeous hair.

  14. Anna

    Cute overall, but those shoes make her feet look HUGE.

  15. leahruthie

    lordy, that hair. SO GOOD. also i am actually in favor of those shoes; they make her legs look crazy long. i wouldn’t wear ‘em, as i do have size 10 feet so i would have crazy clown-looking feet in them (plus my heel limit is like 3″) but good on her for having faves.

  16. melafefon

    I don’t mind the shoes and/or the fact that they supposedly make her feet look big (also: what’s wrong with big feet?!) but I do think there’s nothing “effortless” about them. I don’t now why but I feel this look would be super cool and actually effortless had she worn flats, booties or even sneakers!

    • Claire1

      ’cause you’re an every day person!
      I’m with you, the shoes take away from the typical “effortless” look. At least for us mere mortals.

  17. calli

    May I comment on the bag? Nothing against the bag, but what is IN the bag? If it’s full (and that’s why I carry/wear a knapsack on my back because otherwise I cannot get through the day) she must be super strong; heels and and weekender and no listing to one side. If it’s not, why carry it around? It’s always bothered me, the huge bag, held so nonchalantly, as if the handle/strap is not digging into your shoulder or arm.